Moving To Melbourne? Know All The Important Places And Facilities
Beautiful night view of Melbourne city

Moving To Melbourne? Know All The Important Places And Facilities

Jan 24, 2020 If you are a hardcore fan of vibrant nightlife, coffee, diverse culture and delectable food, then you will love moving to Melbourne.  Being Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne boasts of high-rise apartments, world-class schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shopping prescient, and other entertainment hubs. It is home to some of the leading financial institutes, world-renowned companies, culinary delights, theme parks and much more. If you are relocating to this beautiful city along with your family, then do your thorough research and know everything about the important places and facilities. After packing your household belongings and hiring the most trusted Removalists in Melbourne, you take some time out of your busy schedule and discover abundant opportunities after the relocation. To make your work easier, we have compiled some of the key reasons that will help you know why Melbourne is a great place to live. Let’s get started!

1. A Liveable City

Moving to Melbourne means you are heading towards the world’s second most liveable city. The metropolitan area of Melbourne has a population of more than 5.27 million people. It is one of the most populated cities in Australia. But why people are relocating to this vibrant city? It’s because everyone wants to leverage the advantages of a metropolitan city – be it unlimited job opportunities, top-class education, first-rate universities, multiple transport options and much more. A move to Melbourne can be an ideal decision for anyone who wants to enjoy the high quality of living in the hotspots of a well-developed city. Being named as cultural capital, it also boasts a range of arts and culture scenes, an impressive range of annual cultural festivals and sports events and much more. Apart from high-class amenities and infrastructure facilities, the city is best known for its low crime rates. That is one of the main reasons why people are shifting to the capital city of Victoria from different corners of the world.

2. Explore Melbourne’s Laneways

Do you want to step into a wonderland? If yes then explore the cobbled laneways in Melbourne, which have become hotspots for coffee shops, shopping boutiques, live music, contemporary street-side cafes, etc. The city is best known for its enthusiastic and vibrant laneway culture, which is threaded with various beautiful and stylish shops, where you can discover the city’s arcades and street art. From Flinders Street Station to Degraves Street, Collins Street to Little Bourke Street, you will get great opportunities to know the laneways culture of this vibrant city. Tip: After unpacking your belongings at the new place with the assistance of Melbourne Removalists, you can take some time out and explore the laneways culture with your family. Don’t forget to capture street art when you visit Hosier Lane.

3. The City is Home to Top-Class Universities and Research Facilities

The capital city of Victoria is renowned for its world-class education facilities as there are tons of private and public schools. There are also six top-ranked universities from where you can pursue higher education. In fact, Melbourne is also known as one of the most immigrant-friendly cities across the world because 40 per cent of its population is from abroad. The diversity in culture, friendliness of local people and a variety of culinary delights make it a preferred destination for students who want to pursue higher education in the world’s class universities, including: • University of Melbourne • La Trobe University • Victoria University • RMIT University • Monash University , etc. These universities offer a variety of courses such as Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science Extended, Bachelor of Environments, Master of Engineering (Manufacturing, Management, Telecommunication and Network, Business Information Systems,  Electrical, etc) and the list goes on.

4. A Business-Friendly City

If you have just completed your higher education and want to start your own business, then moving to a city like Melbourne could be an ideal decision. There are plenty of small business grants that help you explore new business ideas for your entrepreneurial journey.  You can participate in assistance programs and events that are relevant to your business. Small Business Mentoring Programs in Melbourne is designed to assist potential entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to take their business to the new height of success.

5. Trams: A Major Public Transport

Melbourne is known for its seamless and convenient public transport facilities. Trams are not only major public transport but also one of the famous icons of the city.  The tram system is popular all around the country because they are affordable, well-connected and as colourful as the city. Tip: Trams, trains and buses are simple ways to explore all of the important places, key attractions, sporting venues, commercial market and shopping precincts across Melbourne, Victoria.

6. Discover the Coffee Culture

If you are a coffee-lover, then you will fall in love with Melbourne. For local people, coffee is more than just consuming caffeine in their morning. It has deeply blended in the culture that it has indeed developed into an art form. The city is home to hundreds of stylish coffee shops and cafes and some of the best baristas. From Flat white to cold-drip, espresso to siphon, you will never be far away from a refreshing cup of a coffee. Tip: You can visit Seven Seeds in Carlton, ST. ALI in South Melbourne and Industry Beans in Fitzroy to explore the city’s most famous coffee culture.

7. Dine at Some Renowned Restaurants

If you are moving to this vibrant city, then must explore the fine-dining options in and around your local area. The city is famous for its multi-cuisine dishes and authentic recipes. The city’s laneways are home to some of the renowned restaurants such as Tonka, Flower Drum, etc. If you want to treat your taste buds with delectable Vietnamese street food, book your table at Hanoi Hannach. Tip: From delicious cheap eats to fine-dining, you can find a variety of options in Melbourne.

8. Diversity in Local Community

Melbourne is best known for its diverse cultures and celebrations of different cultural festivals. The local people respect each other’s culture, religion and their beliefs, and that’s why people all around the world are investing their money in the hotspots of this city. Some of the popular cultural events organised in Melbourne are: • Carlton Italian Festa • Thai Culture & Food Festival • Melbourne Queer Film Festival • The Lonsdale St Greek Festival, etc

9. The City is Ideal For Sports Lover

Melbourne is regarded as Australia’s sports capital- thanks to its legendary cricket stadium. The city is home to the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The Australian Football League is also organised here in this ground from March to September. The city also hosts various sports events and programs for sports enthusiasts.

10. Explore Vibrant Arts and Culture Scene

The Victorian Capital City is home to some of the world’s renowned art scenes such as the National Gallery of Victoria. It is one of the oldest galleries in Australia and hosts an inviting range of local as well as international exhibitions and events. You can also visit the Heide Museum of Modern Art at Bullen or Australian Centre for the Moving Image to explore the world of television, film and digital culture.


If you are planning to move to Australia’s second-largest cities, then know everything that can boost your living standard. There is no denying the fact that people all around the world appreciate the city’s diverse culture, heritage buildings and quality of life, but settling down in a new city is quite challenging. So, do your research and explore everything about the city- the best schools, local amenities, main attractions, business opportunities, etc. Make sure you prepare your relocation in advance and don’t forget to hire the experienced Melbourne Removalists. They can help you move household belongings safely and securely to the new place.