The Realistic Moving Timeline For A Successful Move

The Realistic Moving Timeline For A Successful Move

Dec 29, 2022

Losing track of time while moving is common, as you have to complete various tasks simultaneously. You can also forget small but important tasks due to poor planning and preparation.

Even the littlest mistakes or oversights can cause delays and prolonged moving stress. To reduce your burden, consider hiring reliable removalists in Melbourne who can pack and move your belongings safely and timely. Even with professional help, you must set the right goals for your relocation.

It is best to start planning 8 weeks before the moving days. Thus, to help you streamline your work here is a realistic moving timeline for a successful move.

Week 8: Start Prep Work

If you are not moving at short notice, schedule your moving date to have at least two months to plan and prepare for the house move. In the first week, start prepping by

  • Paring down belongings and reducing the moving load.
  • Researching moving companies near you and get instant quotes from multiple removalists in Melbourne.
  • Creating a personal inventory to keep track of belongings and get the right packing supplies.

Week 7: Time for Action

You need to have a solid moving budget because relocation is financially taxing, and you can easily deplete your savings without properly outlining expenses. Additionally, this time is perfect for researching utilities and checking if you need a new plan.

  • Compare plans for energy and broadband connection.
  • Contact service providers to ask about connecting or reconnecting utilities.
  • Schedule pre-move surveys to get realistic estimates for your move from select removalists in Melbourne.
  • Visit your new home to measure pathways and doorways. Also, get the floor plan for setting furniture quickly upon arrival.
  • Put in a request for leaves if you need to take time off work.
  • Start donating what you don’t need at your new home.

Week 6: Book Removalists

For most people, the reality of moving sets in by this week. Therefore, it’s time to pick up the pace if you are lagging. Start by booking reliable removalists in Melbourne or rent a moving truck. If you have decided on any other moving options, finalise your booking. Additionally, take care of the following tasks.

  • Notify your landlord about moving.
  • Inform family members and friends.
  • Get packing supplies & labels
  • Take pictures and videos of furniture, wires and electronic systems before disassembling them/
  • Start packing in order of importance. Wrap and box things used occasionally or less first.

Week 5: Pack Obsessively

Dedicate this week to packing almost all your belongings. To simplify the process, pack room by room, starting with areas like the guest room, living room, garage, basement, etc.

  • Aim to pack essential and daily-used items in the last week.
  • Also, arrange toiletries, medicines, hand sanitisers, food packets, drinks and other items you will keep in a travel bag.
  • During this week, take your kids or pets to the new home and familiarise with the neighbourhood.

Week 4: Host a Garage Sale

Week four is suitable for hosting a garage sale to earn a few bucks from things in good condition but unwanted in your new home. You can advertise the sale on social media at least a week before and notify neighbours. In addition to the yard sale, start changing your address with government and non-government organisations.

  • Create a food plan to consume all items in your pantry before moving. If you have excess, donate to a local food bank.
  • Book end of lease cleaners in Melbourne if you are a renter.
  • Start gathering records from your health providers, banks and children’s schools.
  • Notify your insurance providers.
  • Get moving insurance if you are moving long-distance (over 80 km) or think your things need cover.

Week 3: Pick-up Speed

Tie loose ends like re-confirming booking with your removalists in Melbourne, following up on address change requests, paying outstanding rent etc.

  • Also, spend time with your family and support household members, especially children having a hard time with the move.
  • Start packing important rooms like the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Plan to keep your children and pets safe by sending them away for a few days before and after the moving day.

Week 2: Set Reminders

You will need reminders for tasks the most this week because the stress of moving will be at its peak.

  • Once the reminders for remaining tasks are done, get parking permits and schedule travel for your new home.
  • Pack everything and only leave things you need in the last few days.
  • Dispose of unwanted items, cleaners, flammables and other things you cannot move.
  • Let your gardener, cleaner, doctor and other service providers know about your move.
  • Set a forwarding mail address.
  • Find a baby or pet sitter if you aren’t sending your kids or pets away.
  • Back up your computer, mobile and laptop data
  • Give away plants if you cannot move them
  • Transfer necessary records, especially if you are changing your bank or updating your insurance.

Week 1: Game Time

If you follow the timeline well, then week one should give you ample time to just relax and complete a few remaining tasks.

  • Consume all food and drinks a day before moving
  • Clean the house and get rid of the trash
  • Cancel and redirect pending deliveries
  • Get cash from the bank
  • Ensure your vehicle is full & ready for travel
  • Pack essential boxes and a personal moving bag
  • Be ready to move immediately upon arrival of removalists
  • Hand over the keys to the rental provider or new buyer (if applicable).


Moving house is challenging and stressful, but only when you are ill-prepared for it. Thus, you must book professional removalists Melbourne to pack and move your belongings safely. Additionally, use this realistic moving timeline to plan your relocation 8 weeks ahead and have a smooth experience.