Which Melbourne Suburbs Have The Best Primary Schools?

Which Melbourne Suburbs Have The Best Primary Schools?

Jun 03, 2022

Have you decided to move to beautiful Melbourne but are wondering which suburb would be best for your kids to live in? Melbourne has many gorgeous suburbs, and each of them has its own charm, but many of these suburbs have some of the best primary schools where your kids can study.

You will find that majority of the people are shifting to these suburbs mainly because of these primary schools. If you need help finding a suburb in Melbourne with good primary schools, you can read below.

Go and check out these suburbs to live in Melbourne while expert removalists in Melbourne handle all your packing and moving of your belongings so that you can shift into the suburb you want without any worries.

Here are some of the Melbourne suburbs that have the best primary schools:

1. Yarraville

You will love the beautiful and bustling Yarraville suburb. It is only 6 kilometres west of the Melbourne Central Business District and has some of the best attractions like the Sun Theater, Dinosaur Park Reserve, Stony Creek Reserve and Park and more. There are also plenty of architectural marvels, stunning parks and cute cafes where you could enjoy a gala time with your family.

It is also an excellent location for your kids as it has some of the top-ranking primary schools here where your kids can learn high-quality education and excel in their academics. If this is the kind of environment you are looking for, you can always hire expert removalists in Melbourne to help you pack and move your belongings to Yarraville.

2. Princes Hill

Another great suburb in the inner Melbourne area is Princess Hill, which has one of the best proximities to the best primary schools and secondary and special schools.

Your kids will love this suburb if they are just starting primary school as they will find a lot of children their own age and will be able to make a lot of friends in this quiet but pretty suburb.

There are also plenty of scenic parks where you and your family can enjoy fun picnics and make some great memories. Besides this, there are also plenty of good restaurants and cafes here for you to choose from.

3. Coburg

Located in Northern Melbourne, Coburg has some of the best primary schools where your kids will get the best kind of quality education. Coburg is also famous for other attractions like:

  • Besides good schools, your kids will also enjoy riding their bikes along the Merri Creek Trail and the Coburg Lake Reserve.
  • You can also take them for family picnics at Harmony Park or watch a game at the Coburg City Oval stadium.
  • There are also farmer’s markets, fancy restaurants and exciting retail shops in this suburb where you can spend time with your kids when you move in here.

4. Canterbury

If you have already hired cheap removalists Melbourne to handle all your packing and moving, you should check out Canterbury in Melbourne. This suburb has some of the top-ranked primary schools in Melbourne and is one of Australia’s most sophisticated and high-class suburbs.

Your child will get a good education here and a chance to explore beautifully tree-lined streets and historical monuments and sites. You can also take your children to the Canterbury Park Racecourse in this suburb, where they will get to see some exciting races and enjoy a fun day.

5. Bundoora

One of Melbourne’s most scenic and attractive neighbourhoods is the Bundoora suburb, which has several parks and lake reservoirs and is perfect for your family. There are plenty of good primary schools here for your kids, as well as several university campuses as well.

You can take your kids for a walk to the Gresswell Forest Nature Conservation Reserve and the family farm at the Bundoora park and let them learn more about nature. There are also plenty of housing options here so that you can move all your belongings here with the help of removal experts in Melbourne.

6. Burwood East

If you are looking for a suburb that has more affordable housing and good government schools and colleges, you should look at Burwood East. This suburb has excellent family restaurants and nature reserves where you and your family can spend some fun moments with each other.

7. Werribee

Werribee is one of the prime locations in Melbourne, where you will find attractive parks and rose gardens so that your kids can grow up in the lap of nature. There are many more attractions in this suburb, such as:

  • Besides the parks, there is also a world-class zoo called the Werribee Open Range Zoo which will be an exciting learning experience for kids where they will get to see a variety of animals.
  • It would be best if you also took them to the RAAF Museum, where they will view several displays and artefacts and get some new knowledge.
  • There are also several excellent primary schools here, so you will be giving your kid the best educational opportunities if you shift to this suburb in Melbourne.

8. Ormond

Located in southern Melbourne, Ormond is a well-connected suburb by public transport and has some of the best educational institutions in Australia. There are some excellent primary and secondary schools here where you can enrol your kids and help them get a good knowledge base.

You can get started on this grand adventure today by hiring local removalists in Melbourne to help you move to this suburb with your family and reduce the load of moving cost. Besides giving your kids a good education, you will also be giving them a friendly environment filled with parks and reserves where they will feel closer to nature.

There are also several kids in this area, so your little ones will be able to make a lot of friends and enjoy their time in this suburb of Melbourne.


The above suburbs in Melbourne are great options for your kids as they have good primary schools and several scenic parks and nature reserves, which will help your child’s overall development.