What Are Some Useful Hacks To Make ‘Moving Homes’ Easier?
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What Are Some Useful Hacks To Make ‘Moving Homes’ Easier?

Jul 02, 2019 Relocating to a new place is always exciting. However, when you think about the belongings that you need to carry, the excitement changes into stress in the blink of an eye. From planning, packing and transfer of utilities to end of lease cleaning, loading and transporting, the moving process is demanding. Whether you are moving on your own, or have hired professional removalists in Melbourne, this procedure can make you confused and frustrated. Fortunately, some hacks can make the entire process of relocation easier by completing the essential tasks in a hassle-free manner. Try the following hacks while packing your stuff and discover innovative ways to improve the moving process. Let’s have a look.

1. You Should Have A Moving Day Kit

When you are packing your belongings, make sure that you pack a separate box with all your essential things and keep it with you. This should include a pair of clothes, toiletries, laptop & phone chargers, toothbrush, etc. Keep those things in the kit which you will require immediately after moving. This box should also have items that you will need to unpack other boxes once you reach your new place – like cleaning supplies, a box cutter, trash bags and other essential tools.

2. Transfer Your Utilities In Advance

When it comes to transferring utility services in Melbourne, in most cases you can apply for a change in address at least one month in advance. That way you don’t need to wait at your new place to activate the supply of water and electricity. Mention the specific date so that you can enjoy all kinds of services immediately after moving to your new location. It’s also wise to contact the internet service provider in advance and submit a change of address form to the post office a couple of weeks before you relocate.

3. Take Pictures For Reference

If you want to recreate something exactly the same way as it was kept at your old place – for instance, the way your bookshelf was organised, or the TV cords that were fixed in a specific way – take a couple of pictures before you remove them and start packing. You can use these photographs as a reference in your new home. This way you will save time and effort.

4. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

One of the most useful hacks to make relocation easier is to ensure that you are taking only those items to your new place that are useful for you. Get rid of all those things that you don’t need any more. You can sell them, donate them to charity or throw them. So, first, scan your belongings and gather all your useful items. Sell or donate things that you don’t use any more like books, clothes, shoes, etc. And throw away the items that are broken or not working like old electronic gadgets. Thus you will save space, time, and most importantly, money.

5. Start Packing As Early As Possible

Start your packing as early as possible, at least a month before you move, especially when you are moving with kids on board. No matter how good you are at packing, the process always takes more time than you expect. People often overlook the fact that the more time they will invest in early packing, the less they will be worried on the day of moving. Make a plan and deal with one room at a time. If you start one month in advance, you need to spend less than an hour per day to pack your belongings. And you will find that everything has been perfectly packed in an effortless manner.

6. Prepare A Catalogue Of Your Items

When you pack your boxes, do not forget to number them. Grab your notepad and prepare a detailed catalogue, so that you know which items have been kept in a specific box. That way, you will know which kitchen box has the plates and spoons, which one has the coffeemaker and which has the grater and spatulas. This method is also an effective way to make sure that all your items are safe and secure. If any of your boxes gets misplaced, you will know what you are looking for.

7. Hire Professional Removalists

People often contact professional and reliable removalists in Melbourne for relocating. This is by far the best hack to make your moving easier because they have experience in all types of removals and the technical knowledge to use modern equipment. They know how to pack things quickly and in an organised manner. The professionals also have expertise in packing and loading bulky appliances and expensive furniture. However, make sure that you contact them early. They might not be available at the last moment.


When the moving day is around the corner, the thought of packing all your belongings can be disturbing. You get trapped in so many responsibilities at the same time that it becomes difficult to execute the planning. However, with the help of the hacks mentioned above, you can experience a quick and smooth moving process.