Is Moving House Stressful For Pets?

Is Moving House Stressful For Pets?

Aug 12, 2021 Moving to a new place is difficult for you and for your pet, particularly dogs. While some pets do not show any signs of stress, others get anxious and feel insecure when you uproot them from their familiar surroundings. Consider yourself lucky if you have a happy-go-lucky pet. However, if your dog gets anxious and feels insecure, it is your responsibility to keep your pet calm and happy throughout the moving process. For that, you need to constantly stay with your pet, which can cut short the time you need to pack your belongings. That is why pet owners usually opt for best removalists in Melbourne. The experts can take care of the entire packing and make sure that your belongings remain safe throughout the moving process. It can give you peace of mind and save a lot of time, so you will be able to pay more attention to your loving pet. Apart from hiring professionals, there are many other things that you need to do to keep your pet calm before, during and after the move. Read on to know more about the different ways that you can follow to keep your pet stress-free.

Plan Everything in Advance

You should start your preparation as early as possible. It will give you more time to carry out the entire process perfectly. Your pet will also get more time to adjust to the sudden change. From packing their belongings and meeting the vet, you will be able to focus on all important aspects. If you are moving from a different state, you also need to do the registration of your pet.

Meet Veterinarian

Also, make sure that you take your pet to the vet for a thorough check-up. If there is any pending vaccine or test of your pet, get it done before you relocate. Pets often have motion sickness and experience dizziness while travelling. So, you can consult with the vet about the best way to deal with such a problem when you ill move.

Do Not Disturb Their Routine

One of the biggest mistakes that pet owners make while preparing for the move is, they disturb the routine of the pet. This is a mistake because it can give them stress and negatively impact their health. So, make sure they get their food on time, take enough rest and go for morning and evening walks. It will keep them happy throughout the relocation process.

Spend more Time With your Pet

Your pet is expected to get stressed out because of the relocation. As the owner, it is your responsibility to keep your pet calm and happy. The best way to do that is by spending more time with your pet. However, in doing so, you will have to compromise in packing and doing other moving-related tasks. To create the balance, hire experienced removalists in Melbourne.

Introduce To Their Travel Crate

If you are moving to another state, then you and your pet need to go by air. And for that, you need to keep your pet in the travel crate. Thus, it is advisable to purchase a crate in advance and make it familiar to your dog or cat. Your pet will feel secure in the crate when you won’t be around.

Pack Pet Essentials

There are several things you cannot trust anyone else to move, and your pet essentials should be in this category. From their food, bowl, and blankets to medicines and favourite toys, you should pack everything in a separate box and carry it will you throughout the journey. It is essential because you don’t know when you will require any of these things on your way to your new home.

Look for Pet-Friendly Accommodation

If you are planning to drive a long distance with your pet, then you will need accommodation for the night. So, make sure that the accommodation is pet friendly. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for your dog or cat to spend the night inside the car. You should research properly about different accommodations before finalising

Explore the New Surrounding with Your Pet

Another excellent way to make sure your pet stays happy after the move is by exploring new ways before moving permanently. Visit your new home a few weeks before moving and explore the surroundings, nearby roads, and outside of the house. It will make the place more familiar to your pet when they move. Hence, they will not get freaked out!

Make the Journey Easy for them

Driving a long distance with your pet can be stressful for you. However, you can manage your stress perfectly by following the right method. Make sure that you take frequent breaks while driving. It will allow your dog to stretch muscles, pass the urine, and deal with motion sickness.

Take Away

If you are planning to move with your pet for the first time, then you should make your plans early and properly. Follow the aforementioned tips to make things easier for you as well as your pet. If you want to spend more time with your pet and ensure the safety of your valuables, contact a reputed removals company in Melbourne. The professionals will help you and your pet to move smoothly.