How To Plan For A Stress-Free Long-Distance Move?

How To Plan For A Stress-Free Long-Distance Move?

Feb 03, 2023

Moving house is among the most stressful life events for renters and homeowners, yet Australia’s population is highly mobile. Over the years, more and more Australians are migrating internally from bigger cities to suburbs and other cities, causing an increase in long-distance moves (over 80 km).

These relocations are more challenging and stressful than local moves because they are financially taxing, emotionally draining and physically tiring. You need to invest more time, energy and money into long-distance moves.

Hire professional removalists in Melbourne to reduce your moving stress and anxiety, as they can handle the packing and transportation of your belongings smoothly.

Besides taking professional help, you must start preparing to move long-distance successfully at least 8 weeks earlier. It is ample time to declutter, pack and complete important moving-related tasks. Planning is important to streamline tasks and finish them within a stipulated time without stress. 

Thus, outlined below are the tips for planning for a stress-free long-distance move.

Mentally Prepare Yourself to Move

Leaving behind a neighbourhood, known people, and your home is emotionally draining. However, moving house is a part of growing, and you must look forward to it rather than dread it. Here’s how you can mentally prepare yourself & family members for relocating.

  • Accept that you are going through a big life change.
  • Remember that you are only leaving a property and not the memories.
  • Sit for 10 minutes in each room of the house & soak the energy before decluttering or packing.
  • Talk about the move with household members, friends and family.
  • Outline how the move will impact you positively.

Create a Tight Moving Budget for Long-Distance Relocation

A long-distance move will impact your savings significantly because it takes more time, energy and resources. Additionally, you have to pay for your fixed household expenses along with one-off moving expenses like a rental bond, utility set-up fees, buying packing supplies etc.

Seeing your savings dwindle quickly can increase stress levels and cause short-term anxiety disorders. Therefore, you must set a tight moving budget to spend only on necessary things. You can use a reliable budget planner to outline & monitor your expenses. Alternatively, seek help from an accountant to budget your move and help manage the process without financial distress.

Decide Early What Belongings to Keep, Discard, Donate or Resell

Start sorting your belongings at least 6 weeks before moving to have ample time for discarding them responsibly, donating or hosting a garage sale. Declutter room by room, starting with important rooms like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room.

After separating things to keep, put things for donating and reselling in different boxes and label them correctly. Also, start packing the things you need to take to the new home immediately. Keeping the boxes separate and labelled is vital to prevent confusion for yourself or your hired removalists in Melbourne.

Streamline Your Moving Tasks

Create a complete moving calendar to outline tasks according to importance and urgency. You can use a digital calendar to write tasks, set reminders and share updates with household members. Besides making a major moving calendar, create small checklists for specific and important tasks like changing your address, setting utilities, packing, getting moving insurance etc.

You can use mobile applications like Todoist, Google Tasks, TickTick, Microsoft To Do and others to make quick checklists, assign ownership, keep track of task progress and set deadlines.

Hire Reliable Removalists

Getting help from experienced and trustworthy removalists in Melbourne is a game changer because it will cut your moving stress in half. You must start looking for good removalists near you immediately after the moving day is fixed and book a moving company at least 4 weeks before moving.

Professionals can expertly create an inventory, pack your belongings, load/unload them on the moving vehicle and unpack upon arriving at the new home.

Reputed removalists in Melbourne can handle heavy lifting and logistics expertly, giving homeowners and renters time to relax or focus on other important moving tasks. Therefore, they help ease anxiety and burden.

Pack Essentials Boxes & Bags

After a long and tiring journey, unpacking is challenging, but not doing it immediately upon arrival can make it hard to relax & settle in.

Therefore, to make moving home easier by packing essential boxes from the kitchen, bathroom & bedrooms. If you have pets, pack their toys, bedding, utensils and rugs in a moving box as well.

Pack disposable cutlery, bedsheets, comforters, change of clothes, toiletries and other essential items. On the label of each essentials box, mention ‘Essentials’, ‘Room Name’, ‘Load Last’ and ‘Open First’ to ensure your removalists in Melbourne load & unload these boxes in the correct order.

Wrapping Up

Moving long-distance is no cakewalk even when you have moved before. You can experience extreme pressure and chronic stress before and after relocation. However, you can significantly reduce moving stress and anxiety by planning and preparing for the process using the tips shared above.

Also, hiring professional removalists in Melbourne to handle and transport your things can have a positive impact on your mental & physical well-being.