Want A Fresh Start? Why Not Relocate To Melbourne?
view of melbourne city street

Want A Fresh Start? Why Not Relocate To Melbourne?

Mar 26, 2018 Melbourne is Australia’s one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural city. Its culture is rich with festivities, foods, unique customs, and art. The city has paved European-style picturesque lanes, beautiful historical buildings, and equally striking gardens and parks. Clear blue skies, golden beaches and suburbs and the easy-going lifestyle are the major lures for those who want to relocate to this city and want to start afresh. Melbourne’s many assets have made it repeatedly voted as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Melbourne is an amazing place to live with a surfeit of activities to do. It offers plenty of career prospects and provides first class education. The city is quite welcoming of migrants looking for work and set a new career and life. To give your life a renewed start, no other place can be better than a city like Melbourne where there is always, something to do and you can never be bored or disappointed due to its versatility in every aspect. However, moving to a big city like Melbourne can be tricky and hence having the assistance of professional and reliable interstate removalists in Melbourne can make the process much simple and smoother. Engage Better Removalist Melbourne and they will help you in relocating without a struggle. Following are some reasons why you should move to Melbourne as it has everything you could want and need:


Looking for a good place to live is easy in Melbourne however the prices vary according to the suburbs. The houses that are nearer to the city are smaller while the ones that are further in the outer areas are bigger with larger backyards. However, you can easily afford to rent or buy accommodation in Melbourne. City of Suburbs- Melbourne is known for its leafy and gorgeous suburbs. You can choose any of the suburbs to reside. Here are a few popular suburbs: Yarraville-Is a suburb that gives a village feel. Brunswick– Is full of world famous vegan cafes and is multicultural. Carlton/Fitzroy– Is situated in the inner north and has a great café culture. South Yarra– Is an affluent area and great for shopping St Kilda– Beach with great cafes and backpacker culture.

Better Career Prospects

Career prospect is probably the second most important factor that comes after housing while relocating to a new city. If you move to Melbourne, you will never face the employment-related issue, as the Victorian economy is quite strong here. Melbourne offers excellent employment opportunities in various fields. For those seeking work opportunities will be equally granted job opportunities in different areas. The city has several employers in every sector. There are numerous job opportunities for the young professionals as well as experienced workers. The job market here boasts some of the most exceptional opportunities in the world. The average salaries are attractive, and the tax brackets are also reasonable. Here, you will get so many opportunities that you can kick-start your career in any field. Melbourne job market openly embraces new people and respect their talents. The city offers some great business opportunities as entrepreneurship has been flourishing in Melbourne since long now. The best examples of this are the world-famous names like K-Mart and Target, which are based here in Melbourne.

Renowned Schools and Universities

Education in Melbourne is excellent with wonderful schools and universities. The city has some of the world’s best universities and schools from all around the world. You will find many international schools that provide first class education to prepare your child for future. In fact, the state government sponsors all four-year-olds to cut down the costs. There are wonderful universities with high standards of education. The city is famous for having Australia’s largest university- Monash University. If you are moving with kids, Melbourne is the ideal location for you.

Great Transport System

The primary requirement that everyone looks for while moving to a new city is the means of transportation. Everyone wants an accessible and convenient public transport so that you can conveniently reach your workplace, grocery store and roam around the city. You rely heavily on public transportation to get to different places. Melbourne has the best public transport system in Australia. Getting around is a lot easier because of a plethora of trams, buses and trains. With free trams around the city, many transport costs are quite low. The city is in fact readily walkable due to its grid system planning; it is so simple to walk around the CBD and visit Queen Victoria Market, the Yarra River, and Bourke Street Mall.

Sports Capital

If you are a sports lover, then Melbourne is the place for you. It has a lot of activities going around all year. The city has plenty of sports including football, cricket, tennis, rugby etc. You can establish a sports career easily and conveniently with so many sports academies and opportunities available. AFL is the biggest highlight of the year and is the famous Melbourne Cup. The city has Australia’s largest sports stadium –the renowned Melbourne Cricket Stadium that hosts a range of cricket matches and other sports throughout the year.

The Fashion Capital

Melbourne is called fashion capital of Australia. If you have an incline for fashion, then Melbourne is for you. You can establish a career in fashion as you will get meet some best fashion people and visit some great fashion places in the city. Two main shopping areas are Bourke Street Mall and Collins Street, while Chapel Street is the most popular street outside of the city. Chadstone Shopping Centre is the most extensive shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere. Brunswick Street in Fitzroy is for Vintage shoppers. Harbour town and DFO centres in Docklands are the favourite shopping spots for bargain hunters.

Sensational Lifestyle

Melbourne is famous for having different festivals and events taking place whole year, and the best part is that most of these events are free. If you plan to move here, there are no chances of getting bored. People are genuinely friendly- The people in Melbourne are warm and welcoming, and therefore you don’t have to be cautious about the new city and to make new friends. People here generally do not hesitate to open to new people and are usually open-minded and approachable. The city also has lovely weather. Melbourne doesn’t have the same weather throughout the year. Living here means you are going to experience both summer and winter.


The culture of Melbourne is flourishing with music, art and theatre that entertain all year. The city is full of hidden shops, cool laneways, art galleries and theatres. The most famous entertainment places: Queen Victoria Market, Luna Park etc. Phillip Island is one of the most popular natural destinations close to Melbourne is where you can take a day trip to the beach and explore this spectacular area. Epic Nightlife– Melbourne has the most vibrant night-life. Every city has nightclubs, but the ones in this city are the best. There are plenty of excellent rooftop bars, and beautiful restaurants’ and the food is delicious and exciting. If you have a fetish for Italian food, then go to Lygon Street, and if you love Chinese food, then Chinatown is the place for you. Some of the best nightclubs include CBD, St Kilda, Brunswick and Fitzroy.


Melbourne is multicultural due to immigration, and it has been evolving since the day it was established. Hence moving to Melbourne will prove as one of the best life decision you will ever make. Melbourne is one of the favourite cities of people all around the world, and it has been the first choice of immigrants as well as localities of Australia. If you want to give a refreshing start to your life by locating to this beautiful city, then take help of Better Removalists Melbourne so that your relocation is easy and move stress-free. They have immense experience in relocating people to Melbourne and can make your moving experience harmonious.