Smart Advice For People Moving During Christmas

Smart Advice For People Moving During Christmas

Dec 16, 2020 Home relocation is considered as life’s one of the most stressful events, and it doubles when you are moving during Christmas. Though it is an ideal time to pack up your household belongings and prepare for a move, you may end up with chaos if you are doing in the midst of a festive season. Planning is one of the important aspects that can save you from accidents and other obstacles during the transition of household belongings from one place to another. It is good to plan your move in advance so that you can make the most out of your Christmas holidays. Make sure you hire the most experienced removalists in Melbourne to stay organised and still enjoy the Christmas with your family and loved ones. Besides hiring professionals, there are plenty of tasks you need to manage to streamline the entire process. Here is the list of some smart advice/tips while moving your house during Christmas:

1. Prepare in Advance

Since Christmas is one of the biggest festivals, you may not get enough time for the preparation of your home relocation. That’s why it is good to block off a month to organise everything. Take an assessment of how much time you have for the move on your calendar. Prepare a complete moving checklist, a realistic moving budget and arrange all the necessary supplies to pack your precious belongings. According to experts, you should start packing at least 6 week prior to your final moving day. Rushing the procedure will add more anxiety because festive holidays are generally stressful due to the availability of different tasks.

2. Toss Unnecessary Items

Whether you are moving across the new city or next to the apartment, make sure you only take what you need. Invest time and evaluate all your household belongings before packing everything. It is good to toss or donate items that you no longer need. Make sure the donating belongings are in good condition. This will not only save you time from packing belongings but also reduce the overall burden and moving cost. Apart from this, you can’t take everything along with you to the new house. If something is very close to you and the new house is small, you can ask the removals company to offer you safe and sound storage option. You can store anything- furniture, closet, heavy boxes, etc for a short as well as long term.

3. Collect and Organise Important Documents

With a lot of things to perform during the move, it is easy to forget important items, such as birth certificates, employment documents, tenancy agreements, policy papers, etc. If you are preparing for a Christmas party, then plan things ahead of time so that you can pack everything without creating any mess. If your kids are switching to the new school, then carry all the necessary documents in a folder. You can organise other important documents as well and keep things in a systematic manner when you have a lot of things to do.

4. Take Help From Professionals

Packing household belongings is an overwhelming process if you are moving during Christmas. You have plenty of things to do, and it is ideal to hire the professional moving company in Melbourne, which specialises in packing all types and sizes of items safely and securely. You can make a wise decision by letting the professionals wrap your furniture, fragile items, kitchenware and other precious possessions. This will allow you to focus on other important things related to the Christmas celebration, etc. If you are doing it yourself with the assistance of your friends or spouse, then have a look at the following point.

5. Follow the right Packing Techniques

Make sure you set guidelines for safe and sound packing of your valuable items if you are doing it without any professional assistance. Here are some important tips to keep in mind while wrapping your stuff for a move: • Add a thick layer of bubble wrap while packing your fragile items • Disassemble large furniture pieces for an easy and damage-free transition • Do not put delicate items in large boxes. Use small boxes and fill the empty space using crumpled newspaper. • Do not stuff moving boxes. • Label your packed boxes. • Pack a moving-day essential kit which includes toiletries, first-aid box, hand towels, water bottles, snacks, mobile chargers, etc.

6. Keep the Festive Mode On

Don’t let your children forget the enjoyment and celebration of Christmas due to the moving stress. Take a walk through your living space and see what you need during Christmas and what you will be using in the future. You can hold back some of the decorating items and place a wreath on the front door. You can decorate the house by installing a small Christmas tree and other things. Prepare delicious food for your family and sing Christmas carols. This will also alleviate stress while keeping you on track while preparing for the home relocation.

7. Keep a Close Eye on Unexpected Expenses

Moving during the Christmas means you have to pay a hefty amount to hire reliable Melbourne Removalists. That’s why it is good to reserve a company in advance and also ask them to provide you an estimated quote so that you can make the right decision. Apart from this, track your packing expenses and other hidden costs that can help you stay within your estimated budget. Tip: Do not forget to keep records of all details in a folder or on your phone so that you can check the information in any doubt.

8. Decorate Your New House

Make sure you decorate your new house as well using beautiful candles, lights and a Christmas tree. First, clean and disinfect the property and then take assistance with your kids and make your new house look perfect for the Christmas celebration.


Moving during Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these tips and stay calm and composed to ensure a safe and sound relocation experience. To enjoy the festive holidays, you can consider hiring professional removalists in Melbourne who can take care of your belongings throughout the process.