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Let Us Move Your House Or Office Locally!

Moving locally is not an easy task. You have to ensure the safe transit of your belongings without any damage and deal with the pressure of other responsibilities. The load of end of lease obligations and personal commitments can break your back, and adding packing and transportation to the to-do list is the last straw. Thus, hiring furniture movers Melbourne helps reduce the load and gives you respite from the relocation tension. Professional removalists are trained in disassembling, packing, loading, unloading, and transporting your stuff with zero damage. They are well-versed in house, office and piano removals in Melbourne and its suburbs. Booking Better Removalists ensures exceptional customer service and safety for your belongings while enjoying a relaxed move. Our team brings along modern tools that help them move the heaviest of items without any effort. You can trust them with your fragile possessions because they carefully pack everything and double-check the boxes for durability.

We go above and beyond to move your possessions safely to their destination. Our robust packaging and utilisation of moving tools keep your belongings intact.
Our trucks are designed to carry all types of loads across cities and states. The covered vehicles protect your luggage from all external threats during transit.
If you are looking for cheap furniture removalists Melbourne, your quest ends here. We have a team of reliable, well-trained and experienced removalists who know the city and its suburbs well.
Our Expertise

We are the preferred local and interstate removalists in Melbourne for both residential and commercial relocations!

We go the extra mile in making our customers comfortable with our customised packages and quick removals.
Our Melbourne removalists are second to none when it comes to packing, safe transportation and reliability.
Better Removalists calculate every removal individually without including hidden costs that fit into your moving budget easily.
We provide safe and well-protected storage services for those customers who need to store their belongings for a definite period.
Let Us Help You Move With Zero-Damage and Complete Comfort!
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Hire our Melbourne Removalists for a Local Move

Moving within the city or relocating to the suburbs is becoming common because of better job prospects. Also, the growth of the regional areas is making many families move to the peaceful environs from the noisy city life. Thus, local moving is gaining momentum, and our house movers in Melbourne are helping families in this backbreaking task. They have been offering services for different types of removals at affordable prices, making them stand out in the crowd. Our exemplary moving ensures damage-free relocations on time and without any hassles. We pack everything diligently and carry it carefully to the new address. Whether it is a big house or a small unit, we are dedicated to efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Why Our Local Removalists Melbourne?

Whether you are moving house in the same neighbourhood or relocating to the next postcode, we are happy to help. You can also contact us to hire interstate removalists Melbourne because we are well-versed in both long and short-distance moving. Our organised approach helps us offer streamlined removals that are affordable, quick and systematic. It is easy to trust our professionals because of their vast experience, training and proficiency in packing, unpacking, assembling, disassembling, loading, unloading, and transporting. They maintain the safety of your fragile possessions to give you a worry-free local move. Also, our reasonable prices make us the preferred house movers in Melbourne.

Never Let Your Expectations Down!

Better Removalists has been working in the industry for several years and enjoys a successful track record of completing local and interstate removals with perfection. We maintain the highest industry standards and follow the benchmarks to give our customers a damage-free and efficient moving experience. We understand the challenges that are the part of a moving process. We are equipped to handle all sorts of problems and overcome them without wasting your time. We are concerned about the safety of your items and keeping them protected through transit. We aim to get your stuff moved with satisfaction and ultimate comfort.

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Furniture Removalists Melbourne

Every house is filled with small and big items. Whether it is the comfy sofa in the living room or an armchair in the study room, every piece has a story attached to it. At Better Removalists Melbourne, we understand these feelings and care for your furniture as our own belongings. Our furniture removalists Melbourne have been trained to disassemble, lift, carry, load, unload, assemble and arrange every item in the house. They have modern tools that allow them to transfer heavy and delicate objects with precision. We pack upholstered furniture and expensive wooden items with utmost attention to avoid scratches and scrapes. With our Melbourne removalists at your doorstep, you can forget about damage and loss of furniture.

We Provide Quality Packing

The quality of packing decides the safety of the contents. Thus, our Melbourne house removals include a robust packing process that utilises a range of premium packing supplies. We even provide the material to those customers who wish to pack their boxes on their own to reduce the time of relocation. With our comprehensive removals packages, we cover putting everything in appropriate boxes. These are corrugated moving boxes that are quality checked and durable. Our professionals secure the corners and opening of the cartons with strong tapes and ropes and wrap the fragile items in moving blankets, wrapping paper and old clothes to avoid scratches and breakage. They wear gloves to ensure a sound grip on objects and the boxes and stack them effectively to reduce the risk of toppling. They maintain the same flawless approach while unpacking and arranging the stuff for maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Settle in Your New Home With Ease

Finding a new house for settlement is one big task. Moving into it with all the stuff collected over the years is even bigger. Once you have transported all the boxes to the new place, you have to wait to start your life until all the items are unpacked. The first few weeks are filled with the struggle to fit your furniture in the rooms, arrange the kitchen as per your need and get all the wardrobes stocked with your bags, clothes, books and shoes. Managing all this with your regular routine and demands of work and social obligations can leave you stressed. Our Melbourne removalists take away this hassle by unpacking all the boxes and setting up your stuff according to your choice.

We Provide Professional and Damage-Free Melbourne Office Removals!
Let Us Solve Your Queries!

If you have questions about our house removals in Melbourne, then look at the commonly asked questions below. Our expert removalists have answered them to help you find the right answers.

Our team of Melbourne removalists is assembled for the job based on the amount of workload. A big house with 4-5 rooms will need a team of 4-5 men, whereas a small unit or house with two rooms will require a team of 2-3 men. All the professionals are well-versed in packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. They bring all the required number of boxes and packing materials and complete the task on time. They are friendly and approachable, and our customers have complete control over the process because they follow your instructions. If you wish to get a personalised quote and team details for your house move, you can call us on 1300 766 422.
Better Removalists has a prolific presence in the capital city and its suburbs. Our affordability has made us the most sought-after house movers in Melbourne and its adjoining areas. Our locally-hired teams are verified by the police and are fully insured. They have been working in the removals industry for years and know every neighbourhood and postcode in the region. We will transport your belongings without hassles if you wish to move to Docklands, Brunswick, Prahran, Camberwell or any other postcode. We have helped both families and businesses move to the suburbs and the city at reasonable prices. So, if you are moving to fast-growing suburbs, hire our removalists for a relaxed relocation.
Our Melbourne furniture removalists are extensively trained in disassembling, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and assembling. They even get your new house arranged as you desire and remove all the boxes from the property to help you enjoy the move. Our furniture movers have been in the same business for years and have developed secure techniques for packing and moving with ease. They are fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools that allow them to elevate and carry heavy objects without causing defacement or damage. They are trained to maintain the safety of your belongings and the interiors of your property while moving the stuff. They even place the furniture in its respective space at the new house.
Yes, Better Removalists understands that families and businesses moving into new properties may not be able to accommodate their belongings in the new space. Thus, we help them with our protected and safe storage in Melbourne that can be utilised for short-term and long-term storage of household items and business assets. We do not store dangerous and hazardous materials like chemicals, combustible and flammable products, weapons, etc. Our storage is protected with 24-hour surveillance and is fitted with alarms that ensure the protection of your possessions. It is completely insulated from external threats like dust, rain, hail, etc. So, you can confidently put your clothes, books, furniture, and vehicles in this space.
It is vital to understand that for the safety of the transportation process, we do not move hazardous items. These dangerous substances pose the threat of fire and explosion, which can destroy your belongings and harm our Melbourne city movers. Thus, you must get rid of paints and paint thinner, propane cylinders, matches, petrol and kerosene, firelighters, gasoline, cooking oils, etc., before the packing process begins. These substances must be handled by trained and licensed professionals who are qualified to transport them safely. If you have any of these items at home, we recommend discarding, donating or selling them. Besides these, we move everything ranging from a pin to a piano.
Office removals involve the transportation of a large number of computer monitors, wires, CPUs, UPS, laptops, etc. These are expensive and highly significant for the business. You can trust our office removalists in Melbourne for their safe transfer.
  • Besides packing and moving the computer systems, our professionals are skilled in moving the server and the network setup without damage.
  • They work closely with your IT team and follow their instructions while packing and labelling to avoid the mix-up of accessories of different systems.
  • Our exceptional packing of business assets includes putting the wires, headphones, mouse and other external devices in separate boxes with correct labels.
  • Our team prepare a checklist of inventories to ensure that all the IT equipment is packed and unpacked without any loss or misplacement of items.
  • We are adept at packing secure boxes for IT equipment because these items require extra cushioning and insulation to save the contents during transit.
You can book our service on weekends as well as public holidays because these are the most preferred dates for house removals in Melbourne. Since workplaces and schools are closed these days, clients choose these days for removals, and we are eager to help. It also helps them to finish the task of moving over the weekend and start the week in the new place without any hassles. Also, it takes less time to reach the destination during transit because of low traffic on holidays. However, you must book the date at least two weeks in advance for desired scheduling.
Our end-to-end removals include emptying the cupboards and drawers. The removalists take out clothes, books, cosmetics, shoes, and other stuff from the wardrobes and pack them into different boxes with appropriate labels. However, if you wish to reduce the time of the move, you can get the stuff out before the arrival of the professionals. It will also help you identify the items you do not need anymore and remove them from the house. Decluttering the house is highly recommended before the move by experts to make sure you do not drag along irrelevant items. If you do not have time for this, we will manage it on your behalf.
Our straightforward storage services can be booked by contacting us at 1300 766 422. If you plan to store your stuff with us, look at the steps below:
  • After the requirements are informed to us, we arrive at your doorstep with the packing supplies and start wrapping up the stuff.
  • We label the box and ask you to keep a list of the contents. The packed belongings are transported to the storage facility and kept there for as long as you wish.
  • Our storage is protected from extreme temperatures and environmental factors like wind, dust, rain and hail. Thus, you do not have to worry about your possessions.
  • We provide doorstep delivery of the boxes whenever required. You can also request for delivery of selected stuff and keep the rest of the boxes in storage.
  • Our high-quality storage service ensures that your treasured belongings are protected from theft, fire, mould, rust, and damage.
The moving truck needs to be parked near the house entrance to ensure easy and quick loading of the furniture. Thus, we request our clients to identify a space close to the house for quick parking. If you have designated parking, you must ask your neighbours to provide space for the truck. Otherwise, looking for an ideal spot can lead to wastage of time. If the spot is far from the house, it can increase the time of the move and also the risk of damage while carrying the boxes to the truck.
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