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Leafy and laidback, Abbotsford 3067 is positioned on the periphery of the city and is only two kilometres away from the CBD. Boasting of a mixed culture, the suburb had a population of 8,184 in 2016. The region is surrounded by other popular suburbs including Clifton Hill and Collingwood. The Yarra River flows between Abbotsford and Kew and makes the region a part of the City of Yarra. It is one of the major activity centres that are a part of the Metropolitan Strategy Melbourne 2030. Offering an easy-going and relaxed lifestyle, Abbotsford 3067 extends all the creature comforts needed by the young as well as the old. The greenery of the area is hard to miss and delights every onlooker. If you are moving to the suburb, you can rely on Better Removalists Melbourne, a one-stop-shop for local removals. We are the best in the industry and have reasonable prices.

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Abbotsford 3067 is both industrial and residential, with small single and double story houses lining its streets. The artsy suburb has a space dedicated to the creative souls known as the Abbotsford Convent. It is largest art precinct in the country and is also listed in the National Heritage List. It houses a community of artists, cafes, galleries, green areas, and a school. The Convent hosts annual markets and festivals and holds several workshops and exhibitions for the art afficionados. Also, the lush green Studley Park is the right place for nature lovers to enjoy the abundance of the verdant space.


The suburb had a massive industrial area in the old times which has been redeveloped in the recent years. However, many industries are still present in the region along with the housing. The most famous one is the Carlton and United Breweries, which is well-known for Victoria Bitter and Foster's Lager. It is also visited by travellers and locals for a tour of the brewery. A few other breweries located in the region are the Bodriggy Brewing Co and the Moon Dog Craft Brewery. The rest of the area has undergone urban renewal and is now home to young working population and some ageing couples.


Abbotsford is dotted with small Victorian terrace homes which are safeguarded by the Heritage overlay provisions. A few double-storey period homes are lined along the railway line on Victoria Street. With new developments coming up close to the Yarra River and at the Dentin Mills Hat Factory, the housing sector is looking up in the region. The median property price for a for 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in the suburb stands at $1,290,000 and the rent stands at $713 pw. Units are more affordable with the median property price for a 3-bedroom unit standing at $1,140,000 and the rent for the same unit stands at $710 pw.

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The Victoria Park which has been utilised by the football club for the longest time remains a landmark in the suburb followed by Collingwood Children’s Farm for kids. The farm offers a peek into country life with the presence of livestock, fruit orchards and vegetable gardens. Visitors can engage with the animals and get involved in activities like cow milking at the farm. Another iconic symbol in the suburb is the sign of the Skipping Girl on the Victoria Street which was the first animated sign in the vicinity. The Collingwood Town Hall precinct is the space with maximum public buildings that present a striking picture.


The suburb has been inhabited by an ethnically diverse population since the World War II and the cultural mix has been retained. It includes people of Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese, African, Arab and Greek origin populating Abbotsford 3067. With the presence of a large Vietnamese population in the vicinity, the Victoria Street has been nicknamed as Little Saigon. Visitors and locals flock to the street to enjoy delicious Vietnamese meals. Other attractions include the Dights Falls and golf course inside the Studley Park that blends with the Yarra Bend Park to make an expansive open green space. It contains small pockets of natural forest.


We have been satisfying tenants across the city and its surrounding areas with our all-inclusive service. Our trained and experienced workers render a meticulous and thorough removal in Melbourne that allows you to have a peaceful relocation. Whether you are moving to a new house or business premises, we make the process painless and easy with our expert service. We start from creating an inventory list and packing everything in a customised manner. Our work ends only after all the belongings are taken out of the boxes and arranged in the new space. We also provide transit insurance to take away all your tensions.

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We are one of the most reputed removals company in Melbourne that offers quality transfers. Our professionals keep your treasures safe and protected throughout the move as they have been trained to handle them with care and precision. They use the best packing supplies that cover the delicate items and insulation that holds them in place inside the boxes. The glassware and China are wrapped in packing paper and placed inside sturdy boxes with compartments that make sure that they do not move. We place our hands at the bottom of the boxes to avoid the stuff from falling through and tape them securely to minimise risk of breakage or loss. The colour coded labelling on the boxes helps us to place the packages in the right rooms and make sure the fragile items do not get cramped under heavy ones. Our removalists unpack and assemble the furniture and arrange other items as directed by the clients. It is our endeavour to make the move uncomplicated and seamless.

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Our removalists in Melbourne understand the emotional value attached to your possessions and take care of them accordingly. They are cautious and vigilant throughout the move and ensure complete protection of your belongings. We have our supplies ready for packing and do not require any help or material from the clients. Our professionals are diligent and attentive and take care of your needs while completing the tasks.

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