Pros And Cons Of Relocating Interstate With Kids
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Pros And Cons Of Relocating Interstate With Kids

Feb 20, 2018

Relocating is one such wearing task, and it becomes precarious when you have kids. Many families face the odds of moving, sooner or later. Troublesome as moving can be for parents; the experience can be even more disturbing for kids. People tend to forget about kids when moving but they barely know that kids need individual time and attention during the shift. It’s natural for you and your kids to develop a strong attachment to the current place and hence can be distressing for them to think about parting with their current home altogether and move to a new location.

Whether you are moving to a new neighbourhood or moving to a new state, relocating is peculiar for the children. It is best to shun the stress by taking the assistance of professionals’ like Sydney to Melbourne Removalists. They will help in your interstate relocation so that you have sufficient time to manage your kids.
Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of an interstate move if you relocate with kids:

Pros of Relocating Interstate with Kids

Better Education

Everyone wants to provide the best education to their children. Moving to a new city can give better opportunities to kids as they can get better schooling. The level of education in Melbourne is very high; it will guarantee your kids a better education as it has one of the top-rated education systems in the world.

In a city like Melbourne, there are plenty of international schools to choose from, which will help your children to assimilate quickly and start making friends. To find the best school for your child, start researching for schools as soon as possible and make contacts with them, so it becomes easy for you to find the most appropriate school for your kid in the new state.

Better Surroundings

Moving to a new city always brings up new opportunities. Your kids will get new surroundings and neighbourhood, and the new city will have many attractions to welcome and cater to children. The city will bring numerous exciting places like new shopping centres, restaurants, museums, concert halls, sports clubs and parks etc. A place like Melbourne provides a variety of activities and communities to keep children interested in water parks, play parks, sports clubs etc.

Better Facilities

Moving is mostly career-related. A new state means a lot of new career opportunities. A better job will give a better income and hence will elevate the standard of living. It will help in providing more and better facilities to your children. They will be pleased to get a better lifestyle in the new state.

If you have planned to move to Melbourne so that you can live with your family members, this move will prove beneficial for your kids. They will get the love and attention from the extended family and thus will have a better childhood.

Cons of Relocating Interstate with Kids

Separation from Family and Friends

This can be the hardest hit for your children. Your kids have made themselves comfortably settle in their current place. They have their hangout places to play or have fun. The thought of leaving their friends can make them nervous and stressed out. This can have a severe psychological effect on the kids of all age groups.

To deal with this situation, you can have your older kids to take the phone numbers and email addresses of their friends with whom they want to stay in touch after the relocation. You can also tell your kids that they will have pen pals. This can excite them. You can tell them that relocating will give you so many pen pals that your mailbox or inbox will always be full; you will get messages all the time.

Cost of Living

One of the biggest disadvantages of moving interstate is cost. Moving is no doubt expensive, and when it is all the way to a new state the whole process becomes more costly. This factor needs to be considered before moving.
The highest costs for families relocating are accommodation and education. The fees of the new international school may take a big part of your income. Changing schools and other services can be expensive.

Social complexity

Your child’s social life will suddenly change. Whatever ages your kids might be off, peer relations are important for academic success and confidence of students. Whenever a child changes school, he has to leave a comfortable environment and several strong relationships.

At the new school, they may feel isolated and left out as the new surrounding can be uncomfortable for them. Some students may get settled in some time, but a lot of children take a lot of time. It mentally affects them a lot and puts pressure on parents to help the child adjust to the new surroundings and engage in social activities.

Class interruption

The change of school doesn’t affect the child only but also his class and the school. Any students shifting schools puts extra work on teachers. The process of admitting new students takes a lot of time and It imbalances the routine of the whole class. Teachers have to adjust the routine to assimilate new kids in their classrooms. While it gets challenging for the new student to adjust to the new school, similarly it gets difficult for the other students also to adapt to the presence of a new personality amidst them.

Health concerns

One of the main concerns for families relocating to a new state is the weather. You don’t know how the weather is going to affect your kids in the new environment. However, changing climate tends to affect the kids mostly, and you can expect them to become sick more frequently with cold, cough, allergies, rashes or general illness. Hence it becomes imperative that before making a move you check the weather of the new state and make necessary arrangements.

Dehydration and sunburn are seen in children with a change of atmosphere. Hence, be prepared with the necessary medicines. Get immunisations up to date before relocating. Seek out a doctor before you need one so that in case of emergency you can rely on that doctor. Also, seek out nearest emergency room for your children.

If your child has a medical history, ask your current doctors to recommend some good alternatives in the new state. You can also ask him to write down a summary which will help your new doctor while prescribing treatment for a new illness or an old one. You can look for a house with access to a pool; this will help cool active children down.


Moving out with children can be tricky. If you don’t take proper care, you may lose your mind with kids. All you need to do is understand your kid’s needs and keep them accounted. If you involve them in planning everything, you can eradicate some of their anxieties and issues.

Taking help of an experienced and reliable removalist like Better Removalists Melbourne will help avoid unnecessary torment. They are professionals, and they will not let you feel stressful. They have an ample amount of experience in moving families, and they know exactly how to deal with a family having kids when relocating to a new state. They will make your interstate move hassle-free.