Realistic Moving Checklist & Guide To Organise Your Move

Realistic Moving Checklist & Guide To Organise Your Move

Dec 16, 2021 The stress and pressure of moving house are difficult to overcome for most people, as there is a lot to do within a stipulated time. Relocation is challenging whether you have done it before or doing it for the first time. One of the best ways to reduce moving stress and streamline your tasks is to create a checklist outlining everything you need to do according to importance and urgency. Making a moving checklist is as crucial as hiring professional removalists in Melbourne to pack and move your belongings. Thus, here is a realistic moving checklist and guide to help organise your move, have a look.

Decide The Moving Date

Finalising the moving date is important to decide other plans and set a timeline for your move. It will help you determine when to start packing, decluttering, change your address, rent a new place, sell your house, etc. It is easier for people with a fixed lease agreement to determine the moving date when their tenancy ends. However, when selling a residential property in Melbourne, it can take time, and your moving date becomes uncertain. Thus, get the exact date for moving before you take care of anything else related to relocation.

Set Your Budget

During a move, you have to manage the ongoing household expenses of getting groceries, paying utility bills, and many others, along with the following one-off expenses. • Rental bond payment • Utility set up fee at new residence • Advance rent of up to four weeks • Parking permit (if required) • moving truck rent or payment for removal service in Melbourne • Cleaning service charges • Packing supplies shopping Therefore, you must list every expected expense to avoid depletion of your savings and manage the process smoothly.

Sort Your Property Contents

Having unwanted, broken and unused items in your home is common, but you should remove everything unnecessary when moving. Sort your belongings, especially when living in a house for over a year or more, into four categories – keep, pack, discard and donate. This step will help reduce the packing and moving load for you or the removalists in Melbourne you hire. Before discarding things, check their condition to determine whether you can sell them via a garage sale or donate them to a local charity affiliated with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission.

Create an Inventory of Things To Pack & Move

Professional removalists in Melbourne always create an inventory of property contents before packing and loading them in the moving truck. This step is crucial to estimate the moving load and prevent loss or misplacement of property contents during handling or transit. If you are packing yourself, create an inventory of things you are taking to the need home and need to pack. Use an online template or an application on your mobile to input item names, categories, location in the house, and other details.

Get Packing Supplies & Start Boxing Belongings

Once the moving date is set and you have created an inventory, you should get the right packing supplies. You don’t need to do this task when availing of packing service from a reputed removal company in Melbourne. However, for DIY packing, you need the following things. • Cardboard boxes of small, medium and large sizes. Also, get two three XL boxes, 1-2 wardrobe box or other special boxes as per requirement. • Packing tape, plastic wraps and moving blankets • Foam wrap, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. • To keep small items safe or take things in your vehicle, you will need security envelopes, carry bags, zip-lock bags, pouches, etc. • Stickers, labels, labelling tape, etc. While packing, don’t forget to make an essential bag for the moving day. It should have medication, toiletries, snacks, water bottle, clothes, towels, mobile charger, and other important things you need to keep on hand when moving.

Prepare Your New House For Moving In

Besides taking care of tasks to move out of your current residence, you need to focus on various things to make your new home ready for your arrival. Here is a list of tasks you should do. • Ensure the property is clean. Ask the landlord or previous owner of the property whether professionals cleaned it. If not, then sanitise it yourself or hire house cleaning services in Melbourne. • Set up important utilities like electricity, water, gas, and internet. Make sure they are available on the day you move to get comfortable easily. • Get necessary parking permits for the day you or your hired removalists will arrive on the property to unload belongings. • Get the keys to access the property immediately and start unpacking boxes with contents from the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom first.

The Bottom Line

You can experience stress and anxiety when moving house because everything is a mess and chaotic. Therefore, in addition to hiring removalists in Melbourne, you should use the realists moving checklist and guide shared above to organise your move.