Top 12 Things To Do In Melbourne With Kids In 2022
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Top 12 Things To Do In Melbourne With Kids In 2022

Apr 22, 2022

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is one of the top cities in the country. It is a popular and populous metropolitan offering a great standard of living, economic stability, quality education and ample career opportunities to its residents.

Therefore, every year thousands of people migrate to this city regionally to live a comfortable life with their families. If you plan to move to Melbourne, the city is excellent for raising children. Melbourne has the best suburbs, a host of top-notch schools, modern amenities and much more to offer.

House moves are challenging for children, which is why you must do your best to help your children see the bright side of moving. You can hire professional removalists in Melbourne to pack and move your belongings without hassle and stress. Additionally, to make settling in easier for your family, here is a list of twelve things to do in Melbourne with kids in 2022.

1. Enjoy A Picnic At The Royal Botanic Gardens

Plan to have a picnic in the Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden which is located in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. It is a great place for children to explore, as it has a water feature, play tunnel, bamboo forest, kitchen garden and various plants. The garden is located at Birdwood Ave, Melbourne (3000) and is easily accessible via public transport or personal vehicles.

2. Visit The Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Have a fun day with your kids at the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium while exploring marine life and going on adventures. Here you can see fishes, sharks, penguins, seals, seahorses and various other sea life animals and learn about their activities. The aquarium is open all year round and has special events planned during school holidays. Your children can gain a lot of education in a fun way, making the excursion a memorable for them and you.

3. Explore Nearby Parks & Playgrounds

After your hired removalists in Melbourne move your things, and you have a few days to settle in the new home, take your kids to explore nearby parks and playgrounds. The city has several open spaces and parks offering its residents and visitors to partake in leisure activities. What’s more, Melbourne has over 40 playgrounds to provide children opportunities to develop cognitive, social and creative abilities.

4. Visit ArtVo

If your child exhibits artistic interests and you think about introducing them to the world of art, ArtVo is one of the best places to visit. It is Australia’s first immersive trick-art gallery with 3-D paintings, wonderful photos, and more. Kids often love the gallery because it is interactive, expansive and unlike traditional art museums that children find boring.

The tickets for children aged 0-4 years are free, and you have to pay for kids over the age of 5 years. You can get tickets for your family at discounted rates. Thus, plan a visit to the gallery without any hassle or stress after moving.

5. Ride The Melbourne Star

Visit one of the most iconic tourist destinations in Melbourne with your kids and tick off a thing from your things-to-do bucket list after moving. The Melbourne

Star is a fairground ride and among the only four giant observation wheels in the world. It provides a 360º of the city for 30 minutes from a height of 120 meters. Since the wheel has temperature-controlled cabins, your entire ride is comfortable and suitable for children.

6. Take Your Kids To The Melbourne Museum

If you have school-going kids interested in history, culture and heritage, the Melbourne Museum is excellent for them to attend various exhibitions, activities, special events and more. You can also enrol your kids in school holiday programs to keep them occupied and happy after moving. The museum is also a great place for babies and pre-schoolers due to its great children’s gallery.

7. Have Fun At The Zoo

Do you know children under the age of 16 years can visit the Melbourne Zoo for free? This condition is valid on weekends and Victorian public/government school holidays for the Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo.

It is a welcome opportunity since a house move is financially taxing, but you can take your children to the zoo without spending too much on a day trip. By visiting the zoo with your kids, you can reduce the stress of moving and help your family bond better after the overwhelming experience.

8. Go To The District Docklands

To explore multiple things in one place, the District Docklands is a great place, as it has several family attractions and places to eat. People often come to the shopping centre with their children to spend leisure time and get entertainment. Since the commercial establishment is well connected and centrally located, you can plan to visit it immediately after your hired removalists Melbourne move your things and you have unpacked.

9. Have An Experience Unlike Any Before At DreamCity

What does your child want to become? Help him/her explore options and decide at the DreamCity. Here they can get a taste of their dream job since the place has provisions to help kids operate flight simulators, fight virtual fires, record a podcast, undertake surgeries and do much more. At DreamCity, the possibilities are endless, and your kid can have a unique experience to allow them to know what they do and don’t like.

10. Go To Federation Square

Want to have an economical family day out after moving on a tight budget? Take your kids to Federation Square, where multiple events happen annually, and kids and adults alike can partake in various activities free of cost. It is a great tourist attraction which is why locals and visitors alike come to Federation Square. If you come here with family, you can have good food, interact with people and have a gala time.

11. Plan To Visit The ‘MoPA: Museum of Play and Art

MoPA is set to open in the mid of 2022 and if you are in Melbourne by that time, you can take your kids to the place and have a lot of fun. The project is funded by the Victorian Government and fulfilled by the talented Tom Mahon and Billie Georgieff, who are also Geelong’s MoPA founders.

Via this museum, your children can have a unique experience and look forward to the upcoming move. Thus, besides booking removalists in Melbourne, packing and taking care of other moving-related tasks, plan to visit this attraction as well.

12. Amuse Kids At Luna Park

It is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and a great place to have exciting and memorable times with your kids. The part has about 18 rides, places to eat and much more to explore. You kids can play games, walk around attractions and take photographs in front of the giant entry area with a smiling faces. The park is open on weekends (Friday – Sunday) and seven days a week during Victorian School Holidays.

The Bottom Line

When you move to a new home with kids, it is essential you make the event less stressful for them. Thus, you must plan to do them all or some of the things to do in Melbourne after your move. Also, hire professional removalists in Melbourne to manage your relocation smoothly and to give you the time and energy to spend more time with your family.