The Only Guide You’ll Need When Preparing Your Home For Sale

The Only Guide You’ll Need When Preparing Your Home For Sale

Mar 28, 2022

Reasons like bigger space, better house design, a safer neighbourhood and many others influence your decision to sell your home. Additionally, managing this task when the appreciation value of your property is high and the real estate market is soaring is wise and practical.

However, since it is a major life decision, you must meticulously plan and prepare for selling residential property. Otherwise, you can face financial challenges and even have difficulties with moving-related tasks such as booking good removalists in Melbourne, changing your address, finding good schools etc.

To increase your home’s curb appeal and get good bids, make the home presentable and welcoming through the following preparation tips for selling your home. Have a look.

Make Home Improvement Plan & Get Permits

When selling a house you have lived in for years; it is natural for it to require improvement, repairs and a fresh paint job, among other things. Therefore, you must inspect the house with a realtor or property valuer to identify what needs to be done for increasing the curb appeal of the property.

After noting the home improvement tasks, set your budget, get quotes for renovation/repair projects, make a checklist and chart your action plan. Next, see if you need planning and building permits from the local council.

Deep Clean Before Staging

Staging is crucial to make your home look bright, spacious and well-maintained. However, make sure to deep clean the house or apartment before you do this activity. You can create a cleaning checklist and get to work after your hired Melbourne removalists move property contents, and significant repairs or refurbishment work is finished. Fine construction dust particles, wooden shavings and other bric-à-brac can settle in corners, atop fixtures and hard to reach spots of the house.

Therefore, you must dust, vacuum and deep clean every household area to make it neat and dust-free. Seek the assistance of professional performing house cleaning or end of lease cleaning in Melbourne if you don’t have the time or energy to sanitise the property yourself.

Empty Property Before Major Renovations

Many people renovate their properties by adding upgrades and reconstructing certain areas. These are major renovations that often require residents to move into temporary housing and if you plan to do the same, make sure your belongings don’t remain in the property.

Seek the assistance of professional removalists in Melbourne to pack and move property contents for storage or temporary accommodation. This way, you can prevent household items, furniture, and other belongings from damage and have peace of mind.

However, if you choose to let large and bulky household contents remain inside the property during house renovations, make sure they are covered with sheets and plastic wrap to prevent dust, bric-a-brac, paint and construction materials from threatening their structural integrity and appearance.

Freshen The Property With New Paint & Lighting

One of the best ways to brighten and freshen a property is to get a new paint job and fix lighting that accentuate the space. Make a plan for painting the interior and exterior areas to increase your home’s appeal to buyers, Do proper research to find compatible and suitable dominant, complementary and accent colours for each room. Additionally, choose the right finish of paints room-wise for a long-lasting and practical paint job.

Besides choosing the right paints, focus on the illumination of the house to decide themes and lights for every internal and external area. For example, bedrooms need soft lighting, whereas the living room needs big and bright lights since it is where household members and guests sit together to interact, have dinner & do other common activities.

Stage The House

Your property shouldn’t like your home when buyers come to see and inspect it. Instead, they should be able to visualise living in the house and instantly connect with it. Thus, you must depersonalise the property and design it to enhance its best features and make it look spacious.

You can use your personal furniture & household items for staging. Alternatively, avail the service of a professional home stager to source artwork, furniture, rugs, lights, and other important décor items. The professional will manage the interior design to ensure the house looks welcoming and appealing to buyers. The stager will also ensure that the things placed inside the property don’t distract buyers’ attention and only help make your home look and feel comfortable.

The Bottom Line

Ensuring your house or apartment is the best version of itself before putting it on the market for selling is imperative to get a good price for it. Without necessary home repairs, maintenance work and improvement, you cannot increase the curb appeal of your property. Thus, take the assistance of professional removalists in Melbourne to pack and move property content safely and follow the tips shared above to prepare your home for sale.