How To Make Moving Easier For Kids
entire family sitting on the floor of their new house

How To Make Moving Easier For Kids

Aug 30, 2019

The moving procedure is a tiring ordeal for most people, even if you are moving to the next suburb in your city. From packing, loading, and transporting to utility transfer and exploring the new place, there are a lot of things that need your attention and time. In such a scenario, taking care of your kids is a massive challenge which adds to the stress.

Also, you can neither ignore nor take this problem lightly. The complicated situation can make the kids emotionally upset and lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Thus you need to spend more time with them so that they don’t feel neglected. This is the reason why people opt for removalists in Melbourne as they take care of everything and let you focus on your family.

Here, you will read about some of the ways that can help you make the moving process easier for the kids. Let’s have a look.

1. Involve The Kids In Your Decision To Move

You need to involve your kids in your moving decision. You are probably excited about moving to a new place and enjoy a fresh start. But do not forget that the kids do not see everything from your perspective and may have a different opinion about this decision.

They may react with sadness or anger, and it’s your job to handle it wisely. The kids are too young to understand the concept of moving, and they are most likely to get upset and worried about what they are leaving behind.

2. Visit The New Neighbourhood Before Moving

Before you move to a new place in Melbourne with your kids, you must visit the new community so that the kids can become familiar with it.

Visit The Park

Take your kids to the playground for children’s activities and let them spend a few quality hours in the environment so that they can develop an attachment with the new place. This will help them to accept the sudden change in their life.

Show The Kids Their School

You should also show them their new school from the outside. This is very crucial because kids make new friends in the school and it is a good way to ensure that your kid is adapting to the new circumstances.

Go to Pizza Point and Ice-cream Parlour

Apart from playground and school, take them to a nearby pizza point and ice-cream parlour in Melbourne where they can have fun. This step will further help them to like the new place.

Look For A New Paediatrician

Everyone requires a new paediatrician after moving, so look for a reputed expert. You can also discuss the scenario with your current paediatrician and see if the person can recommend any name.

3. Do Not Disturb Their Routine

If you disrupt the routine of your kids, it might affect their overall mood and health. So, it is essential that they eat their food and sleep on time and get enough time to play.

Do Not Disturb The Balance

The routine of the kids is essential, and it should not get disturbed at any cost. So make sure that your packing is not becoming a hurdle in the way of their snack time or nap time. Start your preparation in advance so that you can utilise your time correctly.

Pack A Separate Bag For Them

When you pack your stuff, do not forget to have a separate bag with all the important items of your child such as blankets, sippy cups, first-aid kit, bottles, diaper bag, favourite stuffed animal, medicines, and so on. You never know what you will require at what point.

4. Pack Your Baby’s Belongings At The Right Time

You might feel that packing all your baby’s belongings first is the best way to start your packing process, but the professional removalists in Melbourne beg to differ. According to them, you should leave it for later because hunting for clothes or toys in the pile of boxes won’t be an easy thing to do.

5. Keep Them Safe On Moving Day

The moving day can be a stressful day for you and your family, so make sure that your kids are safe and engaged in some activity on the moving day.

Arrange Babysitting

On your moving day, you are most likely to get involved in numerous responsibilities. Thus, there is a possibility that you might take your eyes off the kids. But that will be a massive mistake as it can be a huge risk to their safety. Talk to your family, close friends or neighbours and check if someone can do babysitting for you.

Spend Time With Them

If no one is available for babysitting, then you have to take care of your kids. In this scenario, professional removalists in Melbourne can be the solution you need. They take care of packing, loading and transporting of your goods. And this gives you enough time to stay close to your kids and focus on other essential aspects of moving.

6. Give Them Priority After Moving

Once you have moved to your new home, pay attention to your kid’s reaction, mood and requirements. To ensure they don’t feel frustrated and sad, set up their room first and plan something exciting for them. Hiring experienced removalists in Melbourne will help you to focus on such vital things.

Set Up The Kids’ Rooms

The boxes having the stuff of your kids should go into the truck last and come off first. Plan, decorate and set up the room in a creative manner so that they love their room and spend enough time inside it initially. This is important so that they can have a calm place to relax. This will not only help them adjust fast but also provide them with a safe place to play while you unpack other boxes.

Plan Some Fun Activities Immediately After Moving

Plan something for the kids, so that they can divert themselves from the feeling of a new and unfamiliar place. Take them to the nearby playground or pizza point. You can also purchase them some books or comics to read, build a fort using moving boxes and so on. If you can find a couple of kids of the same age in your neighbourhood, that will be the best option.

What Else You Can Do?

Apart from the ways mentioned above to make moving easier on kids, there are two things that you need to do.

Get Enough Sleep

Do not compromise with your sleep! Get enough sleep so that you can deal with the stress of moving. If you don’t take enough rest, you will feel frustrated and exhausted. And that will not help in dealing with your kids.

Don’t Show Them Your Anxiety

In a difficult time, your kids look up to you for emotional support. So, if you are feeling the pressure of moving, and it is visible on your face, behaviour and body language, it will make a negative impact on your kids. However, if you stay positive or at least show that you are relaxed and happy, they will take it as a good thing.


It is no secret that the moving process is stressful- both physically and emotionally – for everyone in the family. But it is a massive change for your kids and it is not at all easy to understand. When you ask them to leave behind the only life and memories they have known, it is difficult for them. However, they recover quickly and grow new roots in their new surroundings. The ways mentioned here will make moving easier on kids.