Which Moving Supplies Can Be Recycled?

Which Moving Supplies Can Be Recycled?

Jul 02, 2020

Unpacking household belongings is as time-consuming as packing them for a safe and damage-free relocation. After you have moved into the new place, you will encounter stacks of moving supplies and packing materials around your house. This is one of the biggest post-relocation issues that you will need to resolve it promptly.

While some moving supplies only increase the piles of waste items, there are many packaging materials that can be recycled. To let you make the most out of your money, we will help you decide which moving supplies can be recycled. This can help you take one step closer towards a sustainable living – which has become a need of an hour.

Highly-trained removalists in Melbourne also suggest you make a list of things that you need while packing your belongings. It will help you what supplies can be ditched and what can be used again.

Here is a complete list of packaging supplies that you can easily recycle properly and efficiently.

1. Cardboard Boxes

Different sizes of moving boxes are great when it comes to keeping valuable household items intact throughout the process. Put all your precious household items in your cardboard boxes and transit them without causing any damage.

However, the real challenge occurs when you see stacks on stacks of empty boxes after you’ve moved into your new house. If you are wondering what to do with all these empty moving boxes, you will be happy to know that you can recycle them easily.

Instead of tossing them, you can do the following things with moving boxes after home relocation:

Use as Storage Boxes

You can use empty boxes to store items such as decoration stuff, documents, seasonal clothing, etc. It is good to label all of your boxes so that you can find contents without wasting your time.

Save them for a Future Move

If the leftover boxes are in good condition, you can store and reuse them in the future. This will help you save a lot of money when you move next time.

Creatively Use them

Use them to protect areas while painting, during oil changes and other activities. Instead of throwing them away, you can do something like this to get the most out of them.

Donate them to Local Charity

If you don’t want to use empty boxes again, you can give them away to local charities in Melbourne or community programs.

Safely Recycle Them

Converting old cardboard boxes into new ones require just 75 per cent of the energy. Recycling boxes produces 50 per cent sulphur dioxide as compared to making new boxes from raw materials.

2. Packing Paper

Packing paper is used to wrap precious or fragile belongings so that they remain protected during the lifting and lifting process. The best part about packing paper is that they can be recycled or can save it for future use.

You can store them in clean plastic bags. Use zipper bags to keep dust, bugs, and moisture away from the packing paper. If the packing paper gets damaged, you can cover the floors during home renovations and repairs. You can also add them to a recycling container so that they can be used as a raw material to produce various items.

Packing Supplies That You Can’t Recycle

The following moving supplies can’t be recycled easily but you can reuse them creatively to promote a sustainable living.

1. Bubble Wraps

Of course, bubble wraps are ideal for protecting fragile items from potential damages, but you can’t include them to regular recycling contain. Well, there is good news for you. You can actually find special recycling containers for bubble wraps in front of grocery stores.

But you save bubble wraps for a future move instead of throwing away.  You can place bubble wrap around the totes and handbags to keep them protected or inside the bag to keep their shape intact.

• Stuff shoes and boots with bubble wrap to maintain their original shape.
• You can paint with bubble wraps- it can be exciting and fun for both children and their parents.
• Store fragile items like glassware, ornaments and other delicate stuff.

2. Packing Peanuts

Always remember that not all recycling programs accept packing peanuts. Only a few take the white ones for recycling purposes. You can contact your local recycling program to check whether they take packing peanuts or not.

If not, then you can use them for drainage in flower pot bases. You can also utilise them for DIY projects. They can be reused to unleash your creative side through DIY art projects.


This article will help you know which moving supplies can be recycled or reused after the move. You can recycle or reuse cardboard boxes, packing paper easily. On the other hand, bubble wraps and packing peanuts can’t be recycled easily, but you can reuse them intelligently. These ideas can help you save a lot of money and also minimise waste.

If you want to protect your belongings from damages, you can use the best quality of packing supplies that can be upcycled with ease. Make sure you hire best removalists in Melbourne because they can keep your items intact throughout the moving journey.