How To Transfer Utilities When Moving

How To Transfer Utilities When Moving

Oct 04, 2022 Setting up electricity, gas, water, internet and other important utilities when you move is crucial to settle in the new home quickly. According to rental laws in Victoria, the rental provider is responsible for installing and connecting utilities. However, the renter needs to reconnect the connections in their name. On the other hand, the task of setting utilities entirely is on you when moving to a newly-bought home. Therefore, you must transfer utilities in addition to packing early, booking removalists in Melbourne and managing other moving-related tasks. Here’s how you can do it.

Electricity & Gas

A house move is the best opportunity to get better energy plans for electricity and gas. The Victorian Government has set up the Victorian Energy Compare to help consumers find the right energy plans. It is an independent energy price comparison service, and you must explore it before you move. Once you select new plans or choose to continue the same ones, give at least 3 days’ notice for disconnections and reconnections to go without hassle. The notice period can be longer, and you should ask the service providers how much time they need.

Internet & Phone

Before moving house, you must have a National Broadband Network (NBN) for using and transferring connections for your internet and phone. You can explore the NBN site to find the list of service providers and see which areas they service. If your new home doesn’t have an NBN, contact an internet and phone provider for a suitable and affordable plan. You can request a cancellation if your existing service provider doesn’t provide phone and internet connections in the new location. If it does, request to transfer the utilities if you don’t need new plans.

Water & Sewage

Every area in Victoria has its water provider, and you cannot transfer companies for this utility. To find your provider, use the water and catchments platform to find the local water corporation where you are buying or renting a home in Melbourne. After finding your provider, you can put in the request for discontinuing and transferring your water & sewage utility service. Usually, rental properties have water meters, and the renter must pay for the water they use in addition to the sewage disposal charges. If the property doesn’t have a water meter, the rental provider must pay for water & sewage services.

Things To Know When Transferring Utilities

During a house move, you make several important decisions such as booking removalists in Melbourne, changing your address and setting utilities. Since managing multiple tasks simultaneously is challenging, below are things to know when transferring electricity, gas, water, sewage, phone and internet.
  • Don’t wait until the end to request discontinuations and reconnections. Start the transferring process at least 3-4 weeks before moving.
  • Create a utility set-up checklist to outline services and your account numbers. Also, include contact numbers to connect with providers easily.
  • Know in advance the utility providers in the area you are moving to. It will help make the transferring process easier and quicker.
  • Check if transfers can be done online before making in-person appointments.
  • Get the final meter readings for utilities to ensure you only pay for services until you use them.
  • Ask for discontinuation dates for utilities and provide the new address for receiving the final bills.
  • Ensure the transfer of utilities is complete a day before you move into the new home. It should have essential services to make getting comfortable in the new home quick.
  • Confirm the transfer of utilities before you book professional removalists Melbourne. This way, you or your hired removalist will have access to electricity, water, internet etc. upon arrival.
  • Always know the cancellation period for new utility services in case you choose your mind and want to go with another plan.
Keep identity proof, residence proof and service application and other documents ready for setting water and waste removal services. Renters don’t need to worry about this step, as it is the rental provider’s responsibility to register for these services.

Add Utility Transfer Costs To Your Moving Budget

During a house move, renters or homeowners often forget to account for utility transfer fees in the moving budget. Therefore, ask the service providers about reconnection and transfer fees. Some service providers even charge you for turning on utilities if they are completely disconnected. If you are facing hardship paying utility charges, ask the providers about their payment plans and no interest/fee loans. Additionally, seek guidance from the Energy and Water Ombudsman of Victoria if you are having trouble paying a bill. It can happen when you move and need to manage fixed expenses with one-off moving costs.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new home requires you to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Among these tasks, setting up utilities is an important one. Therefore, use the guide above to transfer electricity, gas, water, sewage and other utilities without hassle. Additionally, book professional removalists in Melbourne to move your belongings without stress and give you ample time to schedule utility discontinuations and reconnections.