How to pack the bathroom for a move
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How to pack the bathroom for a move

Sep 14, 2017

Bathroom, being the smallest room in your house, is the last place you consider and prepare for, while packing. You don’t realise that this is the room which has all the essentials and has to be managed well as it the last one to be packed and the first one to be unpacked in your new house. An experienced and reliable removalist in Melbourne will help you pack all your belongings including your bathroom.

But if you wish to pack yourself, here are some important things to remember when you pack your bathroom for a move:

If you have the habit of keeping medicines in the bathroom, it needs to be sorted well in advance. Fish out for any medicine bottles you find in the cupboard or the box. Check them for the date of expiry and chuck out ones which are either expired or don’t have any date at all.

Also, check for the ones whose labels are not visibly clear, have a difference in colour or smell and appearance, have changed consistency or the ones which are not regular medicines and their treatment is over for now.

To properly dispose of these drugs, talk to your local chemist as they cannot be flushed down the drain; They can be harmful to the environment as they may contain some antibiotics or other hard medicines.

Once you have selected the medicines you wish to carry along, sort out the ones which are heat sensitive. Keep these in your box of essentials and store the others in a box with medicines marked on it. This is one of the tasks people forget when moving and have to face problems later.

In the same way, sort out the toiletries also. Anything you don’t need anymore should be disposed of immediately. You can throw them in the garbage if they cannot be used anymore but if there are some items which are in good condition but you don’t want to carry them along, it is best to donate them. These may include creams, shampoos, soaps etc.

All the other items should be checked for any leakage or breakage. Tighten the lids of the ones which are open and need to be moved and secure them in zip lock bags.

For packing bathroom essentials, use small boxes and zipped bags. Toiletries can be first packed in zipped bags and then into the box.

Breakable items should be packed well-using bubble wrap and packing paper and then secure them with a tape. Prepare the container by laying some shredded paper at the bottom and then lay the packed items inside. Put some paper on the top as well to avoid any shaking and then secure it with a tape. You can also use small towels and linen instead of bubble wrap to pack these items.

Use small size boxes for packing bathroom items and label them appropriately. For safety purposes, you can put all those little boxes in one big box and label it as Bathroom Essentials.

You can also hire professional movers like Better Removalist Melbourne for packing and move your stuff. By taking their help, you can be free of all your packing and move worries.

Hope these tips were helpful to you. Have a happy day.