How To Safely Move With Heavy Household Items?

How To Safely Move With Heavy Household Items?

Mar 24, 2023

Have you found your dream home in the beautiful city of Melbourne in Victoria? Melbourne is an amazing, hip metropolis with lush green parks, mountain ranges, sunny beaches and cute cafe joints. Thus moving here will be an amazing experience, but you will also have to pack and load your heavy belongings and move them to your new rental home.

If you have heavy household items, it is best to let professional removalists Melbourne handle this job. These experts have been trained to precisely disassemble, lift, carry, load, unload and assemble your belongings.

However, if you are on a tight budget or prefer doing this on your own, you should still follow some helpful tips and get a friend or two to help avoid any injuries and accidents.

Here are a few tips to help you safely move heavy household objects:

Tips To Move Safely With Heavy Household Objects 

1. Plan Out Your Route For Moving Heavy Objects

You must first start by making a plan of the route you are going to take while moving your heavy household objects. Check the doorways and window areas and measure each path to see what will fit through it and what won’t. You can then decide how and from where to move each heavy item and ensure you also see where to place these items in your new rental place.


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2. Disassemble Heavy Furniture Items According To The User Manual

Next, if you are moving heavy items like dressers, cupboards, tables, beds and more, you must look at the user manual and see whether the item can be disassembled. If it can be done, follow the instructions in the manual and take off pieces that will help make this move easier.

For instance, you can disassemble the legs off tables or remove the drawers from cupboards and remove mirrors from the dressers. Also, make sure you keep the warranty of the item so that if it gets damaged while in transit, you can call for a replacement.


If you are not comfortable disassembling furniture on your own, you can hire specialist furniture removalists in Melbourne to do the same.

3. Pack And Wrap Bulky Items So That They Are Well-Protected

Next, you must arrange moving blankets, straps, plastic wrap and tape to pack and secure your heavy belongings neatly. Ensure you wrap the item with moving blankets and secure the edges with tape to hold it in place. You should also wrap it with plastic to protect it if it rains or snows.

4. Use Furniture Sliders And Sheets To Move Your Heavy Items

If you are ready to move the item, you can avoid lifting it by getting sliders to move the item over your floors and carpets. To do this, tilt the furniture to one side, place the sliders underneath it, and ensure the smooth part faces outwards and the padded part faces the furniture end.

Slowly slide this over your floors and carpets, and always push your items from the lower part to avoid any excessive strain and to prevent the item from tipping over. You can also place sheets and blankets on your floors and stairs to avoid them getting scratched when sliding your belongings to and fro.


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5. Pull Your Items Using Lifting Straps Or Hand Trucks

If you cannot slide your items or do not want to damage your floors, you can lift your heavy item using lifting straps or hand trucks. Lifting straps and hand trucks will help lighten the load of the item so that you can pull it without causing any harmful back injuries. Expert removalists Melbourne recommend keeping the item near you when pulling it and not raising it above your head, or it could end up tipping over.

6. Get A Dolly Or And Ramp To Move Items Along The Stairs

Lastly, if you are moving heavy items up and down your stairs, you must get a dolly or ramp to keep the item safe and avoid injuries. When moving items up and down stairs, make sure you ask your friends for help so that there is always one or two people in front of the dolly to help you load the item and move it to the truck. You should also pad your stairs and the corners to avoid damage and scratches while moving the item back and forth.

If it is too difficult to move items down your stairs or you can’t find friends to help out, you need to hire professional removalists in Melbourne who have modern tools to transport and lift items with ease. You must not try to do this on your own as you could end up hurting yourself and might damage the item as well.


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Thus, you need to ask for help when moving heavy items back and forth from your rental place and make sure you use the proper techniques and equipment to help you out. You should always get professional help if you are unsure how to move an item, as these experts are well-trained in handling bulky items and will transport them without any scratches or damages.