Items You Can’t Put In A Storage Unit When Moving

Items You Can’t Put In A Storage Unit When Moving

Jun 22, 2021

When you move to a house that does not have sufficient space for all your belongings, you need to get rid of the excess items. But what if you do not want to sell them immediately or throw them away? In this scenario, self-storage can be an excellent solution. The requirement of storage facility for an indefinite period is common for people who move out of the property.

So, contact a company that offers a reliable storage facility for your excess items and move the rest of the belongings with the help of reliable removalists in Melbourne. They will move your valuables perfectly and safely. However, before you keep your excess items in the storage unit, know about the items that you can store in the unit and things that are not allowed.

Although the list of prohibited items varies from company to company, there are some common items that all facilities include in their banned items. Here is a list of items that you can’t put in a storage unit when moving.

Perishable Food Items

All storage units disallow perishable items such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, raw fruits and vegetables. It is because when you leave such food items for a longer period, they attract insects and rodents that lead to an infestation problem. The pests chew your items, nest in them, and can also spread to other people’s storage unit and destroy their belongings as well. Therefore, it is important that you do not neglect this safety rule.

Hazardous Materials

You also cannot store hazardous materials in the storage unit because such items can lead to an accident and can be responsible for massive damage to other people belongings as well. So, any such dangerous item is strictly prohibited, and you could possibly get evicted or face a huge penalty if the company found out. Hazardous materials that you cannot put in the storage unit include paint, paint thinner, fertilizer, fireworks, acid, acetone, propane tanks, radioactive materials, and many more things. If you need a detailed list, contact the storage company.

High-Value Items

You are also not allowed to keep items that have high monetary value, such as jewellery, expensive sculptures, artwork, etc. Many storage companies do not allow keeping such items because the compensation would be too high for them in case of a security breach. Ideally, you should hire the best removalists in Melbourne to pack and move such high-value items with utmost care. Also, keep stuff like jewellery and cash with you throughout the relocation process. It is one of the most valuable tips for first-time renters.


Plants are another item that you cannot put inside the storage unit when moving. It will deprive the plants from three essential things that the need to grow – water, fresh air and sunlight. So, keeping them into the storage means end of the plants! Moreover, plants attract pests, which can be a massive problem for your other belongings. Therefore, if you do not have enough space for your plants at your new place, it is advisable to give them away to your friends, family, or neighbours, who can take care of the plants.

Stolen Items

You cannot store any stolen items in the storage unit because it is illegal. In other words, you should be the owner of everything you want to keep in the storage or have the owner’s permission for that. The storage facilities are appropriately supervised, and the staffs also have clear instruction to call the police if they feel suspicious about any item you have in your unit.

Wet and Scented Items

Before storing your items in the unit, make sure that you do not have any wet or scented items. Any item that has even a little bit of moisture can promote the growth of mould and mildew. It can easily spread to other items can damage them. Therefore, before you keep anything in the storage, make sure they are completely dry, particularly clothes and shoes.

Moreover, items that have a strong and sweet scent, such as soaps and candles, can also attract rodents and insects, even if the items are not edible. So, you should also avoid keeping anything with strong odours in a storage unit.

Weapons & Ammunition

Items like firearms, ammunition and weaponry such as flame throwers, hand grenades, etc., is always on the list of prohibited items for the storage unit. It is because numerous obligations are involved on the part of the storage facility providers, and it is not possible to ignore the safety issues. So, if you have any firearms or planning to move to Melbourne with such things, you should first know about the firearms licensing in Victoria.

Take Away

A storage unit is the safest way to keep excess items you cannot move to your new home and also can’t get rid of. However, before storing your stuff, talk to the company and know about the items that you can’t keep in the storage. To keep other belongings safe, contact a reputed removals company in Melbourne. The professionals will help you to experience a stress-free move.