How To Relocate Antiques And Other Valuable Items?

How To Relocate Antiques And Other Valuable Items?

May 25, 2022 Do you have any proper plan to transport expensive antiques and valuables safely? It doesn’t matter how near or far you are relocating; planning and preparation can give you peace of mind and a damage-free moving journey. Apart from your large appliances and expensive furniture, pay extra attention to your exclusive antiques, collectibles and valuable items when moving to a new home in Victoria. Items like art pieces, mirrors, lamps, antiques, family frames heirlooms, fine art, framed mirrors, porcelain, glass items, wine bottles, etc are prone to damage. Thus, they require quality packing and careful relocation. Hiring certified removalists Melbourne can alleviate your stress because they bring all the necessary supplies and equipment to give you a sense of satisfaction. Here are some great tips and tricks to help you move antiques like a pro:

Tips to Packing and Moving Antiques

This category includes explicitly hand-crafted porcelain plates, ancient paintings, Windsor-style armchairs, inherited furniture and other valuable or irreplaceable items in your home. These hold a lot of value in terms of price and sentimental. So, keep the following tips in mind to protect your antiques throughout the journey: Create an Inventory It is good to start by creating an inventory of all your precious antiques so that you can use them as evidence if something gets damaged during the process. Click photos and keep it to yourself. Making notes and preparing a document file can also keep things organised. Cross-Check the Insurance Policy You can buy reliable insurance for the safety of your valuable items. Moving antiques involves a lot of risks, and that’s why having an appropriate moving insurance policy is a must. So, check to see if the home insurance policy covers your antiques. You can createcomplete a moving checklist for your first move if you want to experience a safe and sound journey. Stock up on All the Necessary Supplies  The next step is to collect all packing materials that will help you give extra protection to your antiques during the lifting, loading and transition processes. You need some of the basic supplies, such as: • Packing paper • Packing tape • Bubble wraps • Moving blankets • Ziploc bags and plastic bags • Boxes and containers • A toolset. Ask Your Friends or Family For Assistance If you are thinking of a DIY move, ask your friends or family members to assist you in packing and lifting heavy antique furniture. Do not lift alone as it can lead to serious back injuries and joint and shoulder pain. Arrange Moving Tools or Equipment Make sure you arrange necessary lifting tools, such as a furniture dolly, moving straps, etc. This will make it easy to lift heavy antique items without causing any damage or injury. Dismantle Large Pieces If you are moving large furniture, safely disassemble all pieces and pack them carefully. This will help you avoid scratches, major property damage and physical injury during the lifting and loading process. Carefully Pack Them Pack the antique using three different layers of protection. Wrap them in bubble wrap and secure them with tape. Apply the second layer using moving blankets and secure with packing tape. It is good to put these packed antiques in a wooden crate for utmost care. You can also use a large cardboard box to give an extra layer of protection. Carefully load onto the truck Use proper lifting techniques when loading and unloading antique furniture. You can also contact the best removals in Melbourne for the safety of your much-loved and exclusive antiques.

Tips to Pack Precious Artwork, Mirrors, Framed Prints and other valuables

There are plenty of other valuable items that hold the same value and sentimental content. You just need to follow the same packing process by wrapping in packing paper and then bubble wrap. Arrange Heavy Duty Picture Boxes Do not forget to stock up on large and heavy-duty boxes for large boxes to pack picture frames and mirrors. You can also use original packing materials for safe and sound outcomes. Use Telescopic Boxes You can also use telescope boxes, ideal for packing mirrors, framed glasses and rectangular objects. These come as a two-part set and merge them together to create one large box. You can use these boxes to pack large fragile items and ensure the utmost safety. Pack a Layer using Glassine Wrap your delicate mirrors and art pieces in Glassine instead of plastic paper. These are more eco-friendly and provide extra coverage to the antique items and are also water resistant. Secure it with a tape and your valuables are ready for transportation. You can also select the best house moving company in Melbourne for the safety of your antiques and other household belongings. Add Another Layer Next step is to wrapping your antique pieces and valuables in bubble wrap. Put your artwork and mirrors in bubble wrap and secure with packing tape. This is an important process to give extra layer of cushioning to your valuables when moving to a new home in Melbourne, Victoria. Protect the Corners of Mirrors and Framed pictures The corners of framed arts, photos and mirrors are prone to scratches. So, it is good to protect these parts with Styrofoam corner protectors. You can also use cardboard corners. Label and Load Them Make sure you label all your antique items and place them into the moving truck in a strategic manner to avoid damaging or squashing by heavy or bulky furniture.


These tips will help you pack and relocate exclusive antiques and other valuables like a pro. If you are still concerned, book the best removalists Melbourne and ensure the utmost safety and peace of mind.