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Make packing and moving to a new home stress and hassle-free. Avail of our services for packing and removals in Northcote. We have a team of expert removalist in Melbourne, well-versed managing local and interstate moves. We have been assisting people in their domestic and commercial moves across Melbourne, Victoria for years.

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Our home removal solutions are a step ahead of others because we keep your requirements in mind. Our tailored service caters to the needs of individuals and families who plan to move to Northcote 3070. The densely populated region is near the CBD, making it a preferred residential destination. Located in the inner boundary of Melbourne, Northcote is a well-developed residential area, offering green parks, schools, healthcare facilities, boutiques, shops, restaurants, cafes, and much more. It had a recorded population of 34,561 and is expected to grow in the next few years- thanks to the boom in the real estate sector. It is a perfect suburb to live in with your family and kids. If you are moving to Northcote, call us and get a free quote. Better Removalists Melbourne is responsible for delivering your things without any hassles and damage. Our moving trucks are big enough to fit all the household items at once, including kitchen items, clothes, home accessories, wall accents, furniture, and white goods. Our proven processes and techniques ensure a secure move that satisfies our customers.

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Our unparalleled service has made us a name to reckon with in the industry and allowed us to enjoy a reputable position in the region.

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We do not take any chances with your things and keep them protected at every step of the way. Our one-stop service makes sure that the boxes are not handled by different and amateur people. Our trained and motivated removalists are acquainted with Northcote 3070 region and have been completing relocations with a high success rate. They are careful, insured and vetted by the police, which makes trusting us the easiest thing to do. Our vast clientele and customer recommendations speak volumes about our ability and competence. With the help of our systematic procedures, cutting-edge tools, robust supplies and expertise, you can enjoy a riskless removal.


The best part about hiring Better Removalists Melbourne is that you do not have to worry about being charged extra. We provide the final estimate upfront and do not have any other additional payments at the end of the removal. If you are planning to move to Northcote 3070, we can help you with an upfront quote and that too without any obligations. You can call us to enquire about the total cost and then take your time to decide without having to pay anything for the calculation. The pricing primarily depends on the volume of inventories and the distance to be covered. Contact us today to get all the details.



The suburb of Northcote has been attracting the attention of both households and businesses because of its fast development. We have been helping clients move to the region with utmost ease and least bit of fuss. The median property price for a 3-bedroom house in Northcote 3070 stands at $1,594,500 and the rent at $695 pw. The 3-bedroom units in the suburb cost $957,500 and can be leased for $655 pw. We make you a part of the move by asking for your support and instructions to complete the packing and unpacking. You can have the house moved your way without moving a muscle.

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Our Comprehensive Moving Solutions!

Whether you have an expensive couch or a bulky refrigerator, we are here to relocate your complicated items with care and attention. We are extra careful when it comes to handling and moving electronic items. From the dishwasher to the home theatre system and bar cabinet, we carefully move all your precious items to avoid damage and mishaps. You can rely on our expert service to start a new beginning in the new house without any disruption or fuss during the relocation. Our recyclable packing materials are designed to carry all loads, such as cutlery, glasses, bottles, clothes, shoes, white goods, paintings, ceramic pots, vases, etc. Call us and book your local removals in Northcote and enjoy the process.


Furniture is the most important part of any home or business. It is needed to live and work comfortably. While some people love to splurge on accumulating expensive stuff for their homes, others make use of simple items to decorate their abode. We understand that all types of furniture are precious to the owner, and we take care of them in the same way as you would. Our job is to make sure that the furniture does not get tampered, cracked, or defaced during the move. Our furniture removalists in Melbourne cover the upholstered furniture with moving blankets to keep them safe from getting torn or dirty during the loading and unloading.



We are one of the most affordable removal companies in Melbourne. It means that we can fit right into your budget without making you pay too much. The advantage of hiring our service is that you do not have to be bothered about transferring your possessions. Thus, there is no backbreaking loading and unloading. You can get the things packed as per your needs and unpacked at the new property within no time. The added advantage of completing this job in an economical manner makes it most beneficial for the customers. We complete most of our local removals on the same day and complete the faster with our trained staff.

From moving out of one-room units to double-storey houses, we do all types of removals.1300 766 422
1300 766 422


We, at Better Removalists Melbourne, are committed to offering safe and sound removals to people moving to Northcote 3070. Whether you want your things moved from another state or street, we can do it with perfection. If the house is located on a higher level with no elevators, we bring dolly and sliders to bring the furniture down with the help of our world-class tools. Stairs do not frighten us as we are prepared and trained to move things up and down. Our professionals are fully insured and vetted by the police which makes it easy to trust them and hand over your belongings without any worries. We keep them safe while packing, loading, and transporting so that you do not have to bear any damages. Our flexible scheduling allows you to choose the date you want for the move. It helps you to avoid taking unnecessary leaves from work and get your work done according to your convenience. So, call us today to book your Northcote removal.

We Provide No-Fuss Removals in Melbourne and Its Suburbs

Our proficient and talented team gets your personal belongings moved with care and attention. They do not let inefficiency enter into the procedures at any step and follow the industry benchmarks to extend the best service.

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