What To Unpack First In Your New Home

What To Unpack First In Your New Home

Dec 16, 2022 Most people procrastinate unpacking after enduring the stress & exhaustion of moving. However, the longer you wait, the more stressed you will feel. Chronic stress is bad for your mental well-being, as untreated stress can turn into anxiety disorder or depression. Unpacking is also necessary to settle in the house comfortably and feel energetic in your new home. If you want to avoid the drudgery of unpacking, hire professional removalists in Melbourne who can pack and unpack your things. They can help organise your house and reduce moving hassle. However, if you choose to unpack yourself, start with the following things first to get things moving and feel at home from day one. Also, read on to know what to do before unpacking.

Before Unpacking

Get in the mood to make the new house your home by doing the things below.
  • Clean and prepare the property to reduce the risk of allergies and infections. People often fall sick after moving house because the new home has dust and germs.
  • Check the inventory list upon arrival to ensure all your belongings are unloaded from the moving truck. It is also necessary to avoid forgetting things behind.
  • Outline space for large and bulky furniture before the move.


To unpack well, you must pack strategically, ensuring to box essentials for running your home for a few days upon the arrival. These things include disposable cutlery, toiletries, food packets, beverages, small cooking appliances, towels, change of clothes, bedding, chargers, medications etc. Remember, a moving essentials bag differs from essential boxes for the entire household. You must pack these boxes keeping in mind every household member’s needs. Make sure to label these boxes essentials and unload them first to ensure your hired removalists in Melbourne load them last on the moving truck.

Kids’ & Pets’ Belongings

House moves are more challenging for kids and pets, which is why we aim to make them at home immediately after moving to the new house. Unpack their clothes, toys, blankets, utensils and other essentials before you do anything else. Set up their room or a safe space for them to rest, eat and play without interruption for you or your hired removalists in Melbourne. Also, keep their medication on hand in case they get sick after travel. You can allow a little screen time to keep children busy and out of harm’s way. As for pets, ensure their crate is comfortable and stocked with food to keep them safe while you take care of moving tasks.

Set Up the Kitchen

You can work efficiently when you eat on time and well. Therefore, unpacking the kitchen first is a no-brainer. You can quickly set up this room if you have labelled the boxes correctly. Open the boxes to check the contents and hook major appliances first. Also, set up everyday use appliances like tea/coffee maker, toaster, blender etc. Line the cabinets and drawers first with the cutlery you will need immediately. Also, take out pots, pans and other cooking tools necessary to start making food at home as soon as possible. If you are still confused, start from the top by lining the cabinetry, then the countertops and the lower drawers last.

Make The Bedrooms Comfy

After a tiring house move, taking a nap sounds wonderful and provides the much-needed rest you deserve. Therefore, besides setting up the kitchen, unpack bedroom essentials to get comfortable after moving. Place the mattresses, bedsheets, pullovers and comforters in the room. Furthermore, decide on the floorplan for the closets and other furniture to unpack your clothes and other bedroom items as well. Ideally, you should visit the new home before the move to finalise the floor plan and ensure your hired removalists in Melbourne keep the furniture where you want.

Set Up the Home Office

If you are working remotely, setting up the home office is essential. Once the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are functional, keep your desk, important documents, system and other office essentials in a clean space. You can dedicate a room to the office or a specific area in the house. Just make sure you can neatly keep your paperwork, computer, internet connection and furniture. To make unpacking quicker, start by keeping the office desk first and work around it to keep your focus while unboxing things.

The Bottom Line

Once you have unpacked essentials for important rooms, gradually keep unboxing and placing things in your home. Don’t rush the process, as it can take up to one to unpack fully. If you don’t want the hassle, hire professional removalists Melbourne to pack, move and unpack your belongings. But, to do it yourself, use the insights above to know what to do before unboxing your belongings and do it like a pro.