Moving Day Horror Stories And How To Avoid Them

Moving Day Horror Stories And How To Avoid Them

Nov 23, 2022

Moving to a new house is challenging, but more and more people are managing it for a range of reasons. Housing mobility has been significantly higher in the past five years because more than 40% of Australians moved at least once during this period.

Moreover, 1.14 million households moved within the last 12 months, according to the latest housing mobility release by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that there is an increase in moving day horror stories.

Ideally, you must hire professional removalists in Melbourne to handle your move from start to finish. However, it isn’t always economically feasible, which is why you should explore your moving options to choose the most affordable one.

Also, look at these moving-day horror stories that can happen and learn how to avoid them during relocation.

Junk in the New House

People leave behind unwanted stuff all the time, and it is an unpleasant surprise when you find it upon arriving at your new home. If the previous occupant has left the state or moved far away, getting them to arrange a clean-up is impossible. In most cases, the new occupant has to get rid of the stuff and pay for professional cleaning.

Solution: Always ask for a walk-through of the property before you close a deal or sign the rental agreement. It allows you to inspect the property’s condition and ensure it meets minimum housing standards. You can also ensure the previous occupant has removed all their belongings and the house is ready to move in immediately.

Buying Furniture When Moving

Furniture is an expensive investment, and it requires extra care while moving. You can hire professional removalists in Melbourne to move heavy and bulky furniture, but it will cost thousands of dollars. What’s more, trying to fit furniture too big for your new home is a horrible experience even if your removalists can move it.

Solution: Only buy new furniture after moving. You can purchase it after moving into the new home and taking measurements of the entry points. Additionally, you can judge the accessibility better and get the furniture indoors.

Hiring Bad Removalists

Mushrooming of removal companies owing to the growing demand for removalists in Melbourne. Therefore, unsuspecting and tired homeowners/renters hire removalists without vetting them. They get scammed or face other challenges like hidden charges, delayed arrival, no-show on moving day etc.

Solution: Look for budget removalists Melbourne with good reputations and reviews. Never hire removalists based on instant quotes. Ask them for pre-move surveys and compare quotes before selecting a company.

Also, avoid removal companies asking for complete cash payment before the move, poor customer care service and frequent business name changes.

Packing without a Plan

Packing is one of the most important moving tasks, but it is the most hazardously done. Many people make the mistake of putting it off until the last moment and never have a plan. Poorly packed things are at a higher risk of sustaining damage during handling and transit, costing the owners avoidable expenses.

Solutions: Declutter to reduce the packing and moving load. Make an inventory of things you have to move and pack them room by room. Wrap and box things according to usage and importance, meaning least necessary things first and essentials last. Also, label everything carefully to avoid confusion or misplacement of things.

Forgetting Small but Important Tasks

It is common to forget small but important tasks when you must complete multiple tasks simultaneously during a house move, such as packing, changing your address, setting up utilities, etc. You can misplace keys to the new home, not pack an essentials bag, forget to inform important people about the move etc.

Solution: Create a moving checklist to keep track of all tasks. Use a mobile application to manage the checklist, get reminders, check progress, set deadlines and share updates with household members.

Using Poor Quality Packing Supplies

During a house move, your things are at great risk of damage. Therefore, packing them with quality supplies is essential to avoid irreversible damage. However, when you get random-sized packing boxes for free or cheap materials, there is no guarantee your things will remain safe during handling or transit.

Solution: Purchase 3-5 ply corrugated moving boxes to contain your things. Additionally, get durable and extra-strength packing tape, stretchable plastic sheets and bubble/foam wraps. When in doubt, go for commercial-grade packing materials, as they are thicker and long-lasting.


You can face multiple challenges during a house move, even if you have moved before. The best solution is to pack early, create a moving checklist, hire good removalists in Melbourne and plan your move well. By avoiding the common moving mistakes mentioned above, you can avoid moving anxiety and handle everything smoothly.