How To Update Or Cancel Your Change Of Address

How To Update Or Cancel Your Change Of Address

Sep 12, 2022

You have to deal with various important tasks during your relocation. One such task is updating your address. Delaying the change of your address can cause a lot of problems for you.

If you do not update it on time, you will get mail to your old address. Missing out on important mail can lead to a lot of stress and hassles. Therefore, you must plan everything in advance and send your change of Address information a few weeks before you move. However, if circumstances change your plans, you should also know to cancel your change of address. All these tasks can be complicated and time-consuming.

Therefore, you need to find out a way that can let you focus on essential aspects of moving. If you want to avoid the unnecessary hassles of packing and moving, hire professional removalists Melbourne. They will save your time and ensure the safety of your belongings. Without the proper knowledge, you might not be able or update your address or cancel it.

Read on to know more about how to update or cancel your change of Address.

Visit ‘myGov’ Account

If you want to update your Address, then one of the ways is through myGov account. The best thing about updating your contact details to this platform is it will automatically update your address in various services. However, for that, you need to make sure that all the services are linked with myGov account. The services where your Address will automatically get updated are as follows:

  • Centrelink
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Medicare
  • Workforce Australia
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • My Health Record
  • State Revenue Office Victoria

To update your Address and contact details with these services, make sure that you have either the Centrelink, Medicare, or Australian Taxation Office linked. Also, your postal address and home must be an Australian address. If your services are linked, updating only on one platform can save a lot of time, which is a great way to handle the stress of moving.

Where Else Do You Need To Update Your Address?

You cannot update your Address everywhere through your myGov account. So, you need to visit the contact details on the following platforms as well.

Post Office

The Post Office should be your first point of contact. Whether you are receiving subscriptions, bills, or packages from friends, family, etc., you want to ensure they are reaching the right place. So, you should notify the post office about the change of Address and ask them if they can make any arrangements to get back any mails they have accidentally sent to the previous Address. Luckily the process is very simple.

Voter Registration

Whether there is an election coming or not, it’s essential to up to date your Address with the Australian Electoral Commission. It’s easy to update your voter registration details. All you need to do is to fill out a form with all your details and submit it.

The official will require a few days to update your Address and other details. Updating address on various platforms can be time-consuming and stressful. Thus, if you want to avoid the excess hassles and stress of moving, Contact a professional removalists Melbourne, Victoria who can manage everything for you.

Update Your Address on ‘myVicRoads’ Account

It is essential to update all the details, including your Address, with a myVicRoads account easily and securely. It will make sure that you do not miss any essential mail because it can put you at risk of illegal driving. If you have a car and you are planning to use it to commute to your office, then you need to give it a priority.

If the official sends any notice to the mailing or postal Address, you must receive it within seven days after the date of the notice. It is one of the things to know when moving to Melbourne for work.

Cancel Your Change of Address

If you have filled out an online form to change your address and then you want to stop it due to some personal reason, you need to visit a nearby government centre.

You can write a mail and send it, but it can take more time for the official to act on it. So, you must visit a nearby place or at least call the officials and have a word with them. The biggest benefit of contact an executive throughout all or a visit is that you will get a quicker response.

Why Changing Your Address Is Important?

Although most important transactions now happen online, the mail is still used by several professionals, businesses and organisations. Changing your Address is crucial to make sure nothing gets lost, particularly essential documents such as bills, legal documents, car registration renewals and so on.


Updating or cancelling your change of Address doesn’t have to be a complicated task. All you need is the right guidance. If you follow the ways mentioned above, then you will be able to get the job done perfectly.

When relocating from once place to another, prepare a moving checklist of places where you need to update your Address. To ensure you get enough time to focus on such important tasks, take the help of professionals. Contact experienced removalists in Melbourne to experience smooth relocation.