List Of Things Professional Movers Do Not Move

List Of Things Professional Movers Do Not Move

Mar 08, 2021

The relocation process is not only time-consuming and costly but it can also be very stressful at times. When you have so many things to pack and load, it is possible to get confused and frustrated. Therefore it is always advisable to hire the most reputed removalists in Melbourne. The professionals can help you pack your belongings in the best possible manner, making your relocation process a lot easier.

However, the removals company will not move everything you have in your home and figuring out those items can be very stressful. You should either move them on your own or discard them, so you can save time and complete the relocation safely.

Before you start packing, identify such things and keep them aside. These things can be your valuables and things that can dangerous to transport. If you want to relocate in a safe and stress-free manner, then you should know about the items. Here is a list of things that professional movers do not move.

Hazardous Material

Over time, you collect several chemicals in your house for various purposes that are hazardous material. These things include Corrosives, Bleach, Ammonia, Nail polish remover (in excess quantity), cleaning chemicals, fertiliser, Pesticides, weed killer and other such things.

The removalists will not move them because these things because such liquid can leak inside the moving van, and that can cause damage to your other household items. Therefore make sure that you get rid of such items before you start your packing. Talk to your neighbours and see if they need these things.

Combustible/Flammable Items

Like hazardous material, there are also combustible or flammable items in your house, and the removals company will not move such things. Such items include Propane tanks, Aerosols, Paint, Fuel, Lighter fluid, Charcoal, old car battery, and other similar things.

Therefore, you should move these items on your own or get rid of them before starting your packing. If you inappropriately discard these items, it can pollute the environment. So, make sure that you follow the right methods and if you have confusion, consult with the environment officials.


Another thing that your professional removalists will not move is your pets. Whether you have dogs, cats, birds, pets or an aquarium, you will have to move your pet on your own. The temperature inside your moving trucks can be very hot and humid that won’t be suitable for your furry friends. And let’s not forget the chance of getting injured inside the pile of boxes and other stuff.

Therefore, even the best removalists in Melbourne won’t take the chance to move your pets. If your new home is a couple of hours drive, move your pets in your car and do not forget to take breaks for your dog.


Moving plants is always a challenging task because it can die during the transportation process. On top of that, the soil and moisture present in plants can damage other belongings. Therefore, moving companies generally do not move plants.

Therefore talk to your removals company in advance to check if they move the plants or not. If your new house is a few hour drives, pack all the plants on your car and move them. And if you do not have the option to move your plants, give them to your neighbours, friends or donate them somewhere.


It is not at all a surprise that no removals company will move any explosives under any circumstances. Many people might want to move their old stock of firecrackers, but the removalists won’t do it. Therefore, it is advisable to get rid of such things. If you want to move them, then do it on your own and take every possible precaution. Otherwise, it can be very dangerous for you.

Perishable Food

If you have hired a reliable moving company in Melbourne, it is important to check the companies’ policy on the food. There are several removals companies that will not move any kind of food, while others will not move only the perishable items. Any food items that can leak or spill during the transit should not be moved with other items because such food items can damage your other belongings. In addition to that, such food can also attract insects, which you and your removalists will definitely want to avoid.


Some moving companies strictly avoid moving valuables items such as cash and jewellery because they don’t want to take any chance with such valuables. Whether a company have this policy or not, it is advisable to move your valuable on your own. From cash, jewellery, financial and personal documents to chequebooks and credit cards, Medicine and prescriptions, pack all valuables on your own.

Make a checklist that you should move on your own and plan accordingly. Pack them separately so that they do not get mix up with items that your professionals will move. Pack your essential box and keep all these items in it so you can accomplish the move in a stress-free manner.

The Bottom Line

When you have countless things to move to your new home, it is possible to forget about stuff that the professionals do not move. If you have any confusion, it is advisable to consult with your removals company because it is always better to be safe than sorry. So, the next time you move, keep in mind that a professional removals company in Melbourne will not move the things mentioned above.