Where To Donate Furniture In Melbourne When Moving House

Where To Donate Furniture In Melbourne When Moving House

Mar 07, 2023

A house move is the perfect opportunity to give away unwanted things that serve no purpose or won’t fit in any room in your new home. Paring down is essential to lessen your packing load and the overall moving cost. Furniture is among the first things you must get rid of, especially when you have lived in a house/apartment for years.

It is challenging and tiring to pack, handle and transport furniture. Hence, if you hire professional removalists in Melbourne, they can charge about $140 per hour and more if you have bulky furniture.

You must declutter before packing and creating an inventory. Also, keep the list of charities and places that accept pre-loved furniture ready to give it away without hassle.

Thus, here is your complete guide to donating furniture in Melbourne when moving house.

Advantages of Donating Furniture

Besides decreasing house moving cost and load on your hired removalists in Melbourne, donating furniture has multiple other advantages. The most important ones are mentioned as follows.

Give back to the community

Everyone has a social responsibility, and as a community member, you must give back. Donating furniture allows you to help those in need and provide them with something not useful to you.

Save tax

Donations to not-for-profit organisations are non-taxable, and you can write off these donations at the end of the financial year. Keep the receipt of the donation to share when necessary.

Help the environment

Often the furniture you dump without care ends up in the landfill. Therefore, you add to the waste and recycling management problem of Australia. Therefore, by donating, you recycle and reuse furniture, helping preserve the environment.

Where to Donate Furniture in Melbourne?

Once your moving date is final, pick the furniture you want to donate and move it to the garage. Also, create an inventory list to note the items and then you can start preparing for donations.

You can check the ACNC-registry to find local charities and not-for-profit organisations in your area that accept furniture. Additionally, you can give away furniture to the following places in Melbourne.

West Welcome Wagon

One of the top organisations in Melbourne supporting asylum seekers is the West Welcome Wagon. It is a not-for-profit organisation that gives material aid and assistance to local asylum seekers who need help after coming to Australia. The organisation is predominantly active in Melbourne West and assists more than 500 households.

They take small as well as bulky furniture items like beds, drawers, tables, chairs, etc. You must email the organisation to schedule a delivery or a pickup (only for residents of Melbourne’s Western Municipalities). If you worry about forgetting to contact the organization, add this task to your house moving checklist.

Brotherhood of St Laurence

The Brotherhood of St Laurence is a social justice organisation dedicated to fighting poverty and helping disadvantaged Australians. This organisation offers free-up service for donated goods, making giving away your furniture quick and help you manage a faster easier move.

They have a host of Op Shops across Melbourne and Greater Geelong where they sell quality goods to raise funds for their initiatives and programs.

Sacred Heart Mission

Dedicated to helping homeless people, the Scared Heart Mission also has a host of Op Shops to which you can donate furniture and household items. Through these shops, they generate funds for supporting their social programs and meeting the needs of disadvantaged people.

You can deliver furniture in good condition to a local Op Shop or arrange a pickup service. Make sure to complete this step before you book removalists in Melbourne to get rid of unwanted furniture.


GIVIT is a reputed platform where you can donate furniture and other items without hassle. You can either fulfil requirements already posted on the website or list the furniture to allow people/organisations to reach out. You need to mention your location, details and other useful information, and once you have someone reach out, you can decide to deliver the furniture or arrange a pickup.

St Kilda Mums

Have your kids outgrown their beds or nursery furniture? You can give it to St Kilda Mums, an organisation dedicated to collecting pre-loved baby/children’s furniture. The organisation collabs with social service agencies to help mothers and parents. Therefore, you can rest assured your kid’s furniture will end up with someone who really needs it for their child.

People Who Care

People Who Care helps people with disability, senior citizens, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, and families moving on from crises. They collect furniture and other donated goods from your doorstep with the help of volunteers.

Schedule the pickup before your removalists in Melbourne arrive to move your belongings. Alternatively, you can also drop the goods, which are either distributed via their Starting Over Support (SOS) service or sold at their Curios and Collectable Shop to raise funds for the needy.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new house doesn’t have to feel stressful and overwhelming. You can feel good by donating furniture, which is also excellent for reducing cost of your house move. Thus, before you book removalists and start packing, pare down to set aside furniture to give away. Also, use this guide to donate the furniture to the best places and manage your move smoothly.