How To Rent, Load And Drive A Moving Truck
couple loading a carpet into a truck

How To Rent, Load And Drive A Moving Truck

Jul 10, 2019 Most people prefer to rent a moving truck instead of hiring professional removalists in Melbourne to save a few dollars. However, the lack of experience and knowledge of handling these vehicles makes the situation worse. Driving a large and unfamiliar vehicle with expensive belongings and loved ones is perhaps the most daunting task a person can face in the entire moving procedure. Moreover, there are various factors that need to be taken care of, such as, what should be the size of your truck? What documents are essential to secure the rental of the vehicle? How do you pack your belongings efficiently and safely? To make the process easier, here are some helpful tips that you should consider when you rent, load and drive a moving truck. Let’s have a look.

How To Rent A Moving Truck?

Before you jump right into the driver’s seat, you should have a bit of knowledge about moving trucks and driving in Melbourne. Pay attention to the following things: Most of the moving truck companies allow only licensed drivers over the age of 18 years to drive their vehicles. Thus, the driver of the moving truck should have a valid driver’s license, an insurance card, and cash deposit or a credit card. It is also essential to know how much to store or transport because the rental price varies as per the size of the truck. In case you are confused, always remember that it’s better to have more space than you might require as a small truck can become overloaded and lead to dangerous situations. Calculate how much time you need for moving. Time management is the key to success as moving trucks are provided for specific time slots, and you need to make sure that you handover the vehicle back in time, otherwise you might end up paying a hefty amount as late fee. To enjoy a hassle-free moving truck rental procedure, you need to focus on all the minor details besides the renting, driving and handling of the truck. For instance, you should have a clear understanding of the route that you will use to travel. A small mistake or a wrong turn can make things difficult. So make sure you have your smartphone or GPS device ready with you.

How To Load A Moving Truck?

If you want to experience a stress-free move, make sure you have loaded your belongings on the truck in an organised manner. Packing your stuff should not be a challenging task if you do it after little planning. This is one of the primary reasons why people hire experienced and affordable removalists in Melbourne. You can also do it by following the below mentioned tips. There are some key factors that you should always keep in your mind while loading the boxes. Make the best use of the space given to you, protect the valued items and load in such a way that it can minimise the movement of your items during the drive. Give someone the responsibility to organise the boxes properly in the truck. Other people can move all the boxes and furniture from your place to the truck and keep it there. They can stay just outside the truck and sort items as per their size, fragility and weight. You need to follow some guidelines while packing your belongings. Use sturdy boxes for the items so that belongings stay safe. Also, load large items first to make sure you are utilising the space of the truck properly. Moreover, you can distribute the weight evenly so that everything can stay in control during the drive. Use moving blankets and other similar barriers to protect the expensive furniture.

How To Drive A Moving Truck?

Driving a moving truck can be a different experience because people usually drive small cars. However, to make driving smooth and moving home stress-free, follow the below-mentioned tips. Learn about the moving vehicle before using it. Take your time to understand the vital features of the truck such as turn signals, emergency brake, light, windshield wipers, etc. Read the owner’s manual properly so that you know what type of gas is required. Also make sure that you are familiar with the route, weather forecast and the rules and regulations of the road. Always mind the overhead clearance of your truck. When we drive our regular cars, we do not think about places like a parking garage, grabbing burgers from the fast food drive-through, and driving under bridges. However, driving a moving truck is a different ball game altogether. You always need to be very alert and must avoid roads with inadequate amount of overhead clearance. A loaded moving truck is around ten times heavier than an ordinary vehicle. Thus it is essential to pay special attention when you are applying the brakes as a sudden brake can damage your delicate items. You should also keep a close watch on your rear-view mirror to keep a track of the vehicles around you.


It is not at all easy to rent, load and drive a moving truck on your own. It takes a lot of planning and proper execution. By paying some more money, you can easily hire professional removalists who have the experience, technical knowledge and modern equipment to do the job. This will help you stay active and stress-free throughout the process. If you follow the ways mentioned above, you can experience a smooth moving process on your own.