Moving From Brisbane To Melbourne? Things You Should Know
couple packing up their houshold into a cardboard box

Moving From Brisbane To Melbourne? Things You Should Know

May 25, 2018

Moving from Brisbane to Melbourne requires a lot of planning, preparation and professional assistance. You can’t plan your interstate move in a day. You need time to organise everything without feeling stressed or annoyed.
It is obvious that moving along with a family from one state to another is a tough job. But making right decisions at the right time will reduce the level of your stress to some extent. You may feel little anxious in the starting, but professional Brisbane to Melbourne Removalists can help you in giving you hassle-free moving experience.

It is good to hire professional removalists company that can take the stress of your move and ensure smooth and secure interstate removal with a no damage guarantee. Apart from this, you can also consider some key things while preparing for an interstate move.
Below are 8 important things that you should keep in mind while moving from Brisbane to Melbourne with your family.

1. Consider the Weather Condition

When you are moving interstate, make sure you check out the weather in Melbourne/season for a hassle-free move. It is not good to move during rainy or cold seasons as it could make your entire relocation process a bit challenging.
Generally, best seasons in Melbourne are considered to be autumn (from March to May) and spring (September to November). These are the best times for house or office relocations. So, make sure you plan your move during these two seasons.

2. Planning and Preparation

Once you have marked a moving day on your calendar, start preparing and planning your interstate move. Arrange a reliable end of lease cleaning company in Brisbane to get your leased property cleaned thoroughly in order to secure your bond amount.

Apart from de-cluttering, you can remove unnecessary stuff from your house, pack your belongings, prepare your electronic appliances for a move and make a list of things that need to be moved.
Planning prior to the moving day ensures success and also gives you peace of mind throughout the relocation process.

3. Search for a Suitable Removalists Company

Moving to the new city like Melbourne is always challenging. Due to the distance, different weather condition and other influencing factors, it becomes imperative to identify and hire quality Removalists that can take care of your possessions until they deliver them to your new residence.

In order to ensure successful relocation, make sure your search for a reliable company a month before. Get through the quotations from different interstate moving companies, check their reviews, ask for their previous projects and shortlist the best option that can meet your custom-made moving needs within your estimated budget.

4. Organise your Utilities

Organising all your utilities is essential. From electricity to the internet connection, telephone to the gas supply, you have to alert your current and new utility providers so that you won’t be continuing their services at your current address. This is an important step that you can’t overlook at any cost.

5. Remove Unwanted items

The distance between Brisbane and Melbourne via road is around 1675.1 km. This means it will take approximately 16 to 19 hours travelling if you are shifting your possessions on a moving truck.
No doubt the Brisbane-Melbourne infrastructure facilities are outstanding, but still, it is good to ensure safe and secure removal by reducing the weight of your moving belongings.
You can do this by removing the stuff that you don’t want to take along with you. Make a list of items and pack them so that you can donate them to charity.
It is optional: Whether you want to throw them or want to sell online. It ultimately depends on you.

6. Start packing your stuff

To simplify your moving day, you can start packing your belongings 2 weeks prior to your move. Packing early is always beneficial for interstate moves.
You can arrange all the packing materials such as packing tape, bubble wrap, custom moving boxes, etc. or you can contact a reputed Removalists company in Melbourne to provide you with high-quality packing supplies and packing boxes at the most competitive prices.

7. Explore more about your new area

Visit your new residence in Melbourne and explore your local area, supermarket, nearby hospitals, restaurants and petrol stations.
Even, you can look for the new schools for your children and ensure everything is perfect. The best part is that Melbourne has the world’s best education system and it will be the pleasure for your children to pursue the education in this livable city of Victoria.

8. Cross check details with your Removalists

Cross-check your appointment with your Brisbane to Melbourne Removalist Company to ensure everything is on time. Also, re-check the date when your belongings reach the new address so that you can arrange an alternative accommodation in the new location if anything reaches before that day.


Moving to the new state doesn’t have to be a stressful and annoying experience. By preparing ahead and managing everything from start to end will ease down the entire interstate moving process.
Hopefully, the 8 tips mentioned above will help you throughout your Brisbane to Melbourne moving journey.