How To Protect Valuables During A House Move?

How To Protect Valuables During A House Move?

Jan 27, 2022 The probability of losing or damaging belongings is extremely high during a house move. While things like clothes, books, home decor items and many others are easy to stuff in boxes and load on the moving truck, many valuable things need more care and thought. Valuables include jewellery, family heirlooms, important documents, artwork etc. that good removalists in Melbourne advise people to move themselves. You can take the assistance of professionals for packing and moving the rest of your property contents. Here is a complete guide outlining expert tips to protect your valuables during a house move.

Make An Inventory

Keep track of every valuable item you own by making an inventory to note important details like type, location in the house, size, price, etc. Download an inventory application to quicken and simplify the process and input photos/videos of the items. During the inventory, you get a better idea of what packing supplies you will need for these items or if the original packing materials are enough to transport the items safely to the new home.

Rent A Storage Unit Or Safety Deposit Box

Taking valuable items along on the moving day is often hectic and stressful. You should rent a storage unit for items you can’t trust anyone to move or get a safety deposit box at your trusted bank for jewellery and other valuables. Once the expensive belongings are out of your home and in a secure place, you can focus on packing and moving other household contents. You can plan to keep the valuables at a safe place even after moving and access them when necessary. Alternatively, keep them in a storage unit or safety deposit box until your hired removalists in Melbourne move your belongings to the new home and you settle in it.

Get Quality Packing Supplies

Nobody wants their valuables to get damaged or lost during handling and transit. To this avoid from happening, you must have quality packing supplies consisting of • 3-5 ply corrugated cardboard boxes • Extra-strength packing tape • Water-proof labels • Non-toxic plastic, bubble and foam wraps • Ziplock bags • Packing peanuts, newspaper, or paper scraps for cushioning delicate items. Once your belongings are securely packed, you can take them in your vehicle on the moving day or leave them in a storage unit without worry or hassle.

Avoid Moving During Bad Weather

Check the weather forecast in Melbourne before selecting a day for moving your property contents. This step is crucial to protect your valuable items from damage due to excessive heat, humidity, rain or harsh winters. Additionally, it prevents delays and hassle for your removalists in Melbourne to move your things. Moving valuable and other property contents during bad weather will cost you more, as the removalist will charge extra and you need better high-grade packing boxes. In case you damage something and the insurance doesn’t cover it, the money goes from your pocket.

Get The Right Insurance

When moving expensive and special items, you must have moving insurance besides content insurance to get the maximum coverage in case of theft, loss of items or damage. Explore policies when you don’t have insurance already. If you are availing of packing and moving services from a reputed removal company in Melbourne, seek their assistance for acquiring affordable and quality moving insurance for valuable items and the things the removalists will move on your behalf. While choosing insurance, make sure it covers the cost of loss or damage to valuable items in transit, as most policies only cover these things when the items are in your home.

Pack & Label Everything Carefully

Besides getting quality packing supplies, you must use the right techniques to secure your valuables for a long journey or storage. • Start by cleaning them with a microfiber cloth and wrapping them with a plastic sheet or putting them in a Ziploc bag. • Always place artwork, picture frames & other flat items with delicate surfaces facing the moving blanket before wrapping and taping. • Get right-sized boxes and fill extra space with packing peanuts or newspaper scraps. • Use a fragile labelled tape to pack valuable items. • Furthermore, always label the boxes and packs accurately to know what is inside. Use codes only you and your household members know to label jewellery, expensive artwork or other valuable items you don’t want to be identified by anyone else.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new home is fun and exciting until the stress of packing and transporting valuable items in your possession gets a hold of you. You can hire professional removalists in Melbourne to manage every aspect of your relocation. But, to move expensive and special items, you must follow the tips shared above. They will help you protect valuable during a house move and reduce your anxiety.