Residential Vs. Commercial Moves: Key Differences

Residential Vs. Commercial Moves: Key Differences

Sep 08, 2022

Do you have to plan a commercial move soon and wonder how different it will be from a residential move? Residential moves are standard in Melbourne, where almost 90 % of young people shift and relocate their homes every five years. But a residential move is relatively easier to plan and carry out than a commercial move.

This is because, in a commercial move, you must move not only heavy furniture but also the essential information systems of the company securely.

In a residential move, you can either go for a DIY move or hire professional removalists in Melbourne. But in a commercial move, you should create an office moving timeline and use a removalist to move all your heavy-duty office equipment and systems since they have more experience. Here are some key factors where these two moves differ from one another:

1. The Moving Organisation And Planning

Residential Move

In a residential move in Melbourne, you will have the flexibility to plan the move the way you want. This is because you have a list of all your items and know how to pack and unpack them quickly. Even if you are moving at short notice, you can organise removalists in Melbourne to help pack and move your items.

Commercial Move

However, in the case of a commercial move, you will have to make a more detailed plan with your budget removalists Melbourne. This is because you will move commercial equipment, heavy-duty furniture and sensitive information systems. Your removalists will have to handle the process from packing to loading and unloading all your heavy-duty equipment using toe jacks, trucks and forklifts.

You will also have to create a timeline for moving specific cubicles and systems in advance so that normal business operations are not interrupted. Most businesses prefer moving during the evening or on a weekend so that they do not disrupt the normal working process, and thus you will have to plan your commercial move accordingly.

2. Packing Process

Residential Move

In the case of residential moves, the main advantage is that most items can be wrapped in bedsheets, towels and linens. This will help you save on the costs of buying packing paper, tape and padding for your items. You can also downsize your items as you start packing and thus reduce the number of moving boxes. Also, you can pack your important documents like tax receipts, rent agreements, and your Australian passports separately and keep them with you to be safe.

Commercial Move

  • But in the case of a commercial move, you cannot afford to pack laptops, desktops, desks, chairs, attachments and cables with bedsheets and linens.
  • You will have to get proper crates and packing padding to keep all your equipment secure.
  • It is also essential to ensure the screens and sensitive areas of your laptops and computers are adequately covered to protect them.
  • You must ensure these systems are protected as an information security principle, as many of these systems contain critical knowledge about your company.

3. Nature Of Operations

Residential Move

Even if you are moving into a five-bedroom apartment, you will still be able to keep track of and list down all your items. You can even complete a residential move in 8-10 hours if you hire removalists to help you out.

Commercial Move

In a commercial move, the scale of operations will be much more significant because you will be moving equipment for each staff member. This large-scale move will require a lot of moving equipment like dollies and trucks to wheel out and load all the items.

Also, you will have to consider vending machines, coffee machines, desktop systems and printers. You will require the help of expert removalists in Melbourne to help you carry this vast scale of equipment to your new office.

4. Moving Costs

Residential Move

Regarding a residential move in Melbourne, you will have to factor in the costs of the packing and moving equipment, rental truck, distance and the volume of items.

You will have to add those costs if you hire removalist experts in Melbourne to help you lift and move your items. But you can get an estimate in advance and set your moving budget.

Commercial Move

  • In a commercial move, you will be spending significantly as you have to factor in the volume of items per staff member.
  • For instance, if you have 30 to 50 staff members, you will have to add the costs of each member’s desks, computer systems, chairs, and service systems.
  • This will add up to a lot, and creating a big budget to pay for all these costs is better.
  • You can ask your commercial movers in Melbourne to assess the total costs of moving all your equipment and then provide an estimate so that you know how much to start budgeting for the move.


As you can see from the above, residential and commercial moves take a lot of planning and organising. However, residential moves are smaller in comparison and are easier to handle.

Commercial moves, on the other hand, are more complex due to the move’s scale and the equipment being moved. But with proper planning and the help of quality removalists in Melbourne, both moves can take place stress-free.