Planning To Move? Best Melbourne Suburbs To Live

Planning To Move? Best Melbourne Suburbs To Live

Jan 28, 2021

Moving to any new city can be quite stressful, especially when you are doing it without any planning and research. Apart from arranging quality packing supplies and hiring trained removalists, you need to narrow down your options when it comes to choosing a location for your new home.

If you are planning to move to a cosmopolitan city in Australia, look no further than Melbourne. The capital city of Victoria boasts of everything- from high-end amenities to beautiful beaches, luxurious housing apartments to unlimited career opportunities, and much more. The city drives vibrancy and positivity from its mesmerising coastline and leafy suburbs. It is an ideal place to live with your family.

Apart from the city’s CBD, you can move to Melbourne’s green, well-established, family-friendly and buzzing suburbs. From affordable homes to luxurious residential options, you will get everything in different areas depending on your specific needs.

Before planning your move, make sure you research everything about the city. Also, hire highly-trained removalists in Melbourne in advance for the safety of your much-loved possessions. This will give you more time to discover more about the most prominent areas to live in.

Here is a complete list of suburbs in and around Melbourne, Victoria.

1. South Yarra

This beautiful riverside suburb is situated 4km south-east of the Central Business District. South Yarra is one of the most liveable suburbs in Melbourne – thanks to thriving shopping centres, restaurants, cafes and various entertainment hubs. The suburb is home to busy Chapel Street, Christ Church Grammar School, Fawkner Park, Cremorne Railway Bridge, retail stores, stylish boutiques, popular food and drink options, and much more. All of these can be easily accessed through a public transport system.

If you are looking for a plush suburb in Melbourne, then choose South Yarra. The median price of a 3 bedroom house is $1,885,000 and the average rent per week is $898. The best part about this suburb is that you will get various housing options, such as history-laden mansions, Art Deco riverside apartments, spacious homes, well-preserved terraces and other new residential developments. It is a perfect suburb for families, singles, young couples and retired people.

2. Carlton

Do you love the comfort of the inner city? You can move to Melbourne’s beautiful suburb, which is popularly known for its coffee culture and stubbing restaurants. Carlton beautifully preserved the European heritage and cultural atmosphere. The suburb is best known for its popular places, such as The Readings Bookstore, Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum, Cinema Nova and other heritage buildings.

It merges the traditional atmosphere with modern lifestyle, and that’s why people across the country are heading towards this well-grown suburb. When it comes to housing options, you can easily find historic homes, spacious cottages, double-storey Victorian terraces and new-age apartments- all are located close to the local amenities and public transportation facilities.

If you are moving to Carlton, make sure you do a bit research about the residential real estate market. The median price of 2 bedroom unit is $505,000 while the average rent is $450 per week- which is quite affordable.

3. Richmond

Being one of the ideal suburbs to live in Melbourne, Richmond boasts of city’s best schools, healthcare centres, housing options, busy local streets, and various entertainment centres. This stylish suburb is best for those who are looking for a convenient, cultural urban and vibrant lifestyle.

Richmond is surrounded by the lush green parks, tree-laden areas and open environment spaces, including Richmond Oval and Burnley Park. The suburb is well-connected with public transport, such as trams, buses and other modes of transportation so that you can move around the suburb easily.

You will get plenty of housing options, including modern styled apartments, iconic neon, renovated terraces, big homes with a garden, and much more. The average price of a 3-bedroom house is $1,470,000, and rental price is $730 per week. Being an expensive suburb, you can do a bit of research before making any long-term investment.

4. St. Kilda

St. Kilda embraces sunny, vibrant and eclectic atmosphere, which makes it an ideal place to live. The suburb is close to the golden beaches, thriving local markets, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, retail stores and high-end shopping complexes. It is home to Luna Park, the Palais Theatre, Art-Dco styled Astor Theatre and much more.

The key attraction of St. Kilda is beautifully designed beachside deco apartments, cosy terrace houses and cultural mansions. You can define your lifestyle by moving to this marvellous suburb.

If your budget is allowing you to buy a house in this suburb, then you should live here with your family. The median price of a 3 bedroom house is $ 1,285,000, and the median rent is $750 per week.

5. Southbank

Luxury living, riverside homes and modern-age apartments made Southbank a perfect suburb to live and raise a family. It is a densely populated suburb which boats of best schools, medical facilities, entertainment hubs, restaurants, cafes, clubs, etc. The suburb has the biggest entertainment precincts in Melbourne, with tonnes of shopping and dining scenes.

You can move to a high-rise apartment that shimmers in the sunset, heritage mansions and beautifully-designed cottages. It is a family-friendly suburb where you can find expansive parks, lush-green roads, safe and secure neighbourhood, affordable public transport and much more.

If you are planning to move to an affordable suburb, then you should choose Southbank. The median price of 3 bedroom unit is $917,500, and rent is $795 per week.

Make sure you hire professionally trained people for smooth removals in Melbourne if you want to keep your belongings protected throughout the process.

6. Brunswick

It is one of the oldest suburbs in Melbourne and ideal for families with kids, young couples, students and retired couples. The suburb has couples of secondary and tertiary schools. You can also explore the busy local markets, live music scenes, culinary delights, shopping precincts, and much more.

Finding a home in Brunswick is quite easy as you can find all types and ranges of housing options- from spacious Victorian homes to modern-age apartments, etc.

If you are a nature lover and want to discover various recreational areas, then this is an ideal place for you to move. The average price of 2-bedroom house is $977,500, and rent is $530 per week. So, what are you waiting for! You can relocate to this part of Melbourne and live a quality life.

7. South Melbourne

South Melbourne is known for its heritage buildings, old-age streetscapes, and beautiful cottages. It has a population of just 11,000 people and is a peaceful suburb. You can witness best schools, fine dining scenes, art galleries, retail shops, shopping malls and other entertainment hubs. The suburb also provides smooth and convenient tram access and other public transport systems.

It is quite an expensive suburb, and the median price of 3-bedroom house is $1,588,000 and rent is $800 per week. If you want to live a relaxed yet quality lifestyle, South Melbourne is an ideal place for you.


Melbourne is one of the most developed cities in Australia. The surrounding suburbs are also offering thriving residential real estate market, high-end buildings, new developments, best infrastructure facilities and much more. You can move to any of these suburbs with the assistance of the best Melbourne removalists.