Safe and Quality Packing is Our Forte

  • Strong packing boxes for zero damage
  • Specialised packing for breakable items
  • Expertise in maintaining the safety of belongings
  • Offering world-class packing supplies
  • Durable and high strength packing for fragile products
  • We provide 100% Service Guarantee
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Take a one step ahead and secure your entire removal process

Relocating a house is not only about lifting heavy furniture. You should be very active when it comes to packing precious belongings. Preparing a list of moving items, arranging appropriate packing materials, and executing efficient packing technique – everything needs to be done carefully. You can’t take the risk of any damage in the middle of your local or interstate move. To ensure a safe, efficient and reliable removal, make sure you hire highly-specialised removalists company in Melbourne like us. Better Removalists Melbourne understands the need for quality packing and thus offering you tailor-made wrapping solutions at the most flexible rates. From packing delicate items to padding heavy furniture, supplying quality packing materials to providing unpacking solutions, we offer a complete range of packing services to ensure your valuable treasures are in safe hands. We take the stress out of your relocation and reduce the chances of any damage during the lifting, loading, and moving process. We make sure everything inside the moving box remains safe until we deliver them to your new house or office. Let Better Removalists Melbourne pack your precious items for a seamless move.

We hold a strong track record of serving diverse potential customers with their individual needs. We would love to assist you throughout your move.
If you are after our secure packing service, hire our highly-talented and dedicated packing experts who have years of experience wrapping different sizes and types of items with utmost care.
From custom moving boxes to packing papers, packing tape to permanent markers, bubble wrap to shrink wrap, we provide a range of packing materials at the most reasonable price.
Our Products Range:

We have something for everyone!

Heavy-duty plastics
For mirrors, antiques, and other delicate contents
Packing papers
To provide an extra layer of protection to the fragile items
Moving boxes and cartons
We offer tailor-made moving boxes and cartons depending on the size and weight of your moving goods
Furniture Protectors
To make sure all your furnishing items reach safely to the new location without any damage
Book a minimum of 2 Men for 4 Hours

For a professional packing

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Quality Furniture Packing Services

Packing of heavy furniture is something that needs the right set of packaging tools, precise technique and professional assistance. You can’t take a chance of packing your furniture items on your own because you are not professional. For safe and secure relocation, you have to hire packing experts like us. As a leading moving company in Melbourne, we believe that meeting the specific needs of customers is one of the most imperative aspects. And that’s the reason why we take care of all your belongings during a packing process. We leave no stone unturned to give you high-quality service within your estimated budget. Call us and avail our packing service in Melbourne, Victoria at the best price.

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A Complete Packing Solution for You!

Our packing experts can disassemble and reassemble the furniture using best techniques. They leverage the top-quality packing materials, such as padding and insulated pellets, packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, cardboard sheeting, furniture and mattress protector and a lot more to protect your furniture items from any scratch or damage. We are Offering a variety of packing and unpacking solutions:

  • Top-notch furniture packing services
  • Wrapping of fragile and delicate contents
  • Supplying a range of packing materials
  • A Complete customer satisfaction
  • 100 % Service Guarantee

Let Better Removalists Melbourne assist you in packing stage and simplify your entire moving process. Call us now to know more about our packing systems.


Customised packing solutions help to get your things moved according to your preference and needs. Our durable and lasting packing boxes help to move your belongings without any damage. In addition, our packing supplies are eco-friendly and do not lead to the creation of any harmful garbage. They know how the breakable items need to be held, wrapped, and stacked inside a box. They make sure that the box does not have any empty spaces that can lead to damage. They tape it up and label it correctly so that there is no confusion at the destination.


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    From desktops to furniture, we move everything.

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Leave the Fragile Packing to Our Experts!

Better Removalists Melbourne has been serving a wide customer base over the years by helping them move their household and office belongings with ease. Our high-quality packing services for local and interstate removals ensure that all your stuff, including the fragile items, reach the destination safely and securely. Individual wrapping of delicate items and electronic appliances not only protects them from being damaged but also gives you peace of mind.We are trained in handling and transporting delicate items such as glasses, bottles, TV, computer screens, mirrors, vases, paintings, etc. We wrap up everything meticulously and with extra cushioning to avoid any breakage or risk of damage during the move. Our team is committed to transporting your possessions in the same condition to their destination.

Buy Quality Packing Materials from Us

Are you packing your precious belongings on your own? Are they safe? Do you have the best quality of resources? If no, then look no further than Better Removalists Melbourne. We offer budget-friendly and top-quality materials and custom boxes to make the packing and moving journey a stress-free one. You can trust us whenever it comes to buying effective and efficient packing supplies. We have everything for everyone related to top-quality packing. You can contact us to know more about our range of packing supplies.

Let Us Pack Your Treasured Items

We are one of the trusted moving companies in Melbourne, offering packing services to help you relocate all types of household and commercial items with ease. Our in-house packing experts can go beyond your expectations and provide you a complete customer satisfaction results with the quality packing of fragile items. We even use a variety of packing materials such as packing papers, bubble wraps, heavy-duty plastics, cushioning, custom moving boxes and a lot more to ensure such items reach safely to the new location. So, what are you waiting for? Leave this delicate task to us!

Call Us Now To Enjoy Professional Packing Experience
Let Us Solve Your Queries!

Let’s have a look at some of the FAQs with their appropriate answers related to packing service:

We are leading removalists in Melbourne and thus take pride in offering 100 % safe and reliable packing service. We take care of your expensive belongings and pack them carefully. Even, our experts wrap them in a custom moving box, along with extra cushioning.
Though we are flexible with the booking dates, make sure you hire at least two days before your move. That will give us a time to arrange all the tools as per your requirements.
  • Custom moving boxes,
  • Bubble wraps,
  • Packing tapes,
  • Packing papers,
  • Trash bags,
  • Mattress and furniture protector,
  • Permanent Markers
  • Shrink wraps
  • Foam wraps, etc.
  • TV carton
  • Standard carton
  • Wine carton
  • Mini Robe carton, etc
Our packers usually take 3-4 hours for entire packing of your belongings.
Yes, it is imperative to use high-quality of boxes if you want to ensure the safety of your precious possessions.

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