Where To Donate Your Furniture When Moving- Schedule A Charity Donation Pickup
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Where To Donate Your Furniture When Moving- Schedule A Charity Donation Pickup

Mar 13, 2020

Are you moving to a place that doesn’t have sufficient space for your old furniture? Then you must get rid of it before hiring professional removalists in Melbourne to move your belongings. Try to conduct a garage sale where you can sell your furniture along with many other things. If you are unable to sell it or not getting enough money to make a difference, the best thing would be to donate it.

You can easily schedule a furniture donation pick up and help a person in need. Here is all the essential information on where to donate your furniture and how to plan a charity donation pickup. Have a look!

Where to donate your Furniture

It is always a good decision to get rid of your old and bulky furniture when moving to a new home. This decluttering process helps you to plan in a better way and reduce overall packing and moving effort. However, you should donate it to the right place. Do a little bit of research on the internet, and you will find many non-profit organisations in Melbourne who can pick donated furniture from different places and provide them to people and small organisations that need it.

Advantages of Donating Furniture

If you are donating your furniture, then you are not only helping the environment and someone in need but also yourself. You can make a little money for your contribution. You keep the receipt and claim the furniture donation pickup on your tax return. Moreover, if you are moving out of the rental property, donating furniture can also avoid any risk of getting bond money deducted for leaving behind unwanted furniture.

And let’s not forget the environment factor! Every year, Australians add million tons of furniture to landfills. If you want to change the scenario, there is hope. Since donating the furniture is a kind of recycling process, you should consider this option seriously. And, at the end of the day, you can feel satisfied with helping someone in need.

Requirements for Furniture Donation Pickup

Before you schedule a furniture donation pick up, you must know about the requirements. When you are deciding whether a piece of furniture is eligible for donation or not, its condition is the most crucial factor you need to consider. There are many donation centres in Melbourne who want the donated items to be in good condition. It should be free from any tears, strong odours, stains, or cracks. If anything is in poor shape, the donation recipient is most likely to refuse it.

To schedule a charity donation pickup, you don’t need to wait until the last second.You can donate the furniture even before hiring experienced removalists in Melbourne. Many organisations who accept such donation have rules and restrictions on the type of furniture they will accept. For instance, there are some organisations who don’t accept box springs or mattresses. Thus, you need to be a little careful while choosing an organisation for donation. You should also double-check their donation requirements.

How to Evaluate Your Furniture for Donation Pickup?

If you want your donated furniture to be tax-deductible, you need to make sure that the organisation (you are donating furniture) is approved as a deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) by Australian Tax Office (ATO).

For that, first, you need to evaluate the price of the furniture. There are numerous websites from where you can get an accurate estimation. When pricing your furniture, consider the age factor and condition. If you need any professional guidance in this matter, always consult an experienced tax advisor in Melbourne.

Charity Donation Pickup – Schedule Procedure

There are several non-profit organisations in Melbourne who accept such donation. The first thing you need to do is to research about such organisations and find a suitable one for your furniture donation. Visit their website, share some basic details, your pin code and choose a convenient date and time.

If any organisation doesn’t have any online form, then you can contact different locations by phone and arrange a date for donation pickup. Different organisations have a different set of rules and requirements. Thus you must read them properly before booking for furniture donation pickup.

Donate Your Furniture Locally

If you want to donate your furniture locally, there are a couple of options.

Homeless Shelters

Such places provide temporary shelter and meals to hundreds of homeless people. They often need furniture like beds, table chairs, etc.

Local Thrift Stores

Look for thrift stores in Melbourne and donate them your furniture. Many stores operate as non-profit or donate a good percentage of their profit to this type of charity.


If you want to get rid of your furniture, you have numerous options for donating unwanted furnishings. So, call your local thrift store, visit a homeless shelter or schedule your furniture donation pickup online. Choose the best option available to you. This will help the community, the environment, as well as your wallet.