Tips On How To Move A Piano

Tips On How To Move A Piano

Mar 16, 2021

The piano is one of the most difficult things to move during relocation because it is heavy and very vulnerable to scratches and dents. Any inappropriate method to lift or move the item can damage it and can even cause severe injury. Therefore, you might consider hiring the best removalists in Melbourne who has experience in moving a piano.

After all, it is an expensive item that has not only an aesthetic appeal but also sentimental value. As the professionals are technically sound and have the right equipment, they can easily move such a costly, heavy, and delicate musical instrument. They can bring the piano down through stairs or elevator without causing any damage.

However, there are many people who want to save the cost of a removals company and try to move the piano on their own. If you are also planning to do the same, then you will need some guidance. Here are some useful tips on how to move a piano.

Make Your Plans Properly

When you are moving an item like a piano, you need a lot of planning. The first thing you need to do is to know whether you have a spinet piano, a large upright piano or a grand piano. As these three categories are different in size, shape and weight, you need to make plans accordingly.

Prepare a route that you will use to move the musical instrument and make sure that it is spacious enough. Measure the door and other openings so the piano can pass through easily. You also need to arrange the right equipment, so you can load it into the truck without causing any damage or getting injured.

Involve Your Friends and Family

When you are planning to move such a valuable item without any professional help, make sure you involve your close friends and family member. It will minimise the chances of any kind of injury and accident. To move a grand piano, you will need three to four people. Try to find if any of your friends or family members has experience of moving a piano. Someone with experience can give you a lot of valuable advice and can help you to load it into the truck in a safe and secure manner.

Get the Right Equipment

To load the piano into the truck safely, you must invest in the right equipment. So, purchase or rent strong and durable straps that will give a perfect grip on the piano while moving and lifting. You will also require a furniture dolly, which can provide the much-needed support to the weight of the piano.

Use straps to secure the costly music instrument to the dolly and in the moving truck. Experienced removalists in Melbourne always use such equipment to ensure the safety of your piano. If you have any confusion, it is advisable to hire a removals company or consult with the experts. They will give you the right suggestions as per the type of piano you have.

Cover and Pack the Piano

Before you pack your piano, make sure that you close the keyboard lid and lock it. It will prevent the lid from opening during the move. You must protect the keys because they are one of the most delicate parts of the music instrument, so it can get damaged easily. If you are unable to lock the lid, close the lid and then cover the piano. Do not try to lock the lid using tape because the glue can leave behind marks on the surface of the piano.

Lift the Piano Properly

You must follow the right approach when lifting and moving the piano. Whether you are moving it to another location within your home or loading it into the truck, do not lift it by its legs. It is because the legs of a piano are fragile. You also need to ensure that the piano should remain in an upright position all the time during moving. Laying it on any side is not advisable because any inappropriate position can disturb the inner technicalities.

Hire Professionals

Perhaps the safest ways to move your furniture is to contact a reliable moving company in Melbourne. Their professionals have expertise in packing, loading and transporting all types of items, including piano. They use all the modern equipment and advanced methods that ensure the safety of your valuables throughout the process.

However, you need to make sure that you hire a genuine company. Therefore, start your research at the earliest and analyse all the companies properly. Do not hustle to choose a removals company.

The Bottom Line

A piano is costly, heavy and has an awkward shape that makes it so difficult to pack, lift and move. If you are emotionally attached to such a musical instrument and do not want it to get damaged, contact a reputed removals company in Melbourne. If you want to perform the task on your own, follow the useful tips that are mentioned above.