Things You Must Do Before Hiring A Moving Company
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Things You Must Do Before Hiring A Moving Company

Feb 07, 2020 Relocating to a new house or apartment in Melbourne can be overwhelming, which is why it is wise to hire a moving company. Finding reliable removalists to share the burden of relocation can help you save time and energy to complete crucial real estate formalities and official procedures. In addition, taking the assistance of professionals helps dedicate more time to comfort and support near and dear ones (especially the children & elderly) during the stressful time of moving. Therefore, if you’ve decided to avail professional removal services following are the things you must do before hiring a moving company in Melbourne.

Assess Your Belongings

When moving to a new home everything in the old place doesn’t need to be moved. On the contrary, expert removalists in Melbourne say it is practical and economical to declutter and downsize to have fewer things to pack and move. Hence, one or two months before the moving day, assess your belongings to discard, donate, and resell things. Pro tip: It is best to host a garage sale on the weekend and keep it during the day when planning to resell household items.

Create Your Moving Budget

In addition to assessing your belongings, it is crucial to know your moving requirements to create a moving budget. Some of the things to consider while estimating expenses are • Do you wish to hire professional removalists for both packing and transporting your property contents? • If you’re only hiring them to move the contents, then what will be the cost of purchasing packing supplies? • Are there delicate items and electronics that need to be moved because removalists charge extra for them? • Are you moving locally, interstate, or internationally? • Is there a requirement for moving insurance? Once you’ve considered and answered all these questions, prepare your tentative budget with inflated estimates and check how much can be spared from your saving account.

Search Online and Offline for Reliable & Affordable Moving Companies in Melbourne

Start searching for moving companies that offer removal services at competitive rates once your budget is ready. You can start by asking family members, friends, and neighbours for references. This way, you can obtain trusted feedback from known people and select a few removalists who are reliable. Besides conducting an offline search, look for reputed removalists in Melbourne who are working in the industry for years and enjoy excellent market reputation. For those who are inclined towards giving establishing and cheaper companies a chance, remember to do thorough research and beware of red flags. If a removal company’s claims are too good to be true, then it is better to refrain from hiring them to avoid getting scammed.

Look For Green Removalists in Melbourne

Bearing in mind the dire environmental impact of the ongoing bushfires in Australia, it is essential to be responsible while moving. Besides being mindful of disposing of household garbage, you should consider hiring green removalists in Melbourne that use recycled & biodegradable packing supplies and have moving trucks running on eco-friendly fuels. Also, inquire if they take measures to minimise their carbon prints. Do your bit for the environment by hiring a green removals company in Melbourne. It is necessary because the state of Victoria is among the worst-hit regions by the bushfires in Australia.

Check Reviews of Removalists and Get Client References

Don’t book a removal company before checking reviews, complaint forums, and client references even if it was recommended by someone trusted. If a company is good at executing its removal services, then the reviews will mostly be positive. Also, a good company will be able to provide client references because it is confident of its market reputation and quality of work. After checking the reviews and getting client feedback, it will be easier to shortlist a company to help manage your move.

Get Quotes from Different Moving Companies

It is wise not to put all your eggs in one basket. Therefore, get quotes from different moving companies to determine affordability. Nowadays, most reputed brands provide free quotes based on the services you avail. For example, your quote will be higher if packing and moving both are required than of someone who only wants transporting services. Also, if you avail additional services, they will cost more. While getting quotes, ask if their quotes are estimates or upfront because it will help you avoid surplus charges and pay more than intended after the job is done.

Ask About Safe Removals and Moving Insurance Policies

It is crucial to book a company that provides zero damage guarantee and promises safe removals of your belongings. Be wise and carefully read the terms & conditions listed on a company’s website to know policies in case of damage during transit, packing, and loading/unloading. Furthermore, learn about the moving insurance coverage the removal company provides and does it offer assistance to acquire insurance via a third party vendor? According to industry experts, most moving companies cannot sell insurance to customers directly. They can only assist by suggesting allied agencies that can help you obtain an insurance plan of choice. Therefore, beware of removalists advertising they offer moving insurances.

Wrapping Up

Hiring a moving company may seem daunting, but it is easy if the requirements are known, the budget is ready, and research is done correctly. Thus, ensure you do the things mentioned above and be proactive. Plan your move wisely and if it is up to you to decide the time to move, plan it during a non-peak season because it will help book reputed removalists in Melbourne at lower rates and reduce the stress of availability. However, if it’s not, then plan and book removalists at least one month in advance.