What To Do When Moving Triggers New Allergies?
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What To Do When Moving Triggers New Allergies?

Dec 03, 2019

Relocation is a complicated and challenging task, but it can get worse if you are caught off-guard by allergies. People often complain that they suffer from new allergies during the process. But what are the factors that trigger such allergies and how to get rid of them?

These are some vital questions related to your moving process, and you need to find their answers. If you hire professional removalists in Melbourne, things can become a lot easier. However, there are several other factors that you need to understand. Here are some reasons that cause allergies and the best ways to save yourself in such times. Let’s have a look!

Top Reasons Why Moving Triggers New Allergies

When you are moving, several factors can trigger new allergies. Some of the main reasons are as follows:

New Environment May Have New Allergens

One of the main reasons why moving triggers new allergies is that when you move to a new place, you get exposed to allergens that your body is not familiar with. It is also possible that the allergens in the air are higher than in your previous place. The weather conditions also play a crucial role in the production of local allergens. Thus you must do a little bit of research and choose the moving season appropriately.

Excess Stress can make You More Susceptible

It is no secret that the moving process is very stressful. And this stress affects your immune system in a negative way to such a point where the body cannot fight things that it usually does. Studies show that when the immune system gets affected by stress, you are most likely to expect an allergic reaction. Too much of stress forces your body to release some specific type of hormones and chemicals like histamine. This chemical in the body causes allergy symptoms, such as sneezing and congestion.

Previous Tenants can be Responsible for Your Allergies

When you are moving to a new house on rent, you have no idea about the previous tenants. If you are struggling with any allergies, it might be due to the presence of pet hair in the air, which the previous tenants possessed. It is also possible they have cleaned the entire property using commercial cleaners. These types of products usually have harmful chemicals that cause a lot of health problems, including skin and eye irritation, mild headache, sneezing etc.

So, before you enter a house, make sure that you hire professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne who offer eco-friendly cleaning to remove the pet hair. To focus on such tasks, you also need the assistance of professional removalists in Melbourne, Victoria. So, you can manage the rest of the things without any hassle.

Body’s Response System May Have Changed

In case you don’t know, the response system of the body can change with time. So, if you are not allergic to something specific, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have any allergy to that thing ever in your life. So, it is possible that when you move to a new place, you may become allergic to something.

Removing the Clutter can also Trigger New Allergies

People often clean-up the clutter before moving to a new house. This is important because it decreases your packing time, makes things easy for the removalists in Melbourne and reduces your overall transport cost. However, during this clean-up, people come across a lot of dust, germs and bacteria that lead to allergies.

Cleaning the house can be Responsible for New Allergies

Like the de-cluttering process, it is also essential for the tenants to clean the house properly so that they can get back the security deposit. And during the dusting process, they inhale a lot of dust, germs and bacteria that cause allergies. Moreover, people also use commercial products for deep cleaning. These products have harmful chemicals that spread toxic particles in the air and lead to various types of allergies.

Things Do To When Moving Triggers New Allergies

When moving triggers new allergies, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. Have a look:

Consult a Doctor: If the moving has triggered new allergies, visit the nearest hospital and consult a doctor. There are some top-class hospitals in Melbourne, including St Vincent’s Private Hospital-East Melbourne, Epworth Richmond, Box Hill Hospital and Epworth Healthcare. For kids, you can visit the Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville. Visit the hospital and discuss the symptoms with a doctor.

Opt For Green Cleaning: Whether you are cleaning your previous house or the new house, always choose a cleaning company that follows green cleaning. They do not use any chemical-based products and give the best possible results. Several such cleaning companies are available in the city. All you need is some time to research and choose the best one.

Hire Professional Removalists: If you are prone to allergies, you need to take care of yourself, and must take adequate rest and medicines at the right time. And for that, you need someone to pack, load and transport your belongings. So, hire reputed removalists in Melbourne to focus on your health.

Take Care of Your Diet: When the moving causes new allergies, you must focus on your diet. There are numerous foods that cause allergies that can make things more complicated for you. So, stay away from such foods and follow a healthy diet. Do not forget to drink enough water, which detoxifies your body and helps you to recover quickly.

Take Other Precautions: You also need to take some extra precautions like wearing a good quality mask whenever you feel there is a chance to come in contact with dust, germs, bacteria and chemicals. It will stop you from inhaling the harmful substances directly. Also, research on how to stay fit when you have allergies during the relocation process. You will find enough information on this topic.

Do Your Research about Melbourne

If you are moving to Melbourne and you are allergic to dust and pollen, a little research about the place is required. The city is already known as one of those places that trigger new allergies. In 2016, the capital city of Victoria made headlines for all the wrong reasons. That year, Melbournians witnessed one of the worst asthma thunderstorms in the country. People allergically reacted to burst grass pollen, which led to difficulty in breathing and proved fatal.

Experts believe that the wide-open spaces of the city and its changing weather patterns cause this kind of problem. The temperature and climate of this place are appropriate for the grass growth like ryegrass. And the growth of grass increases the production of pollen.

It might not be possible to change the genetic factors that influence different types of allergies. However, you can make some changes in your lifestyle. And these changes can modify the environmental factors that cause allergies.

Whether you are moving to Port Melbourne, Seaholme, St Kilda, Spotswood or Williamstown, you can experience allergies. So, do your research properly and take the right measures.


Moving process and allergies go hand in hand as you are not only dealing with your belongings but also a lot of germs and dust. So, you cannot completely rule out the chances of getting any allergies. However, you can significantly reduce the chances through research and adequate precaution. The information here will help you to understand the concept properly and accomplish the moving task efficiently.