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Young man climbing upstairs with a couple of cardboxes
16 Nov, 2023 Moving With Stairs: Conquer The Challenge Of A Tricky Relocation

There are plenty of challenges that come with moving to a new home. Dealing with them efficiently becomes essential to ensure a successful move. One such challenge is navigating staircases when moving your belongings. Stairs present unique challenges and demand…

young man reading something on a tablet
09 Nov, 2023 10 Commonly Forgotten Things During A Move

Moving a house is a stressful undertaking. The most challenging part is juggling between moving chores, ranging from de-cluttering rooms to packing boxes, dismantling large furniture pieces to, updating the new address, and the list goes on. No matter how…

Hand of a man is giving key to another man holding a house in his hand.
25 Oct, 2023 Is it Better to Buy a House or Rent in Australia?

The debate over whether buying a house is better than renting has been going on for quite some time. Due to inflation, rising interest rates and fluctuation in property prices, the idea of buying a home is not as appealing…

woman with her kids outside of a school
13 Oct, 2023 How To Choose A School In Melbourne When Moving With Kids?

Relocating with kids requires meticulous planning, especially when finding the right school in a new location. This can be an overwhelming task, even for kids who are already experiencing emotional distress because of leaving behind their home, friends, neighbourhood and…

couple sitting on the floor and discussing something
20 Sep, 2023 The Realistic House Moving Checklist And To-Do Timeline

Moving to a new house requires a lot of planning and coordination. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you’re in a rush to finish all the tasks at the last moment. A proper plan will help…


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23 May, 2023 Moving In A Hurry? Effective Strategies For A Last-Minute Move

Rushing the moving process can lead to last-minute chaos, increased anxiety, and a higher chance of household belongings being damaged or left behind. Preparation is…

couple packing up their essentials in a cardboard box
03 May, 2023 How To Label Boxes For Easy Unpacking After A Move

Moving to a new home with unlabelled boxes is one of the most challenging tasks. It makes organisation of the process hard and unpacking a…

young woman packing up a cardboard box
03 Apr, 2023 9 Essential Questions To Ask Your Removals Company

Hiring a professional removal service is essential to lighten your moving stress. Since removalists can offer expert assistance for packing, local moves, interstate moves and…

couple using a tablet and working on it
24 Mar, 2023 How To Safely Move With Heavy Household Items?

Have you found your dream home in the beautiful city of Melbourne in Victoria? Melbourne is an amazing, hip metropolis with lush green parks, mountain…

young man holding a heavy couch and trying to lift it
14 Mar, 2023 Top 7 Best Most Liveable Suburbs In Melbourne For Families

Melbourne is among the top 10 most liveable cities in the world. It offers a great standard of living, premium education and excellent housing options.…

family outside of a house looking happy
07 Mar, 2023 Where To Donate Furniture In Melbourne When Moving House

A house move is the perfect opportunity to give away unwanted things that serve no purpose or won't fit in any room in your new…

young man trying to lift a heavy couch
28 Feb, 2023 10 Must Have House Moving Solutions

Are you planning to move to a new home? It is a stressful and challenging task that requires time, patience and proper planning. Managing a…

couple trying to lift a heavy cardboard box
21 Feb, 2023 How Long Does It Take To Move House?

Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world and is the number one city for relocation in Australia. According to official reports,…

couple packing up their belongings for a move
13 Feb, 2023 How To Prepare A Babyproof Plan When Moving House

Are you relocating home with a toddler? It can be a challenging experience for young parents to take care of their babies while managing moving…

woman with her daughter inside of a new house
03 Feb, 2023 How To Plan For A Stress-Free Long-Distance Move?

Moving house is among the most stressful life events for renters and homeowners, yet Australia’s population is highly mobile. Over the years, more and more…

Happy woman sitting on the floor with some moving boxes