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Better Removalists Melbourne has become a well-recognised packing and moving service provider in Essendon. We offer a wide range of removal services that are affordable and customised to suit your moving plan.

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Protected Removals in Essendon

Packing up all the stuff in the house is not easy. You have to find the items that need to be discarded, others that can be donated, a few that need to be put in storage and the rest that needs to be packed. It is time-consuming and harrowing when you have to pick and place every item into boxes. Also, after taking all the pains, you can’t be sure about the safety of the belongings because you don’t know how to pack boxes professionally. Thus, most people moving to Essendon hire Better Removalists Melbourne to get their things transported safely. We give priority to the protection of the boxes and other furniture from the moment we pack them until the time we unpack and arrange them. Our skilled professionals have the expertise of packing the boxes efficiently and expertly to provide zero-damage removal. We also provide secure storage in Essendon to both businesses and families.

Removals in Melbourne Planned for Your Unique Needs!

We know about all the different move types and devise tailored removals in Essendon according to specific requirements and concerns.

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Small and Large Removals

Better Removalists Melbourne is accomplished in offering a variety of removal services in Essendon. We cover everything from local and interstate moving to commercial and house relocations. Our storage and packing services can be booked independently if the customers need them. The best way to move to the suburbs with family or business assets is to book our full-service removal. It starts with packing the belongings and ends with organising the stuff in the new house. Our Removalists Melbourne team brings the supplies and tools and is fully insured and vetted. They are trained in packing different objects securely and transporting them without damage. Whether you have a few things to move or a truckload of stuff, we can do the removal hassle-free. The size of the belongings or the list of inventories does not bother us.

Removal Packing at Its Best

Better Removalists Melbourne assures the high performance of all its employees, including the support team and removalists. The removalists are just trained in the perfect handling and manoeuvring of the objects but also in packing them. They ensure that the boxes are not overloaded beyond the prescribed limit. They hold them from the bottom and seal them appropriately. They use packing paper and bubble wrap to cover the breakable items and cushion the boxes containing fragile items with moving blankets. The most significant advantage is that you can easily complete all your other moving tasks while the professionals do all the hard work of lifting, packing and loading.


Moving Appliances Carefully

Worrying about the safe keeping of the appliances is a common problem when moving. Thus, hiring professionals becomes necessary to ensure they reach scratch-free to their destination. We take specific precautions for each device, including mixers, ovens, fridges, washing machines, toasters, etc. We disassemble the removable parts and cover them in wrapping paper to be placed in an appropriately sized box for the appliance along with the rest of the machine. They are covered with packing peanuts or old newspapers to fill the gaps. The box is then sealed with industry-grade tape and labelled as fragile to be handled with extra care and caution.

Moving to Essendon becomes a piece of cake when you hire our expert removalists in Melbourne who know the job!
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Perks of Living in Essendon

The significantly populated region of Essendon is only 8 km from the Melbourne CBD, which makes it a strategically positioned suburb. Many working professionals prefer to live here because the house prices are lower than in Melbourne city. It is easily accessible and well-connected and has excellent public transport, including tram, train, and bus services. Families are also interested in moving to this part of Victoria because of several private and state schools. Essendon also has its Football Club, and the team has been highly successful in the VFL/AFL tournaments. Essendon also has its airport and stunning houses flanked by lush greenery, making it worth the move.

We Move Everything Cautiously

Better Removalists Melbourne knows that every household and commercial property has unique items that need to be moved during the removal. Thus, our professionals have been trained to move all varieties, such as piano, antiques, gym equipment, books, musical instruments, kitchen appliances, TV, fridge, upholstered furniture, etc. So, whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a three-bedroom house, we can complete the removal successfully. We pack quickly and offer value-for-money services that make you plan and budget your move without complications. We have even helped elderly couples relocate to Essendon and move their stuff safely without making them feel pressured or anxious at any point.


Detailed and Thorough Removals

Our fully insured team of removalists in Melbourne treats every small and large move with caution. They use technologically advanced tools to create checklists with your instructions and utilise the highest industry standards to give you an all-inclusive service. They pack the boxes with your belongings and load and transport them with 100% quality service guarantee. Our standard transit insurance and vigilant team give you pure comfort and stress. Our storage facility keeps your treasures safeguarded from external threats and in a controlled environment to preserve them the way they were handed over to us. We also clean up the boxes and packing waste after we have unpacked your belongings.

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Customised Removal Process for You

Customisation is the need of every customer. It becomes more pronounced when they move because strangers handle their prized belongings. They need the surety that they are packed and moved with love and care. Thus, Better Removalists Melbourne offers bespoke packages that can be completely customised from start to end. For example, some customers want our valet service, which includes arranging the contents of boxes at their new place. We do everything that falls into the removal process and charge you only for the services you need instead of creating a package on our own and forcing the cost on you. We keep your needs at the forefront throughout the move and help you make important decisions to get things done your way. The tailored solution fits into your moving budget because you make it yourself. Also, customers are the best judges when advising us about the packing plan. We include our packing expertise and high-end supplies in their plan, making it infallible. You can book the service for the exact date you want and get the final quote upfront.

Admired Removalists in Melbourne

We are one of the most revered removal companies in Melbourne that has been operating in the removal industry for years. Our professionally trained experts give you the move of your dreams that is free from damage and stress. You can depend on us to move your things to Essendon affordably.

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