Things To Know When Moving To A Big City From A Small Town

Things To Know When Moving To A Big City From A Small Town

Mar 21, 2022 Living in a small town and suburb has its benefits and privileges. You can enjoy a peaceful, green and laidback atmosphere. However, the better job opportunities, high-rise apartments, vibrant nightlife and other high-end amenities have encouraged young adults to leave their small towns for a big city. A metropolitan city like Melbourne boasts modern infrastructure facilities, high-standard living, and excellent education system. Whether you are moving to find a better career option or enjoy a luxurious life, you need to do proper research and prepare everything in advance. Book experienced Melbourne removalists for a damage-free transition of precious household belongings. This will give you enough time to research things that may help you when moving to a big city from a small suburb or town. Let’s Get Started!

1. Search for the Suitable Neighbourhood

A location plays a vital role in determining the success of your relocation. Choosing the most suitable neighbourhood in Melbourne can help you enjoy top-rated amenities, culinary delights, hospitality services and other local facilities. Decide whether you want to live close to the Central Business District or on the outskirts depending on your estimated budget and preferences. You can either buy a new home or rent a property. To make a well-informed decision, you need to do proper research and find out the hotspots in the city. Contact a local real estate agent or property manager to get detailed information. They will help you know the top reasons to move to Melbourne. This, way you can make your final decision and move to the most suitable location. You can also visit the property in person and check the neighbourhood. Virtual tours during the COVID-19 outbreak have also emerged as a great option. You can also read the local news, property related blogs, etc, to find an ideal location for your new accommodation.

2. Know the Cost of Living

It can be a complete financial breakdown for many families or individuals planning a house move. If you want to establish a renowned career or do dream job in a big city, you have to think about the cost of living. The living cost in a cosmopolitan city is much higher than in a small town. Melbourne is one of the most expensive capital cities after Sydney. According to some stats, the estimated monthly costs of a family of four are $4,801 without rent, while a single person’s monthly costs are $1,338.78 without rent. This means living in a big city requires financial planning and support. You can search for the areas where the living cost is low. You can even live in a rental property for a few years until you better understand the neighbourhood.

3. Look for Online Job Boards

Things get a little more challenging when you decide to relocate without any job. Finding decent work in a big requires planning and research ahead of your final move. It is good to check local job boards online or visit other online platforms like LinkedIn. Make sure you find the desired job in the new city because Melbourne is known for its unlimited employment opportunities in almost all sectors.

4. Discover the Local Transportation System

Easy access to affordable public transportation is one of the great benefits when moving to a big city. You will have plenty of options, such as light rail, busses, trams and other transportation facilities. Do proper research and find everything about public transportation options in your new neighbourhood.

5. Prepare for Home Relocation

Organising home relocation is the most challenging thing, especially when moving from a small town. You can hire a good moving company in Melbourne for your precious possessions. Apart from this, de-clutter your home and get rid of unwanted items to reduce your moving load and budget. Packing household belongings early is one of the best ways to streamline the process. Make sure you handle the stress of moving by creating a proper checklist in advance.

6. Meet People Virtually

It will be a cultural shock for people moving from a small town to a big city. Adapting to a fast-paced life, loud atmosphere, eclectic nightlife, food and weather changes can be difficult for many people. You can minimise this stress by meeting local people online. Make social connections and meet like-minded people who share the same passion for exploring a new city. This will give you a good reason to relocate and start a better life. Facebook groups can also work wonders for finding locals. You can search for groups created for newcomers in the city.


Many youngsters and families move to Melbourne and other metropolitan cities from small towns to enjoy better education, career opportunities, amenities and a high standard of life. Leaving the comforts of spacious homes and peaceful life for a big and bustling city is difficult. The tips mentioned above in the article will make things easy for you. It is good to book a cheap removalists Melbourne in advance to alleviate your stress.