Moving Anxiety: Six Ways To Stay Sane When You Move

Moving Anxiety: Six Ways To Stay Sane When You Move

Aug 24, 2022 Relocating home is life’s one of the most challenging events. Packaging and transporting large furniture pieces, delicate items, mirrors and other precious possessions can increase your stress or anxiety level. According to psychologists, moving delays, the constant fear of losing valuables and lack of preparation can affect your mental health as it increases stress. It is good to plan, prepare and organise the entire moving process. Apart from this, taking quality sleep, meditating and eating nutritious food can also minimise anxiety. For the safety of your possessions, book trained removalists Melbourne and stay relaxed throughout the journey. They will take care of your items and transit them without causing any damage or delay. This will also boost your mental health and give you peace of mind. If you want to stay sane when relocating, consider the following tips and alleviate your moving anxiety.

Why Do People Feel Stressed when Relocating Home?

There is a relationship between moving and mental health. The process may create many complicated emotions. Leaving an old house, neighbourhood, friends and other places behind can affect your mental stability. This can trigger your emotions. Plus, packing, lifting, loading and unloading large and delicate belongings can also stress you. Budget is also one of the influencing factors that can multiply your anxiety level.. It is important to understand the reasons behind it and develop a robust plan.

Six Key Tips to say goodbye to moving anxiety

Whether you are moving next to the society or across a new state, the following tricks will keep you relaxed, organised and stress-free.

1. Creating a Proper Moving Checklist

This may seem like nothing, but moving checklists work wonders in streamlining even the most complicated relocation process. Regardless of your previous moving experience, you should pay attention and prepare a complete checklist at least 8 weeks prior to your final moving day. Create customised lists related to your move, such as de-cluttering the home, arranging packing materials, preparing appliances, dismantling large furniture pieces, updating the new address, transferring utilities, etc. This can help you see what needs to be completed before meeting the deadline. Set a timeframe for each task and categorise them in different phases to stay organised. This way, you can stay relaxed and feel satisfied after completing each task. Tip: Explore the internet to find out some reliable sources from where you can get an idea of creating a detailed moving checklist.

2. Prioritise Tasks

Sometimes people overlook important tasks and end up with a mess at the end of the journey. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, start prioritising tasks for peace of mind. Setting a systematic order to all tasks or items that need top priority can keep your mind calm and composed. It is because you will do that particular task precisely and won’t commit silly mistakes. If you have something that needs to be packed and loaded carefully, do it as soon as possible.

3. Stick to Your Routine

Mental peace is important, especially if you are busy with relocation chores. The stress doubles when you start off the packing process. Stress can even give you unexpected moving house nightmares. So be try to avoid or reduce it as much as possible. To stay relaxed, try to follow your daily routine as much as possible. Do your office work, prepare meals on time and spend time with your family. If you have a pet, feed them on time. Do not change their routine at all. Apart from this, you can play your favourite sport or work out for an hour to keep your mind fresh.

4. Meditation

Stress can be alleviated if you think positive and keep your mind relaxed. Meditation is one of the best ways as it controls your breathing system and supports your inner peace. Try meditating for 10 minutes every morning to achieve mindfulness for the entire day. This way, you can complete the de-cluttering and packing chores with ease.

5. Get Enough Sleep & Eat Good

Stress can occur if you are not sleeping correctly. This can also lead to insomnia, so be optimistic and focus on quality sleep and good eating habits. Read books or listen to soft music to relax your mind before sleeping. When it comes to maintaining healthy eating habits, try to include protein-rich, good carbohydrates, Iron, Vitamin A, C, and D food item in your diet. Prepare homemade food and enjoy it with your family. Do not feel overwhelmed with the amount of moving tasks. Follow the checklist and always sleep on time.

6. Hire Professionals

To minimise moving anxiety, hiring professionally-trained budget removalists Melbourne is one of the ideal solutions. You can do proper research and shortlist the best options within your estimated budget. A good company offers a packing service to protect your household belongings. They can transport your items on time without causing any damage.


Moving from one place to another can be stressful. However, the tips mentioned above in the article will make your work easier. You can stay positive, mentally healthy and relaxed when moving. You can also reduce stress by hiring a Melbourne removals company and keeping your items intact.