How To Prepare A Babyproof Plan When Moving House

How To Prepare A Babyproof Plan When Moving House

Feb 13, 2023

Are you relocating home with a toddler? It can be a challenging experience for young parents to take care of their babies while managing moving chores. Since toddlers can easily be affected by changes and disruptions in their day-to-day routines, it becomes difficult to cope with these situations.

Toddlers tend to crawl on floors, which can lead to an accident due to moving boxes, sharp edges, electrical outlets, scissors, and other stuff messed up around your home.

Make sure you create a complete babyproof plan to keep your toddlers safe when moving house.

Childproofing a new house is one of the ideal ways to keep your adventurous and curious baby safe. You can also hire the best removalists Melbourne for an organised and safe relocation experience. They will lift your large furniture, load heavy boxes and unpack them as well when you reach a new home.

Here are some tips to childproof your house in the best possible manner:

1. Look Photos of your New House

Before creating a babyproof plan, look at photos of your new house.  Make sure you do the following things:

  • Check all rooms and detect specific areas that will need extra caution.
  • Cover entryways, stairways, balconies, wide openings, bathrooms, low windows and sharp corners in an abode.

These pictures will help you a lot and save you time and energy.

2. Create a To-Do List

In this step, work on your plan by figuring out how to create a safe environment for your kid. Plan how high you want to hang wall art, so it is out of your kid’s reach. If you see curtains with cords, create a plan to tie them up.

Before you relocate, ask the handyman to do necessary repairs, such as a broken window, door cracks, water leakage, etc. Make sure you do due diligence when buying a house and check the entire property.

If you are moving into a rental property in Melbourne, thoroughly inspect the property and make sure it is safe and secure for your kid.

3. Make Sure You have Outlet Covers

There is no denying that electrical outlets are one of the easiest places to reach for crawling and walking babies.

If you want to avoid electrical accidents, make sure you cover these outlets as soon as you reach your new house. You can also do it before the final move. You can order outlet covers online and install them to babyproof your new house.

You can hire professional removalists Melbourne for the utmost safety of your household possessions. They will reduce your stress and make the process easier for you.

4. Use Pack and Play For Your Baby

If you want to ensure your baby’s safety and keep him away from the moving mess, set a boundary where they can spend time freely. Don’t let them play around moving boxes, sharp tools and heavy items.

You can also bring a sturdy pack-and-play, jumper, or a removable bassinet. They can stay safe when you are busy with packing chores. It is important to decide what to unpack first in your new abode when your kid is sleeping.

5. Check Dangling Window Cords

Does your new house have windows with cords? This can be very dangerous as it takes a few seconds for a baby to wrap a cord around his neck. So, you need to tie up dangling window cords as soon as you reach a new house.

Before you move, make sure you order window blind cord safety wraps. You can attach it to the wall to collect excess cords. This way, the cords don’t reach your toddlers.

6. Keep Hazardous Items Away

Make sure you keep every hazardous item out of your toddler’s reach. This includes chemically-laden cleaning products, pesticides, room fresheners, and other acidic products. Also, keep button batteries away, as small kids can ingest them, and they can be life-threatening when swallowed.

It is also important to keep choking hazards at bay. Pay attention to sharp objects, such as knives and forks when packing your kitchen and pantry for a move when you have babies around your home.

Note: You can visit the doctor immediately if you encounter these problems in your home relocation journey.

7. Pack Excess Wired, Cables and Cords In Advance

Never leave electrical cords, cables and wires on the ground, as toddlers can chew or play with them. If you are not taking these extra cables and cords, put them together in a box and keep them inside a closet. It is good to plan ahead and create a checklist if moving out for the first time.

8. Proof windows and Sliding Doors

Are you moving to a high-rise apartment in Melbourne or an upper floor? Do not make the mistake of leaving windows open more than 10 cm. It is because kids can easily fit through gaps, which can be dangerous if you have an upper floor.

It is good to install safety screens and bars and keep your windows close if they are set up at a low angle. If you are concerned about your household belongings, book experienced removalists Melbourne for your peace of mind.

Wrapping up

Relocating home is stressful, especially when you are moving with a toddler. You can consider these tips and babyproof your house. As a parent, you must take responsibility for your kid’s safety when moving house.