The Complete Moving Timeline And Checklist

The Complete Moving Timeline And Checklist

Aug 03, 2021

There is no denying that relocation is one of the most stressful events you can come across. Packing up your entire world and moving to a new place is never easy. For the majority of people moving is a nerve-racking task because they perform it without a proper plan.

Always remember that the key to a stress-free and successful move is perfect planning. From hiring reliable removalists in Melbourne and packing your items to address change and exploring the new place, you should plan everything perfectly.

Without appropriate planning, you will get confused and have to deal with unnecessary hassles and stress. So, it is advisable to start your planning as soon as you decide to move. Prepare a detailed checklist with all essential tasks and make sure you execute them at the right time. Otherwise, you will experience chaos throughout the relocation process.

Here is a complete moving timeline and checklist that everyone should follow.

2 Months Before You Move

If you want to experience a stress-free and hassle-free relocation process, it is essential to start planning as early as possible. Ideally, you should start two months before the moving day.

• First, you need to choose whether you want a DIY move or you need professional help.
• If you are relocating with your kids, you must talk to them and ensure they are fine.
• Prepare a detailed budget so you can track all the expenses of the relocation process.
• If you have decided to hire professionals, start your research to choose the best removalists in Melbourne.
• You should also start to sort your belongings to rid of unwanted things.

5 to 6 Weeks Before You Move

Once you are done with the planning phase, it is time to start things. During this phase, you need to perform the task that will lay the foundation of the relocation process.

• Once you are done with the research, book the reputed moving company in Melbourne.
• Organise a garage sale where you can sell your unwanted stuff.
• Prepare an inventory list so that you are aware of all the things you are moving.
• Arrange boxes and packing supplies before you start packing so you do not face any obstacles.
• It takes more time and attention to pack fragile items. So, start it at this point of time.

1 Month Before You Move

It is the most crucial time of the relocation process because you need to perform some important tasks. If you can carry out these tasks perfectly at the right time, then the relocation will become a lot easier.

• If you are relocating yourself, then follow DIY moving tips and start your packing.
• Before you move to your new place permanently, visit the new place and explore the surroundings.
• Talk with your kids and make sure that they are doing fine.
• It is the right time to inform your friends and family that you are relocating.
• You should also forward your request for utility transfer and address change.
• From school certificates to doctor’s prescriptions, collect all relevant documents.

1 to 2 Weeks Before You Move

By this time, most of your task should be at its final phase, if not complete. All you need to do is make sure that your moving preparations are on the right track.

• Remind the experienced Melbourne removalists about the moving day.
• Also, get an update about utility transfer, so you have all the facilities before you move in.
• Make sure that you clean the rental property before moving out. It will help you to get back your bond money.

2 to 3 days Before you Move

When your relocation day is only a couple of days away, you need to wrap up your packing process. The following tasks should be included in your checklist.

You should double-check your inventory list to avoid any confusion.

• Make sure that you put a label on all the boxes after packing.
• Pack your essentials box with medicines, chargers, toothbrushes, paper towels, toiletries and other vital items.
• Defrost the refrigerator and pack it properly.

Moving Day

It is the most critical and hectic day of the entire moving process. So, you need to perform a few tasks that can reduce the overall stress level.

• The first thing you need to do is get up early. It will help you to perform the tasks with peace of mind.
• You must scan the entire house one last time. Make sure that you are not leaving behind anything important.
• Whether you are loading on your own or with the help of professionals, keep your kids and pets safe in a separate room.
• You should coordinate with professionals to ensure that they have the correct address and all your belongings are loaded perfectly.

The Bottom Line

The relocation process doesn’t have to be stressful if you follow the right approach. The next time you decide to relocate, make sure that you keep in mind the moving timeline and checklist mentioned above. Also, remember to contact a professional removals company in Melbourne as they will ensure the safety of your belongings and save your precious time.