Relocating For Work? Here’s Your Moving Checklist

Relocating For Work? Here’s Your Moving Checklist

Jan 27, 2023

Have you landed an exciting job opportunity in Melbourne, Australia and need to relocate there? Then you are lucky as Melbourne is a multicultural city with some of the best educational, healthcare and housing facilities. It is considered one of the world’s most liveable cities as it has many job opportunities, with average salaries starting at $44.23 per hour!

But if this is your first time moving here, it is better to create a checklist of all your tasks so that you can move in a stress-free manner.

You will also have to decide whether to hire removalists Melbourne or move on your own. So, you should start planning and executing your move to Melbourne using the checklist below:

Before Moving 

1. Discuss Relocation Packages

The first thing you should do when relocating for a job to Melbourne is to talk to the human resource department of your company and ask them about relocation benefits.

Some companies cover most or part of the cost of relocation by tying up with removalists in Melbourne, real estate agents and housing facilities. Thus, you must speak to your company and see if you can avail of these benefits.

You can also lower your moving expenses by looking at these tips to reduce your load and cost of moving.

2. Visit Your New Area

Your next step should be to visit your new neighbourhood and see what kind of housing facilities are there. You can speak to a real estate agent, look at the different apartments to buy or rent, and try to pick one close to your new office.

It is a good idea to keep a few options depending on your preferences and choose the most accessible, budget-friendly and safe area. If you are moving with a family, you must also look at areas that have good schools and educational facilities.

3. Look At The Cost Of Living

You must also calculate the cost of living in your new city along with the housing facilities. The average cost of living in Melbourne for a single person is 1,094.5$ without rent and 5,627.4$ without rent for a family of four. Therefore, you must see whether you can afford to live in your new locality before accepting any job offer.

44% of most companies will allow you two weeks to accept or decline an offer, so take your time and check your expenses before signing any agreement. It is also a good idea to set a moving budget so that you can keep track of your relocation expenses when moving homes.

4. Build A Connect With Local Employees

Next, you must establish a local bond with the colleagues in your new office. They can even help you find good housing options, advise you about budget-friendly utility services, and recommend good removalists in Melbourne to help you in this process.

While Moving 

Once you have visited your new job location and approved of the area and cost of living, you can start your moving process in the following ways:

5. Choose A Removalist Service

Now that you are ready to move to Melbourne for your new job, you must pick a trustworthy and licensed removalist in Melbourne. Ask your local colleagues for recommendations or go online and read third-party reviews to find the best options.

Ensure you get at least three to four quotes from a representative and get a written estimate. You must also remember not to sign any blank contract or pay your movers a deposit before the move.

6. Declutter Your Space

Now, you must start organising your old home so that you can pack and move quickly. But first, you need to go through every room and sort and declutter your belongings. Start with one room and place all the items you do not need or will not use in one box.

You can then decide whether to sell, throw or donate these items to a charity in Melbourne. If you donate these items, you can claim a tax deduction in Australia, so keep this option in mind.

7. Pack Smartly And Strategically

Removalists Melbourne recommends that you start packing as soon as you have found a home in your new location. Start packing one room and pack all the non-essentials first and the essentials last.

You must remember to label all your boxes with the room’s name and the items in the box. If you have many fragile items, double-wrap them with newspaper and blankets and pack them in smaller boxes for transit.

If you are finding it hard to pack some of the fragile items in your kitchen, you call follow these packing tips for your kitchen.

8. Keep A Bag Of Essentials

You must also pack a small bag of essentials like toiletries, clothing, medication, important documents, chargers, power banks, pet food, baby food, snacks and water. Also, keep any delicate items like jewellery and antique items in a box when you are moving homes in Melbourne.

9. Transfer All Your Utilities

Since you are moving to a new location, you must make sure you have set up all the utilities like gas, electricity and water. These should be up and running before you move in so that you can avail of them as you shift. Make sure to check any discounted services for newcomers and pick reliable options.

Once you have packed all your belongings, your removalists in Melbourne will load them onto the truck and move them to a new home. If it is an international move, make sure you book the flight tickets in advance and keep a storage unit ready to keep your belongings while you get everything ready. Once you move to your new home, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

After Moving 

  • Enjoy your new city for the first few days, as you already have your bag of essentials.
  • Make sure you change your address so that you get your mail in time.
  • Calculate your commute time to your new office, so you know when to leave on your starting day.
  • Unpack at your own pace and do one room at a time.
  • Lastly, check for the area’s state-specific tax laws, so you know how much income tax you will be paying.


With the above checklist, you can easily find a good home, pack all your possessions and move to your new home in Melbourne. Once settled in, you can start preparing for your exciting job opportunity and start your new career path!