What Is Backloading? A Guide To Cost-Effective Moving

What Is Backloading? A Guide To Cost-Effective Moving

Jan 03, 2023

Moving house is a mentally and physically draining experience. However, people feel the most stressed because they have to pay for fixed and one-off expenses like a rental bond, removal services, utility set-up fees etc. Moving is expensive as it can cost up to $3000 for local relocation and about $8000 for a long-distance/interstate move.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that many people choose a backloading service from budget removalists Melbourne. On average, a backloading job out of Melbourne can cost up to $1,564.11, usually $171.13 per cubic meter. It is a cost-effective moving option; if you want to know everything about it, read on.

What is Backloading?

Reputed removalists in Melbourne offer a backloading option, which is a more cost-effective way to get your things moved. Since moving trucks coming back empty from a job is a wasted resource for moving companies, they prefer it filled with contents.

Therefore, they offer space on a moving truck at economical charges, and you can get your things moved at significantly less cost than a full moving service.

Since backloading prevents a truck from coming back empty, you only pay for the space your moving boxes, and furniture takes on the truck. However, unlike a standard moving service, backloading can take time. You need to be flexible because space will be available to move your contents only when a truck has finished a job.

Therefore, it is best to avail a backloading service when you have a light moving load or your moving budget is tight, and you have to relocate long-distance (over 80km) or interstate.

Advantages of Backloading

Over the years, more and more people have hired removalists in Melbourne for backloading because it is cost-effective. But, there are other reasons you should consider it, as backloading also has the following advantages.

  • Only Pay for Occupied Space

When you hire a standard moving service, you must pay the standard rate even if the moving truck has empty space. However, when you hire removalists in Melbourne for backloading, you only pay for the space your belongings take on the truck. Thus, choosing the right-sized truck is not an issue.

  • Move Eco-friendlily

Backloading promotes sustainable relocation compared to individual moving options because your belongings are loaded on a truck that is coming back from another job. Instead of wasting fuel bringing a truck empty, green removalists in Melbourne offer a backloading option. This solution is especially sustainable when the travel time is significant.

  • Backloading is the Cheapest Way

When you have to move on a tight budget long distance, choosing the cheapest way to move your belongings is a wise and practical solution. Therefore, book removalists in Melbourne at least four weeks before moving and avail their backloading service to ensure your things get moved in time. The process is slower than a standard moving service and requires flexibility, but you can save hundreds of dollars.

Things To Keep in Mind

Although backloading is the cheapest way to move, you still have to ascertain if it is the best option for you. Hiring a full-moving service will be a better choice when you are moving at short notice because you need an immediate solution.

You will need to spend more for booking last minute, but you can avoid stress and hassle. Additionally, before booking a backloading service, keep the following things in mind.

  • Removalists in Melbourne can load and move the belongings of multiple households on a backloading truck. Therefore, be ready to share space with other people.
  • Backloading takes time, which is why you always ask how long your things will take to arrive at the new home.
  • Label moving boxes and furniture carefully and meticulously because the risk of mix-up is high during backloading.
  • This option is the best when you are moving to another state. For a short move, consider hiring local removalists in Melbourne.
  • Avail backloading service from a licensed removal company to ensure your things are safely transported.
  • Get moving insurance to keep your belongings covered during transit. Most reputed removalists in Melbourne offer basic liability coverage, which isn’t enough to compensate for significant damage. It only protects your things during handling and not during transit.
  • Pare down before packing and availing a backloading service. Even though the option is economical, you still must only wrap and box things you really need at the new home.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a new home is challenging, especially when moving long-distance or interstate. It is not only emotionally and physically taxing but also expensive.

Therefore, if you have a tight moving budget, avail a backloading service to reduce moving expenses and ensure your things reach the new house safely. Book the service via reputed removalists in Melbourne and use this guide to learn everything about backloading.