The Ultimate Change Of Address Checklist When Moving

The Ultimate Change Of Address Checklist When Moving

Oct 06, 2021

Home relocation allows you to start a new life and fulfil all your dreams. Metropolitan cities like Melbourne offer great employment, education and entrepreneurship options to people of all ages. If you plan to move to Melbourne, make sure you do thorough research and find a suitable residential property at the best price.

If you have done all of this and prepping household belongings for a big move, do not forget to change your address. This is one of the most overlooked things because packing household belongings and arranging the right removalists in Melbourne seems more important for a successful move.

If you don’t want to miss important communication after moving to your new home, consider this ultimate checklist and update your address.

Below is a list of entities that need to be notified about your new address before moving to the new house.

1. Post Office

Do not forget to update your new address at your post office before the final moving day. This will help you receive all the credential posts and mails at the right address. You can update your address by visiting the local post office a week before your moving day and request them to update your new residential address.

You can also change the address online and set a specific day to begin. Make sure you give all the necessary details to get the job done on time. Also, mention the name who will receive your mail when you are not around in your new abode.

Tip: Mail redirection may start within 3-4 business days of your submitted request, so make sure you do this at least 2 weeks prior to your move.

2. Phone & Internet Connection

There is no life without an internet connection, especially if you are working from home. So, make sure you update the new address with the phone and internet service provider.

If you have a landline at your old house, you need to inform the company about the new address. This will allow them to re-connect the service at your new place and send the bills on time.

Make sure you inform your broadband service provider at least 3-4 days before your actual move for the reconnection of internet service at your new house. It is good to plan everything ahead of time to make moving to Melbourne enjoyable.

3. Electricity, Water and Gas

These are the most necessary tasks you must do as soon as you know a new address and your final moving date. When you reach your new place, it is imperative to have basic utilities at home, such as electricity, water, and gas service.

While transferring these utility services, make sure you inform the company so that they can shut off the service at your old home at the end of your moving day and re-connect it to your new house the day before you move in.

4. TV Cable

When you reach the new place, you might need television to entertain yourself or your family members. Plus, kids love to watch cartoons, and you can’t ignore updating your address when you are transferring your cable services.

5.Tax Companies

Update your new address with tax as well as revenue agencies before you move. All you need to do is to fill out the online form and mention your new address. If you are moving within Melbourne, visit Victoria’s official government website and search for the directions. The process is super simple and quick.

6. DVM

According to the checklist, it is important to update your driving license and vehicle registration when moving to the new home. You can easily update the Victorian driver license online. All you need to do is to log in to your myVicRoads account to change your address in a matter of a few clicks. It is the safest way to update personal details.

If you want to transport your household belongings to a new place safely, hire trained Melbourne removalists at the best price.

7. Bank and credit card companies

Inform your bank and credit card companies about your new address and request them to update your new residential address at least 2 weeks prior to your move. This will help you get all the important details and communications without any hindrance. You can also do the same by visiting the official website.

Change the address on your own if you are using online banking via your internet baking app.

8. Insurance Company

Be sure you notify the insurance provider agencies in advance about your new address. This will make it easy for them to contact you and deliver important documents.

9. Friends & Relatives

Update your new address with your close friends and family members. You can also throw a housewarming party and invite all your friends, relatives and new neighbours to your new home.


Keep this checklist in mind and follow all the steps when updating your new address before the final moving day. You can search for the best moving company in Melbourne and relocate your much-loved possessions safely and securely.