Moving House Mistakes: What Not To Do On Moving Day
couple trying to lift a heavy box

Moving House Mistakes: What Not To Do On Moving Day

Sep 21, 2022 According to official reports, Melbourne is Australia’s most famous city to move to. This is no surprise, as Melbourne has a cosmopolitan culture, scenic beaches, gorgeous landscapes, bustling nightlife, and cute cafes. Over 27% of the people who have migrated to Australia have moved to the beautiful city of Melbourne. If you are also considering moving here, you should hire professional removalists in Melbourne to help pack and move as soon as possible. You can also make this relocation to Melbourne smoother by avoiding some potential issues on your moving day, such as:

1. Leaving Your Pets And Kids Unattended

Your quality removalists in Melbourne will be moving heavy boxes up and down the rooms and will want to have a clear path. If you have small kids and pets, you must make sure you know where they are at all times and try and put them in a separate room. If your kids and pets keep running around, they might come into their path, and everyone could get injured. It would be best if you tried either:
  • Asking your friends or family to babysit your kids and pets while you help the movers with loading the truck.
  • You can also keep your pets in a shelter till you are done with the move, as they might get anxious and scared seeing so many people in the house.
  • Make sure you have your kid’s and pet’s favourite toys and food to keep them entertained on moving day.

2. Trying To Move Hazardous Materials

If you use many cleaning solutions, pesticides, paint bottles and spray paint in your homes, you will have to get rid of these before you move. These are considered hazardous materials because they are combustible and corrosive, and removalist companies will refuse to move these items. It is better to separate these items and contact your local waste and recycling disposal centre to get rid of them properly.

3. Not Packing Your Valuable Documents

Even if you have hired full-service movers in Melbourne to take care of the relocation process, you must pack a few things independently. This includes your valuable documents like passports, rent agreements, licenses, bond leases, bills, identification cards, etc. List all your essential documents before moving day and put them in a folder to reduce your stress of moving. Keep this folder with you in your vehicle, and keep soft copies of all the documents in case they get lost.

4. Not Setting Up Utilities In Time

The first thing you would want to do in your new home is to unwind and relax. But if you have not arranged your utilities yet, you will be sitting in darkness and without any water. Therefore, you must make sure you arrange your utilities before you move in. You should pay all your bills on time, ask for a transfer of your current utilities or even look for better deals on new accounts. Bonus tip: Take a photo of your current meter reading so that you are not paying extra on the bill.

5. Not Arranging An End-Of-Lease Cleaning

If you paid a security deposit for your current home under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, you could get the amount back if you meet all the conditions. Your landlord can hold back part of your bond if your home is dirty and messy. So, you should arrange an end-of-lease cleaning service in Melbourne to spruce up your apartment. These experts will remove any old stains, mould and dirt from the very corner of your home to ensure you get your bond back.

6. Forgetting To Unplug Your Appliances

If you are taking most of your appliances to your new home, you must ensure you unplug them in time. If you leave it to the last day, you will not be able to defrost your refrigerator or disconnect the gas pipeline hose in time. You should hire a specialist service before your moving day to help you properly unplug these devices so that you can move them without causing any damage.

7. Not Doing A Final Round

You must walk around your home once more before you leave to check if all your moving boxes have been loaded onto the truck. You can also check for hidden items in corners, attics, and basements. Also, look inside your microwaves, washing machines and dishwashers to see if you have left something inside them.


Moving homes in Melbourne is not an easy task, and it is common to forget a number of things on your moving day. But with the above checklist, you will be able to clear the path for your removalists Melbourne, unplug all your appliances and arrange all your utilities and more in time for your big and exciting move to the beautiful city of Melbourne!