Tips For Packing And Unpacking When Moving House

Tips For Packing And Unpacking When Moving House

Aug 01, 2022 Boxing and unboxing your belongings are significant tasks to complete when moving house. Managing them correctly is crucial to avoid hassle on the moving day and ensure safe transit of property contents. Therefore, many people take the assistance of professional removalists in Melbourne to manage every aspect of their house move. Since the professionals have experience, expertise and equipment, they can pack and unpack your things skilfully. However, if you plan to complete these tasks yourself, here are tips by industry experts you must know.

Declutter & Make an Inventory

To keep track of things to pack and know the location of boxed belongings, make an inventory of items you want to take to your new home. Therefore, it is best to declutter first to eliminate unwanted and broken things. These steps will help you streamline the packing process and get adequate packing materials. Note: If you hire professional removalists Melbourne to pack your things, they will create the inventory, but you must declutter before they do.

Pack Room-by-Room

Always pack things in less-used rooms first and the most-used rooms last to ensure you can manage the task without stress. This strategy will help you load the moving truck with things you packed first and important things last, making it easier to unpack things of use first and settle in the new home quickly.

Don’t Rush

Wrapping and boxing your belongings is a crucial task that you must manage with ample time to avoid mishaps. Packing in a rush can jeopardise the security of your things and makes unpacking an unpleasant experience. Therefore, you must start decluttering and putting your things in boxes at least four weeks before moving. Note: If you are moving at short notice, instead of packing haphazardly, take the assistance of professional removalists in Melbourne, as they will save your time, energy and money.

Unpack Kitchen, Bathroom & Bedroom First

Settle your new home quickly by unpacking things from these important rooms first. You need cooking tools, toiletries and comfortable bedding to relax and re-energise after the stress of moving. If you have kids and pets, unbox their belongings before anything else to ensure they can feel at home while you take care of other things.

Label Everything Correctly

Labelling boxes accurately is extremely crucial to prevent damage to belongings and unpack them quickly. To manage this activity, get pre-cut and coloured labels, smudge-proof markers and scissors. Ensure to use the same colour labels for boxes containing things from the same room. For example, put red labels on all boxes containing kitchen supplies and white labels on everything from your bathroom. Similarly, you can colour code the contents of other rooms to ensure you can identify and handle them appropriately. Label boxes you want to unpack immediately upon arrival at the new home as ‘Open First’, ‘Essentials: (Bathroom/Kitchen/Bedroom)’ etc.

Have a Consistent Unpacking System

When unboxing any room’s things, have a consistent unpacking system like professional removalists in Melbourne by following these steps.
  • Check the label’s colour and tag to know what room’s items are inside the box.
  • Clean items with a microfiber cloth and stack similar items together.
  • Refer to the inventory list to keep track of your belongings and know if anything is missing.
  • Organise and place items at the designated place immediately after sorting to avoid clutter.
  • Keep things you don’t need for regular use like Christmas decorations, occasion wear, old memorabilia etc., packed. Store them in the basement, attic or storage unit to prevent clutter.
  • Ask every household member to unpack their belongings and set their rooms to divide work and get more done simultaneously.

Dismantle Large & Bulky Things

Disassemble furniture, electronic items, home décor items and other big things in your house to make packing and unpacking easier. Professional removalists in Melbourne dismantle large and bulky items to avoid toppling, pack them quickly and load in the moving truck without hassle. You should do the same and remember to take pictures/videos of complex items like home theatre system, couch, video-game console and more.

Keep an Essentials Bag Ready

On the moving day, you should have everything you need in a compact bag to carry in your personal vehicle. Pack the essentials bag at least a day or two before the move and keep medication, phone charger, toiletries, change of clothes, toiletries, snacks etc. Ensure everyone in your house packs an individual essentials bag to avoid stress and hassle on the moving day.

The Bottom Line

Managing packing and unpacking of your belongings is quick and easy when you streamline the tasks and know what to do when. You can hire professional removalists in Melbourne to manage your entire move. But, if you plan to do it yourself, follow the tips shared above and move out successfully.