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Colonial homes, Victorian terraces and a majestic lifestyle are the first things you notice about Hawthorn 3122. Only 6 km away from the Melbourne CBD, it is the perfect settlement option for working professionals. The densely populated region was inhabited by 23,511 people in 2016 and continues to thrive because of its proximity to the city. A part of the city of Boroondara, the suburb is the most affluent region surrounding the metropolis. Residential properties are priced at premium rates in the prosperous streets of Hawthorn Grove and Yarra Park's Coppin Grove. Better Removalists Melbourne caters to the demands of the affluent class with a skilled packing and removal service. Our professionals cautiously handle your precious belongings and valuable items while packing, loading, and unloading. With our service, you do not have to worry about the safe transit of your stuff.


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Besides the wealthy residential population, the vibrant suburb has a lot to offer to people who live here. The famous Glenferrie Road is home to the best restaurants and cafes in the whole of Melbourne. It also houses a variety of designer boutiques and homeware shops. Hawthorn 3122 is always brimming with students as it boasts of several educational institutions, including the Swinburne University of Technology and various private schools. The suburb offers easy access to several schools located in Hawthorn east, such as Bialik College, De La Salle College and Alia College. Naturally, young families love to settle in this suburb.


While the suburb is primarily a residential area, it does have its set of industries concentrated on the Burwood Road. Hawthorn 3122 has a host of shopping precincts with Glenferrie Road being the most famous because of the presence of two supermarkets. It is also home to several banks, specialty stores and branded shops. Other prominent shopping strips are in Burwood Road and Riversdale Road. The lively suburb is known for its hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and cafes that make its nightlife happening and colourful. Hawthorn 3122 is well-connected to other parts of Victoria through its three railway stations – Glenferrie, Hawthorn and Auburn.



Offering a stunning mix of the old and the new, Hawthorn 3122 has both Victorian homes and modern apartment buildings. From Edwardian homes to townhouses and chic apartments, there are a variety for tenants to choose from when moving to the suburb. The median property price for a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom house stands at $1,950,000 and the rent for the same property stands at $750 pw. Units in the vicinity are not far behind with the median property price for a 3-bderoom unit standing at $1,405,000 and rent at $695 pw. Thus, there are young independent students as well as families in the region along with a small ageing population.

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Several period homes adorn the suburb including the Invergowrie built in 1850, which was subdivided to build Saint James Estate in 1871. The Hawthorn House, Governor Hotham Hotel, Hawthorn Arts Centre, and Grace Park House are some of the architectural marvels from the 1800s that lend a Victorian charm to the suburb. The region is also home to various churches, including the oldest surviving suburban place of worship, the Christ Church. The presence of every possible amenity within the vicinity makes it an ideal place for residential purposes. Our Melbourne removal service can help you to move in the suburb with ease.


We are a reliable removals company in Melbourne that offers its services across the surrounding regions of the metropolis. Our extensively trained team is efficient in packing all household items and labelling them as per the needs of the customer. We bring along solid and break-proof moving boxes and packing material that keeps the packed stuff protected. Our well-maintained and serviced moving trucks transport all the baggage within the defined timeline without any damage. We make sure that all the boxes are unpacked in their respective rooms and the furniture is paced as required by the client.


Packing and moving all your belongings can be a tiring and backbreaking task. It can add to the workload related to the move. Thus, hiring removalists in Melbourne allows you to relax and focus on other chores while we take care of the transit of your possessions. You can trust us with your valuable stuff as we are dedicated to providing a damage-free service. Our committed and attentive staff members take extra precaution while handling breakable items and insulate the boxes thoroughly to avoid breakage. Our customers can also book our additional services that include storage and insurance for an effortless and peaceful move.

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Removal in Melbourne can be extremely draining if you are doing everything on your own. In addition, you may lack the proficiency of skilled packers and end up damaging your prized possessions. Thus, in your attempt to save a few dollars, you will have to say goodbye to your favourite crockery, pantry bottles, expensive artwork, and souvenirs collected from your travels. It can make your move to the new house saddening and gruelling. Thus, hiring removalists is the best way to deal with the humungous task. Our local team is trained in packing all items – big, small, delicate, hard, heavy, soft, etc. We have been offering damage-free moves to our clients for several years and help them to have a convenient relocation. With us, you get the benefit of a customised and affordable service, robust packing, energy efficient transit, flexible scheduling, and solid support. Our professionals keep your needs in mind while packing and unpacking so that you can have everything arranged at the new address without any problems.

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Our local removals cover every aspect of the move, right from packing everything to unpacking it at the new place. You can direct our professionals to get your stuff moved in a tailored manner without causing any discomfort. Call us today to get your personalised quote.

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