How To Take The Stress Out Of Moving With Children
entire family feeling happy after reaching their new house

How To Take The Stress Out Of Moving With Children

Jun 26, 2019

Are you gearing up for home relocation with your children? Moving with kids is one of life’s most stressful and challenging affairs. It not only affects parents but also leaves mental stress on kids as well. Relocating a house can be an extremely difficult experience for a kid.

They are initially forced to move to a new home, which makes them lose social support, old friends, old school and their neighbourhood. On the other hand, establishing new bonds with new people is also a challenging task for young children. But the real stress comes with the parents who have to manage their kid’s emotions as well as the entire relocation task.

In such scenarios, hiring highly-reliable and experienced Melbourne Removalists is an ideal deal. But, being a parent, it is vital for you to manage all the moving and packing chores along with your children for a stress-free move. It is your responsibility to make them feel comfortable with the change.

Fortunately, the tips below can take the stress out of your big move with children. These tips will make your relocation journey easier.

1. Tell your kids about the move as early as possible

Moving to a new place involves physical and mental stress, especially with your children. If you want to prepare your kids, then tell them about the relocation as soon as possible. Tell them ahead of time and in the right manner – this could make them feel comfortable.

Make sure that you understand your children and positively break this news. This will allow them to get the news of relocation without any shock, and they will get the time to accept the change without any chaos.

2. Turn the moving Chore into a fun-activity

Instead of packing your household belongings alone, involve your children and make this process a fun-loving activity. Encourage them to be a part of this big move and let them pack their stuff.

Put boxes in their rooms a few days before the relocation and have them decorate the boxes with stickers and markers. Organise their packing tasks and create games of place away items and take their help in shifting small belongings like packing small kitchen items etc. This will take your kid’s stress away from the move.

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3. Make them Aware of New Home, School and Local Amenities

Many parents fail to prepare their kids for a move due to lack of communication skills. First, you need to break this news deliberately in front of your children. Secondly, create a curiosity about the new place, a new school and neighbourhood.

Share pictures with them so that they can visualise and think about the change and leave their old school and friends behind without any emotional stress.

Try to emphasis on local amenities at the new place that is not available at your current home. Tell them about the playground, beautiful landscapes, entertainment hubs and other attractions in Melbourne.

4. Make a Moving Plan

Kids easily get annoyed during the relocation process. So, it is better to prepare a plan a week before your final moving day. Schedule everything ahead of time –give them enough time to pack their beloved belongings. To avoid tantrums, try to spend quality time with them.

Most of the children lose their patience when their personal stuff or toys get misplaced during the move. So, it is good to plan, pack their belongings in high-grade packing boxes and organise the entire moving day carefully and try to keep that day as stress-free as possible.

5. Throw a Goodbye Party

It is an emotional trauma for kids to leave behind their friends, school, neighbourhood and favourite places and shift to the new place.

To make them feel happy and relaxed, you can organise a goodbye party and invite all his/her friends, relatives and neighbours. You can arrange fun-loving games, a dance floor and other entertainment activities to make that party memorable.

6. Give them Treats

Bribe your kids with treats when they help you in your packing chores. This motivates and encourages them to participate in the big moving day. When they finish any work, give them their favourite toy treats or spend quality time. This not only makes them happy but also reduces your moving stress.

7. Stick to the Old Routine

When you shift to the new home, it is imperative to get back to the old routine for the sake of your children. Step your kid’s room as soon as you reach your new home. Make him/her familiar with the place. Spend the first night at the new place with your children, narrate the story and let them feel relaxed.


There is no denying the fact that moving with children is one of the stressful tasks. But with the help of right decisions and planning, you can manage your entire relocation and keep your children happy.

If you are concerned about the safe relocation of your heavy furniture and delicate belongings, then hire experienced Melbourne Removalists. They can take care of your belongings and give you peace of mind while letting you spend quality time with your kids.